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I think our boss might be in danger

“I have something else to do. You go back first, “Sarah said in a calm mood.

Alicia sat still.

She was clinging to her master!

Sarah didn’t have time to care about Alicia. She began to investigate the relationship between Jason and Serial. Later, she found she was blocked by the system she had set up.

After she sold the system, she banned herself from having access.

After all, the person who bought the system didn’t want her to see their privacy, just like a normal person using a mobile phone. It was reasonable that the person didn’t want the mobile phone developers to see his privacy.

It was only a matter of time before she could break through what she had made many years ago.

But as a person with professional ethics, she couldn’t do that.

While Sarah was thinking.

She made a phone call.

As Jason’s special assistant, Chris should know something.

“Miss Yeats?” Chris was surprised to receive the call.

“It’s me,” Sarah cut to the chase and didn’t make things difficult for her, “I want to ask you something. It’s about him. If it’s not convenient, you can leave it alone.”



“Go ahead.”

“Has he contacted any strange person in the past two or three days? Or has he made any other business deals?”

“Yes…” Chris didn’t hide it.

Sarah’s heart skipped a beat, “Who did he talk to?”

“I don’t know exactly who he is,” thinking of what happened that day, Chris felt that his boss was too abnormal, “After the boss called you that day, he called another person.

The first thing he said was to ask if that person’s words still counted.”

“What do you mean?” Sarah felt that the matter was a little serious.

“I don’t know, but after saying that, the boss asked that person to do one thing for him.

He also promised that if he could do it well, he would agree to that person’s previous request,” Chris sounded worried.

Hearing this, Sarah thought of what Jason had said to her before.

Serial’s original words were: “I should thank you. If it weren’t for you…”

Thinking of this, Sarah asked, “Did he ask that person to save me?”

“How do you know?” Chris was shocked.

At that time, he was the only one there with his boss. Even the lawyer came after the hone call ended.




The lawyer, Jason’s testament.

A bad feeling rose in Chris’s heart.

His heart sank. He asked anxiously, “Miss Yeats, is boss… In trouble?”

“He had a very serious fever,” Sarah told him the truth, “After getting off the yacht, Jason was taken away by Serial. But you don’t have to worry. Serial has the best medical resources. He will be fine.”

“That’s a relief,” Chris was a little relieved.

She wanted to ask Chris to call Jason to ask about the situation on the phone, but she was afraid that she was meddling.

When Jason asked her to leave, it seemed that he didn’t want her to interfere.

“By the way, Miss Yeats,” thinking of the testament, Chris decided to say, “I think our boss is in danger, and that danger will endanger his life.”

“What do you mean?” Sarah asked.

“After the boss called that person, he called his lawyer to make a testament and arrange all his property.”

Chris didn’t tell her who he had arranged for.

If he said it, the boss would definitely punish him!

“Testament?” Sarah was stunned by the word.

“Yes, sir.”



Her heart sank.

With Jason’s personality, he would not make a testament for no reason unless he felt that something might happen to him.

After the phone call, she stood there, indicating that it had something to do with Serial.

“Don’t tell this matter to Grandpa Noth and others for the time being. Help him take care of the company these days,” Sarah made the decision at the first time, “I’ll deal with other things.”

If Jason really made a deal with Serial for her, he would be a fool.

Who was Serial Lance? He wouldn’t do anything without great benefits.

Jason was such a fool.

Chris agreed, “Okay.”

He hung up the phone.

Sarah tried to calm down.

Seeing that she walked in from the balcony with a serious look on her face,

Alicia asked with concern, “What happened?”

“It’s okay,” Sarah didn’t tell her, “I have to go out for some business these days. You can find something to do by yourself. Don’t break into other people’s houses without permission.”

“I’ll go with you!” said Alicia.

Without saying a word, Sarah looked at her.



Sarah didn’t even say anything, but Alicia immediately took her words back,

“Then you have to find me after you come back. I still have a lot to learn from you.”

“Okay,” after saying that, Sarah went to arrange her work. Seeing that she was really busy, Alicia left reluctantly.

Now that Jenny was free, she didn’t need to worry about it anymore.

As for the company, Sivan would be in charge.

Thinking of this.

Sarah called Sivan, asking him to look after the company. She had to go out to work for a period of time.

When Sivan heard this, the first sentence he said was, “Boss, are you going to get married?”

“No…” With her hand on her forehead, she only told him a general idea, “I’m going to deal with some personal affairs. You can make a decision if there is anything in the company. As for Cap… As for Will Gardner, you need to observe what he is good at, and then arrange the work for him.”

“Okay,” Sivan replied one by one.

“Good,” Sarah said, relieved.

When she hung up the phone, Sivan called her, “Boss.”




“Nothing. Come back early. It’s getting cold. Remember to take your clothes with you when you go out. If you need anything, tell me and I’ll prepare it for you.”

“Okay,” Sarah said, feeling a little relaxed.

Most of the time, Sarah felt lucky to have Sivan by her side.

Every time she had something to deal with, he would help her manage the company and she would do her own business.

He hung up the phone.

It was already eight o’clock in the evening.

When Sarah was about to buy something to eat, there was a knock on the door.

She thought that Alicia might had dropped something here, so she went to open the door. She saw Captain Leon standing outside, and there was a faint smell of rice in the air.

“Captain?” Sarah was a little surprised and didn’t know why he came to her at this time.

Without entering the room, he only said, “Come here for dinner.”


“What? Even if you have something to do, you can’t eat less than three meals a day.”

At first, Sarah wanted to refuse him, thinking that he had taken the joke of

Muffin seriously. But before she could say anything, she was already taken over by Will.

At the dinner table. She looked at the two bowls of rice and realized one thing.

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No matter she refused or not just now, Captain Leon would bring her here.

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