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Jason was transferred

With Edwin’s personality, maybe he would spill it out in an instant.

As long as Jason could be cured, he had to keep it a secret from them.

“Okay,” said Sarah.

Sarah got in the car and went to the airport.

Whether Jason can recover depended on his luck and Serial’s ability.

Sarah’s mind was weighed down, and so was Mr. Noth. After sending Sarah away, he sat in the car.

Thinking of the current situation of Jason, he raised his hand and pinched the middle of his brows.

When he knew that his son had an accident, he didn’t feel well.

In addition to relationship, his son had never let them worry about him since he was a child. He had always been excellent, and other parents often be jealous about him.

But now.

The central nerves were severely damaged, and there were very likely to be all kinds of symptoms.

He was really worried.

If it couldn’t be cured and his mind was damaged, it was fine. They could raise him.

But he was afraid that Jason couldn’t accept the fact that he was paralyzed, had aphasia, or he was deaf and blind.



That boy had been spoiled by pride since he was a child. He was afraid that Jason would be depressed.

As for Sarah.He never blamed her.He wouldn’t blame anyone who his son had risked his life to protect.He only hoped that she could straighten out her thinking. It was really none of her business about Jason’s choice and he didn’t want her to live with guilt.

Thinking of this.He unlocked his phone and sent a message to Sarah, “Don’t worry. You’ve done your best.”

After sending the message, he deleted some of his chatting records with Sarah.

Although Mrs. Noth never checked his phone, he was still afraid that if she found out and asked him, he could not hide it.

After everything was settled, he drove back. He arrived at the old house.

He adjusted his mood and got off the car. He became the calm person again, with beautiful eyebrows and eyes, elegant and noble temperament.

When he returned, grandpa Noth and Mrs. Noth had already stopped playing chess.

The two were chatting.

“Have you finished your work?” Mrs. Noth asked gently when she saw him. Mr. Noth afraid that she would be cold and took a shawl and put it on her. He said, “Yes.”

“What’s the matter?”

“Your son.”

Hearing this, Mrs. Noth looked at him.



Although she had celebrated Jason’s birthday a few days ago, she was still worried about her own child.

Even grandpa Noth looked at them.

Mr. Noth naturally went to pour a cup of tea and took a sip. He said casually,

“After I went to New York, I didn’t care about the business of the head office at all. The Secretary Department of the head office just asked me to deal with something.”

“Then you should help him a little more.” Mrs. Noth was open- minded and said,

“Now that Jason has been tired for so long, it’s time for him to relax.”

“You only care about your son, but not your husband?” Mr. Noth raised his eyebrows slightly.

Before Mrs. Noth could say anything, grandpa Noth said first,

“What’s wrong with worrying about your son? If it weren’t for Jason, you wouldn’t have been able to be with your wife.”

Mr. Noth looked calm.

“Jason asks you to run the company because he values your ability.”

when grandpa Noth disliked his son, he praised his grandson. “At your age, no one will hire you except for Jason.”

“Didn’t you dislike him before?” Mr. Noth’s tone and attitude were the same as usual.

“That depends. It’s normal for him to be disliked when compared to Sa.”



Grandpa Noth snorted coldly and said very seriously. “But compared to you, he is much better.”

Mr. Noth raised his eyebrows slightly.

Sure enough. It was better that his son was here.

After fooling them around, Mr. Noth began to worry about how to explain to them during the New Year.

When Jason grew up, he was in charge of the company.

He was the one who made decisions on many cooperation at home and abroad, and most of the time, he was extremely busy.

But even so.

Every year, he would come back for the new year’s Eve dinner.

According to what Sarah said, Jason couldn’t come back this year. It was hard to find an excuse.

When he was thinking about it, Sarah had arrived at the airport.

While she was waiting for the plane, she received a call from Serial. She left her number for contact when she left. “Have you signed the letter of agreement?”

“I’ve already signed it. I’m waiting for the plane.”


“Has Jason woken up?” Sarah asked as she tightened her grip.

Serial said slowly, “He woke up, but his condition is not stable now. He passed out after half an hour.”

“What about his symptoms?”



“We don’t know what kind of symptoms he has. We have to check him up again after the wound is healed.” said Serial directly. After saying that she would come back as soon as possible, she hung up the phone.

It was already nine o’clock in the evening when she got off the plane. She rushed to the hospital where Jason was, hoping that

Serial could take Jason to his place for treatment as soon as possible.

However, when she arrived at the ward where Jason lived, there was no one there.

She didn’t feel good. She looked around, but still no one was there.She immediately took out her phone and called Serial.

The phone rang in the corridor not far away.

As soon as she walked to the corridor, Serial came over in casual clothes and greeted her with a smile, “Miss Yeats, here.” “Where is Jason?” Sarah asked urgently.

“He has been transferred and should be arriving at my medical base soon,” said Serial naturally.

Frowning slightly, Sarah doubted the authenticity of his words.

“Then why are you still here?”

“Of course, I’m waiting for the letter of agreement and…” speaking of this, he paused and looked at her with something else in his eyes.

“And what?” Sarah asked.

“Send a message for Jason,” said Serial.

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Sarah didn’t say anything, waiting for him to continue. Her intuition told her that what Jason was going to say was not something good.

In other words.

It was not what she wanted to hear.

“He asked me to tell you that he and you are already strangers.” with one hand in his pocket, Serial continued,

“The misunderstandings, distrust and everything that I owe you in the past have all been returned to you with my life.”

“He can’t have said that.” said Sarah without hesitation.

Although Jason had hurt her, she knew that with his self-esteem and pride, he couldn’t say that.

If Jason really said it, he would not be the same Jason that Sarah knew.

“He said it himself. How could it be impossible?” said Serial, raising his voice.

Sarah said calmly, “Let me meet him. I’ll listen to him personally.”

She had a reason to suspect that it was because of the deal between Serial and Jason that Serial had specially sent her away.

After all, according to the current situation, it was impossible for her to watch Jason being hurt by him again.

“He doesn’t want to see you. How can you listen to him?” Serial continued to pass the words from Jason. “How do you know that he doesn’t want to see me?” asked Sarah.

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