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He protected the person he wanted to protect

Mr. Noth was speechless.

How did his son respond every time he was teased?It seemed to change the topic.He put the newspaper on the table beside, stood up and said, “I’ll go and prepare some fruit for you.”

“Fuck off” Grandpa Noth said bluntly.

Mr. Noth went out with his phone.

After he went to the yard over there, he called Sarah. His tone was always so slow, with dignity and calmness. “Sa.”

“Mr. Noth.”

“I’m alone now, and Stephanie is not beside me.” Mr. Noth was very kind to Sarah.

As for the Stephanie he and Grandpa Noth mentioned, it was Mrs. Noth.

Sarah had a lot to say, but she didn’t have the courage to say it now.

Mr. and Mrs. Noth were both good people. If she told them the bad news, would it be too…

“What’s wrong?” Mr. Noth’s words came through the phone again.

“Can I meet you?” Sarah had never been so difficult to speak like now, “It’s hard to explain it over the phone.”

Mr. and Mrs. Noth were both good people. If she told them the bad news, would it be too…



“What’s wrong?” Mr. Noth’s words came through the phone again.

“Can I meet you?” Sarah had never been so difficult to speak like now, “It’s hard to explain it over the phone.”

How smart Mr. Noth was. Hearing her tone and words, he guessed an answer, “Something happened to Jason?”

Hearing this.

Sarah’s nose twitched.

Even she herself didn’t know why she was so emotional because of this sentence.

She tried her best to control herself and only made a nasal sound, “Yes.”

“Where are you?”


“Send me the address and I’ll come over.”


After hanging up the phone, she sent an address.

After hanging up the phone, Mr. Noth stood there for a long time before he walked inside. He went to the kitchen to cut a plate of fruit, and then brought it to them as usual.

Dissatisfied with what he had done, Grandpa Noth said, “Just leave. Don’t get in our way.”



“Something happened. I need to go out for a bit,” Mr. Noth had a good appearance and brought a piece of fruit to Mrs. Noth.

“Would you like to play chess with dad or you want to go with me?”

“It’s fine. I will stay here,” Mrs. Noth didn’t care much about his business.

Regardless of Grandpa Noths’s presence, Mr. Noth left a parting kiss on Mrs. Noth’s face as usual, stood up and left.

Mrs. Noth was used this, and kept playing chess seriously.

Grandpa Noth glanced at his son in disgust and continued to play chess as well.

The two didn’t notice anything unusual.

Mr. Noth went to the garage to pick up a car himself and went to the place where Sarah sent. He didn’t ask the driver to drive him there.

The two of them made an appointment at a business coffee shop.

Sarah arrived first.

Looking at the things in her hands, her heart was restless. Although she looked as calm as usual, but her heart could not even be as calm as before.

About twenty minutes later, Mr. Noth came. He was wearing a medium long black overcoat, with short hair. He was tall and slender, with mature and steady charm.

As soon as he entered the door, he saw Sarah sitting in a corner. She was still the same person, but looked a little haggard.



Seeing her like this, Mr. Noth guessed that things were probably worse than he had imagined.

When Sarah looked up. She saw Mr. Noth walking towards her. She stood up and wanted to call him, but she couldn’t open her mouth.

“Sit down,” Mr. Noth said, sitting opposite her.

When he sat down, Sarah called, “Mr. Noth.”

“Don’t be so nervous,” Mr. Noth said, comforting her in turn. With the care of the elders, he asked, “What happened to Jason?”

Sarah wanted to tell him what had happened. Before she opened her mouth, she handed over the patient case she got from Serial, “Please have a look at this first. He has just had a surgery and he is still in a coma. His condition is not very good.” Mr. Noth’s heart jolted, but his hand and expression that were holding the documents did not change at all.

The whole process was very steady.

“In other words, he might be paralyzed or become stupid after he wakes up?” After looking at a part of it, Mr. Noth’s eyes shook, but he adjusted himself in time and asked half jokingly.

Without hiding anything, Sarah said, “Yes.”

Mr. Noth was still reading.

The more he read, the heavier his heart became.

But he didn’t show it at all. He just turned page by page as if he was reading a work document.

Seeing that Mr. Noth had seen the last page, Sarah took the initiative to say, “I’m sorry.”




“The reason why he is like this is to help me block that gun shot.”

Sarah didn’t hide the truth. “It’s all my responsibility for him to become like this.”

After a pause, Mr. Noth finally revealed a bit of his true emotions,

“A bullet?” Sarah told him the whole process.

From Maxwell’s arrangement to the fact that he was hit to protect her, she had pointed out the key points.

Serial showed her the gunshot wound on Jason’s arm. If he hadn’t blocked it for her at that time, she would have ninety percent chance to get shot.

Recalling what had happened at that time, she guessed that gunshot of Maxwell should have been aimed at her.

He wanted to make Jason suffer as much as he did.

Mr. Noth had been listening quietly. After Sarah finished speaking, he smiled gently as usual and said, “Don’t take all the responsibilities on yourself. He has protected the person he wants to protect. I should be happy for him.”

“Mr. Noth…” Sarah felt guilty.

“Do you want me to sign this?” Mr. Noth saw her family agreement.

He changed the topic and Sarah handed the agreement to him,



“Yes.” Mr. Noth took it over and opened it. He asked the owner of the coffee shop for a pen and signed his name on it.

He handed the family agreement to Sarah and said in the same tone as before, “Take him to the hospital at ease. I will find an excuse to hide it from your grandpa.”

“Okay,” Sarah’s heart sank.

“Sa.” Mr. Noth called her.

With a complicated and guilty look on her face, Sarah looked over.

With a smile at the corners of his mouth, Mr. Noth comforted her, “Don’t have any psychological burden. It’s not your fault or your responsibility. You will be fine.”

“Mr. Noth…” Sarah’s countless words were stuck there.

“Hurry up and go back,” Mr. Noth put the agreement in her hand,

“Don’t waste time.”

Sarah said: “Okay”.

She walked out of the cafe with Mr. Noth.

At the moment when Mr. Noth got on the car, Sarah finally

gathered her courage and bowed to him to apologize. With a full of guilt and apology, she said, “Mr. Noth, I’m sorry.” “Silly girl,”

Mr. Noth was a good elder, “Why did you say that? A good life for you is his greatest wish. I haven’t thanked you for helping me hide it from Stephanie and his grandpa.” Stephanie and Grandpa Noth

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loved him the most.

If something bad happened to him, they might get emotional and something big might happen.

“By the way, don’t mention anything to Edwin,” Mr. Noth reminded before he left.

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