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Are you sure he is not pretending?

She couldn’t stand by when Jason suffered from amnesia.

If Mr. Noth intended to take Jason back, she would send them to the airport. If he wanted Jason stay in the New York, she would have to go to Jason’s home to pack up some of his living goods.

In the study.

Sarah made a phone call to Mr. Noth. While waiting the line to connect, she bit her lips nervously.

She wasn’t sure if Mr. Noth could accept the fact that his son forgot everything.

The phone connected.

Mr. Noth’s voice sounded.

Without beating around the bush, Sarah cut to the chase, saying, “Uncle Noth, is it convenient for you now? I’ve something about Jason to tell you.”

“Yes, Sa. Please go ahead,” said Mr. Noth in a low and gentle voice.

“Last night, I picked up Jason from Serial Medical Base and brought him to my house.” Sarah tried to make it short and make it clear.

“He is fine in terms of life, but…”

It was difficult to finish the sentence.

Amnesia and behaving like a child weren’t a trifle problem.



When hearing that Jason could take care of himself, Mr. Noth was much relieved. The giant stone pressing on his heart finally disappeared. “It’s not a big deal. As long as Jason is still alive.” His tone was obviously light.

“He has lost his memory.” said Sarah.

At this moment, Mr. Noth was sitting in his office.

After Sarah’s words came out, he raised his eyebrows slightly and blurted out, “Are you sure he really lost his memory, not pretending to be like this?”

Regarding to his son’s character, Mr. Noth had reason to suspect the authenticity of his illness.

“Yes, I’m sure.” Looking out of the study, Sarah saw that Jason was sitting on the sofa and reading a story book. Then she continued, “Besides, Serial also said that Jason’s mental state has degenerated to the same level as a five-year-old child.”

“Then?” Mr. Noth was extremely calm.

“Nothing else, uncle Noth.”



“Don’t be so nervous. Nothing matters. The only thing that counts is that Jason doesn’t become a fool. Don’t you worry about him.” Mr. Noth was set at ease.

In his opinion, since Serial had allowed Sa to take Jason home, it meant that Jason could recover by himself.




That was just a matter of memory and mental state.

As long as Jason didn’t become a total fool, he could easily hide his illness from his wife and his father.

Sarah didn’t expect uncle Noth’s reaction to be so calm.She was at a loss for words.

“Before Jason recovers, I may need you to take care of him, Sa.”

said Mr. Noth. “After all, his grandfather is aged. I don’t want him to trouble about it.”

“Okay, uncle Noth.”

“If you are busy, just leave him to Chris.” Mr. Noth took everything into consideration, “You don’t have to spoil him.”

“He’s only five years old now…” Sarah emphasized.

“I know.” Mr. Noth didn’t care about it that much. “Kids shouldn’t be thoughtless when he is five years old.”

Sarah took a look at Jason who was reading outside. It seemed that he was indeed a thoughtful kid as he didn’t make any noise all the time.

While she was silent, Mr. Noth reminded her of one thing, “Well, there is one thing that you may have to pay attention to.”

“Go ahead, uncle Noth.”

“He is good at pretending.”

Sarah was stunned.




“With his current situation, he will recover sooner or later.” Mr. Noth was really optimistic. “He is very likely to continue to pretend to be a child when his memory and mind state recovers so as to gain your sympathy and attention.”

“I don’t think so.” Sarah paused for a moment before she said.

Mr. Noth didn’t say anything more.

Under normal circumstances, Jason would never choose to pretend to lose his memory. But now that he had really lost his memory, he would definitely behave like an innocent child after he recovered. He knew Jason well.

After all, Jason was his son.

After they finished talking, Mr. Noth took his suit jacket and left the Noth Group. He went home to report Jason’s latest situation.

Of course.He spiced up his narration.

After hanging up the phone, Sarah called Chris and told him that she was going to take Jason there.

When everything was ready, she took Jason out.

Sitting in the car, Jason felt a little uneasy.

He didn’t know where his sister was taking him. Was she going to abandoned him?

“Jason.” said Sarah.

“What’s wrong, sister?” Said Jason. He tilted his head to look at her.



“I’m taking you to see a person now.” Sarah wanted to tell him in advance to see his reaction. “We’ll see if you can get along with him. If you…”

Sarah paused. She was choosing her words carefully.She wondered how to make a five-year-old boy accept the rest of her words.

Before she could think of it, Jason asked in a depressing voice, “Are you going to abandon me?”

“No.” Sarah denied.

Jason pursed his thin lips; his dark eyes were filled with uneasiness and disappointment.

It turned out that he still couldn’t make his sister accept him.

Noticing the change of his mood, Sarah considered her wording over and over again. He was just a kid now, she couldn’t be tough with him.

“I just want you to see whom you like to stay with more. If you like him, I’ll…”

“l only like to stay with you.” Jason butted in, “I don’t like anyone else except you.”

He was not happy at all when he was with that doctor.He didn’t want to see him at all!

Sarah didn’t reply. Maybe Jason’s resistance was resulted from the fact that he knew few people after he got amnesia.

Before Jason met her, he had been with Serial for a long time. Serial was responsible for Jason’s illness. Children were likely be defensive about their doctors. She thought Jason was no exception.

Sarah’s car pulled to a stop outside Jason’s residential compound.

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Chris was already there. He had been waiting at the gate after he received a call from Miss. Yeats. He came over to Miss. Yeats and was about to greet her, then he saw his boss get out of the passenger seat and stood beside.

“Boss, you…” He was a trifle surprised.

But before he could finish his words, Jason moved behind Sarah with a vigilant look.

He acted as if Chris was a ferocious wolf or a leopard.

Chris stared at Jason in confusion.

What happened?

“Miss Yeats… What’s wrong with sir?”

“He lost his memory. His mind state is the same as that of a five- years-old kid now.” Sarah didn’t hide it from Chris. After all, Jason trusted him deeply. “He’s kind of afraid of strangers.”

Chris cast a scrutinizing glance at Jason.

What a drama!

How could it be possible that his boss had lost his memory!

He soon calmed down. Then he opened the door and went upstairs with Sarah and Jason. He was Jason’s secretary, he naturally knew the password of his house. He poured them a glass of water before starting the formal conversation.

“Miss Yeats.” Chris whispered, “Are you sure that sir has really lost his memory, not pretending?”

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