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Master, how could you be so heartless

As the elevator door opened.

After Sarah walked out, a figure rushed over and hugged her, “Sarah!”


The others came over and hugged her.

Looking at the familiar faces in front of her, Sarah paused and asked, “Jacob? Jim?”

“Sarah! And us!” Julian said, dissatisfied with the two people in her eyes, “Aren’t you afraid that James and Samuel will be jealous?”

Seven intimate friends all arrived.

“Why are you here?” she asked in confusion.

“After you turn off the signal, Captain Leon asked us to go back to New York and wait for you,” Jacob was a beautiful woman, and she treated Sarah really nice, “He said he would bring you back.”

“You almost scared us to death!”


“Why did you turn off the signal?”

“There were too many people there, and the whole Green Island is packed with people,” Sarah explained to them, “If you go there, I’m afraid…”

Before she finished her words, everyone understood.



“It’s all over. It’s good that you’re fine.”


Glancing around the crowd, Will knew that Sarah had something else to do, so he told the others, “You go back first. Let’s talk about it tomorrow. She needs some good rest.”

“Okay,” Jacob answered first, “We will come to you tomorrow.”

“Don’t go to the company tomorrow!”

“Leave time for us.”

“Did you hear that?”

They all said angrily to Sarah.

Knowing them well, Sarah agreed, “Okay.”

After getting the reply, they didn’t stay here any longer. They all went back when they saw that Sarah was safe.

Sarah was about to give them a ride, but was refused.

After they left, Will stood there tall and looked down at Sarah who was preoccupied. Although he had a lot to say, he finally said, “Go in and have a good rest. It’s over.”

“Good night to you too,” Sarah said.

“Thanks,” Will replied in a low voice.

Sarah turned around and opened the door. When she closed the door, she glanced at



Captain Leon and finally closed it.

She should feel relieved to catch Maxwell.

But she didn’t know why she had been feeling uneasy since she left Jason.

At this moment, she was even more uneasy.

She pinched the spot between her tired eyebrows and planned to investigate the relationship between Jason and Serial first.

As soon as she changed her shoes and walked inside, she noticed that something was wrong with her home.

Had someone come before?

She walked to the sofa and took her phone, which had been there for two days. She opened an app and turned on all the lights at home.

In an instant, the whole room was as bright as day.

She didn’t walk inside. Instead, she sat on the sofa and said in a low voice, “Will you come out by yourself, or shall I call the security to arrest you?”

“Don’t be so fierce,” Alicia said, who came out of the bedroom, “I’m just hiding to surprise you.”

Kevin was stunned.


She stared at her for a few times and asked, “Why are you here?”



“Didn’t you ask me to send Jenny back to the imperial capital safely?” Alicia walked over and sat down in front of her, “I just sent her back. I thought you might be back, so I came over.”

Sarah looked at her suspiciously.

When she left with Jenny, she and Jason were at a disadvantage. Why did she think that she was coming back?

“Don’t look at me like that. When I left with Jenny, I saw someone catch Maxwell’s men,”

Alicia explained. She could tell at a glance that she was guessing, “That’s why I’m waiting for you here.”

“What if I don’t come back?” Sarah asked.

At the last moment, if it weren’t for the fact that if Jason didn’t prepare anything, she wasn’t sure if she would be able to come back.

“It’s impossible that you can’t come back. You’re my master,” Alicia was confident.

Sarah didn’t said. She stood up and fetched two glasses of water.

One glass was passed to Alicia, and the other to herself.

“About that…” Alicia stammered.

Raising her eyebrows slightly, Sarah said, “Just say it.”

“What are you going to do with the baby you are carrying?” Alicia scratched his head. When she knew that the good-looking girl was her master, she couldn’t help but care more about her, “You and Jason have divorced. If you give birth to the baby, will he come to snatch it?”



“What child?” Sarah asked in confusion.

“Well,” Alicia said naturally, pointing at Sarah’s belly.

Sarah was speechless.

Since she didn’t have to lie, Sarah stopped pretending.

Seeing that she didn’t say anything, Alicia thought she was thinking about it,

“Do you want to keep the baby?”

“I’m not pregnant,” Alicia confessed. Anyway, Maxwell had been caught, so there was no need to worry about it, “It doesn’t matter.”

“It’s impossible!” Alicia retorted subconsciously, “Jenny said it herself. I’ve also investigated it.”

If it weren’t for that.

How could Maxwell believe it.

“What you found out is just what I want you to find out,” Sarah answered, who once again gave Alicia a lesson. “As for Jenny. She has cooperated with me since the time when Maxwell sent her to kill Jason.”


Alicia began to doubt life.

She recalled what had happened in the past and felt it inconceivable,

“Maxwell said that it was the most impossible for Jenny to betray him.”



That was also the reason why Maxwell would be so angry after he knew that the mobile phone system of Jenny’s house had been reinforced by K. He couldn’t accept the fact that he was betrayed by Jenny.

“He is wrong,” Sarah said slowly, “Jenny is the most likely to betray him, but she doesn’t dare because she has no ability to resist and is threatened.” “What happened between them?” Alicia asked curiously.

She didn’t know much about Maxwell’s private affairs, nor did she ask about it. At most, she would investigate when he asked her to help.

“I don’t know.”

“That’s not right. With Maxwell’s personality, if he knew that Jenny had betrayed him, how could he still let her go?” A key point occurred to her,

“Shouldn’t he have thought of it when you selflessly let Jenny go?”

“He didn’t expect that,” Sarah said.

“Why?” she asked.

Sarah didn’t answer.

From Maxwell’s perspective, she was K and she was still working for Captain Leon.

As a member of an organization, she mainly obeyed orders. It was their duty and responsibility to protect citizens, so Maxwell did not doubt it. “Thank you for what you have done to Jenny,” Sarah said, still thinking about the matter between Jason and Serial, “I won’t let anyone catch you for the sake that you didn’t make any substantial mistake and saved her at the last moment. But if you mess around again in the future, I won’t be softhearted.”

“Master, how could you be so heartless?”

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Sarah was speechless.

“Am I still your disciple?”

Sarah was speechless again.

“I’m so beautiful. Why don’t you take one more look at me?”

Alicia murmured.

If anyone who was familiar with her knew that she had become a lamb, that person would go crazy.

Sarah came to her study room and turned on the computer, intending to investigate the matter. Before the official investigation, she replied to Alicia, “Charming beauty makes men fall.”

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