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The appearance of Jason

“Miss Yeats, are you satisfied with this place?” Maxwell changed into a long camel overcoat, with the pink suitcase still in his hand.

Sarah’s eyes rested on it. She felt that the feud between Maxwell and Jason had something to do with the owner of this pink suitcase.

She kept calm and continued to deal with him. “You hold guns illegally and own a private armed force. Do you know how many years you will be sentenced?”

“I know it.” Said Maxwell easily, “But, so what?”

Sarah frowned slightly.

It was really lousy cards that couldn’t be played.

“Boss, he is here.” Said the bodyguard.

Hearing this, the corners of Maxwell’s mouth rose slightly, as if he was in a good mood.

“Bring him here.”

After saying that.

Jason was brought upstairs.He only wore a white shirt on his upper body and looked a little pale, but even so, his cold temperament did not decrease at all. When Sarah looked at him, he had just looked at her.

Four eyes met.



The two didn’t say anything.

After confirming that Sarah was not injured at all, he began to negotiate with Maxwell.

He was caught here, but his aura gave the others the feeling that he was at home. “I’ve already here. Can you tell me your purpose?”

“Of course.” Said Maxwell with a smile.

Before Jason could say something.

A man next to Sarah pointed a gun at her head.

He narrowed his eyes and said coldly, “Let her go.”

“It’s fine if you want me to let her go.” With the other hand playing with a knife, Maxwell turned around it in his hand and handed it over. “Take this knife and cut your left wrist until the blood dyed the stone to red.”

Maxwell glanced at the place where a circle was drawn with a mark.

With a deep glance at it, Jason said, “I cut my wrist and you will let her go?”

“Yes.” Maxwell nodded.

Jason reached out his hand to take the knife.

It seemed that Sarah had realized something. She stopped him and said, “Don’t take it, Jason!”

A pink suitcase, sliting wrist, the Green Island turned into Ella Island.

A girl!



Maxwell was avenging Jason for a girl.

“Maxwell, I know what your purpose is.” Sarah finally saw a way out. “Don’t you think your behavior is really childish?”

“If you think it’s childish, it only proves that you’re wrong.” Maxwell didn’t think she had guessed it. He looked at the hand that

Jason stopped in the air and reminded him, “I’ll count three numbers. If you don’t cut it, Sarah will suffer a lot.”

Jason stared at Sarah.

Out of the corner of her eyes, Sarah saw Alicia turned back from the sea. A bold but risky idea popped out.

She gave Jason a deep sight.

This sight.

It made Jason almost doubt if he had miscomprehended the meaning of Sarah.

“Three.” Maxwell began to count.

Sarah continued to hint him with her eyes.

It was at this moment that Jason was sure of what she meant. He reached out for the knife in Maxwell’s hand.

As soon as Jason got it, he turned the knife around quickly and then placed it horizontally on Maxwell’s neck without anyone’s expectation!




The bodyguards exclaimed.

Maxwell raised his hand to stop them, and the smile at the corners of his mouth became a little crazy.

He stroked the trunk of the suitcase and said slowly, “Do you think you can threaten me in this way?”


“You are too naive.” Maxwell said every word slowly.

He didn’t care about the knife on his neck at all. Instead, he ordered, “Break her leg.”

“If anyone dares to hurt her, I’ll kill him immediately.” Said Jason, as he slashed the blade inside.

But this time.

He didn’t intimidate them.

Like machines, they pointed their guns at Sarah’s legs.

In a flash, Sarah grabbed the man’s gun and kicked him down!

Before everyone realized what had happened, she pushed Jenny down the cliff and shouted to Alicia, “Send her back to New York safely!”

“What about you?” Asked Alicia.

She didn’t expect that Sarah was K.

When she got on the yacht and left the signal blocked area, she turned on the computer, intending to find out where her master was and whether she could find her.



Unexpectedly, she saw the letter from her master.

At that moment.

Only then did she know that Sarah was K, her master.

Thinking of what Maxwell had said, she immediately came back to save her.

But now.

She pushed Jenny to her, but she didn’t come down!

She called Sarah again, but only her back responded.

Then Alicia pulled Jenny out of the water. The yacht was still on the way. Staring at the person on the cliff, she finally called out,


Sarah didn’t look back. She knew she couldn’t leave.

As long as one of them left, Maxwell would immediately ask someone to fire.

However, it had nothing to do with Jenny. Since Alicia had helped

Maxwell, he would turn a blind eye to let them leave for the sake of Alicia.

In fact.

That was exactly what Maxwell thought.

He had thought of taking Jenny to die with him, but now that she had left, then forgot it.


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“I should have known that you are K.” The corners of his thin lips were rising. “You should be grateful that you didn’t leave just now, or you would have been shot to death now.” “Maxwell, you could be less sentenced if your men are removed.”

Sarah said word by word, “There is nothing worth pulling so many people together.”

A muffled laugh came from his chest as he looked down.

He seemed to be overjoyed.

“Sentence?” Maxwell said, “No one could sentence me.”

Sarah frowned slightly.

“You have to be careful with the knife in your hand. If you kill me by accident, the whole island will explode.” Maxwell relented his actions.

“What did you do?” A bad feeling rose in Sarah’s heart. “Nothing.” Said Maxwell slowly.

“It’s just that there are a lot of explosions on this island. As long as my vital signs are gone, they will start the switch.”


Sarah really felt that this man was crazy.

Maxwell continued to talk casually, “Jason, do you know why I asked you to sit by the sea for a night?”

“Because of Ella.” Speaking of this, Maxwell finally had a little emotion. “On the day when her boyfriend was sentenced to death, she wore a thin white dress and sat by the sea for a whole night.”



Jaso didn’t understand what it had to do with him. He was just buying time. Waiting for those people to come.

“You are the one to blame for all this.” When Maxwell looked sideways, his neck was scratched by the knife, but he didn’t care at all.

“It was you who reported to the police. It was you who provided the clue to the police.”

Maxwell complained word by word, “It was you who killed her boyfriend, as well as her.”

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