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Jason wanted Sarah’s favor

Sarah cleaned up a guest room for Jason. When everything was ready, she said, “This room is for you. There are new toiletries in the bathroom. Call me if you have any question.”

“Okay.” said Jason; he stood there like a meek child.

“Alright, then wash up and go to bed.”

Jason stood still.

Thinking of what Serial had told her, Sarah asked, “What’s wrong?”

“I don’t have any clothes to change.” Jason lowered his head and clenched his fists in distress.

He didn’t want to bother her.


“You go to take a shower first.” A tint of inexplicable emotion flashed through her eyes. “I’ll borrow one from the next door.”

Jason’s figure was similar to that of Leon’s, so he could wear Leon’s pajamas for the time being. As for the clothes he usually wore, she would ask Chris to send some here tomorrow.

As soon as she finished her words.

Someone knocked on the door.



When she opened the door, she saw Leon standing in front of her with a bag in hand. “I guess you don’t have pajamas suitable for him, so I bring you one. It’s new.”

“Captain…” Sarah paused.

She didn’t expect Leon to be so considerate.

With a faint smile on his face, Leon said, “Give it to him.”

Sarah thanked Leon and intended to go inside. When she turned around, she saw Jason standing before her.She handed the clothes to him and told him that the clothes were from Leon.

“Thank you, brother.” Jason said sulkily.

He didn’t like talking to strangers.

But he knew that he should show his gratitude to others for their help. If he didn’t do so, sister Sarah would say he was not a good boy.

Leon was stunned by Jason’s words.

Sarah didn’t expect it too.

Jason’s reply was radically different from his usual temperament.He took the clothes and went to take a shower. He behaved like a child.

“What’s going on?” Leon started after Jason, signaling to Sarah to explain it.

“Serial said that Jason lost his memory and is as mentally mature as a five-year-old child.” Sarah took Leon to the living room and explained the whole story in detail.



“There is no possible treatment for this kind of situation. We can only wait for his memory slips to recover and go to Serial’s medical base to examine his mind every month.”

“What do you think?” Leon’s eyes darkened.

“I’m going to tell Mr. Noth about it tomorrow.” said Sarah word by word.

“If Mr. Noth wants to take Jason back Atlanta, I have no objection. But if not so, I have to take care of him.”

“Okay.” Leon nodded.



“Do you have any experience in raising children?” Sarah was in a dilemma about it, “I don’t know how to take care of Jason since he is like a kid now.”

“Just take him as a five-year-old child.” said Leon in a slow voice.

“If you don’t know how, I can help you with that.”

After a pause, Sarah agreed, “Okay.”

That night.

Jason didn’t sleep well. He had a long dream. He saw some blurry pictures in front of him. He was with his sister Sarah. But when he wanted to see clearly what happened, the whole picture turned into a white light and disappeared.

Over and over again, every dream was like this.



As for Sarah.

After washing, she lay on the bed and recalled what Serial told her, especially one sentence

“Based on what Jason has done after he was deeply injured, he loves you with all his heart’.

Did Jason love her?She didn’t think so.His feelings for her were not so much as love as guilty and compensation.

During the month before they divorced, both of them had a very unhappy time. There were endless quarrels and misunderstandings between them. According to his personality, he would try to make up for it after he realized his fault.

And what happened in the Green Island might be that he was compensating for her loss. She didn’t know whether her guess was right or not, so she wrenched her mind back to the present. Anyway, it didn’t matter whether Jason loved her or not.

Sarah had a sleepless night.

The next morning.

When she woke up, she heard some noise in the living room. She rubbed her head, put on her clothes and opened the door.

When she walked to the living room, she saw a figure bustling around at the table. She was frozen for a moment: it was Jason cooking.

What happened?

Did Jason regain his memory?



As if noticing that sister Saran was awake, Jason put the breakfast on the table, turned around and said, “Sister, breakfast is ready. Would you like to have a taste?” His voice was heavy with expectation.

In a daze, Sarah walked to the table, looked at the hearty breakfast and asked, “Did you cook all these?”

“Yes!” said Jason, a faint smile lifted the corner of his mouth.

Sarah pursed her lips and asked, “When did you get up?”

“Five o’clock.” Jason was blunt in front of Sarah, his eyes as bright as stars. “I don’t know what you like to eat, so I made all the courses I know how to cook.”

Sarah thought that children shouldn’t worry about cooking, but then she realized that Jason wasn’t a real child. So all her words turned into a sentence, “Did Serial teach you to cook?” “No.”

“Then how could you learn to cook?”

“I don’t know either.” said Jason honestly.

“I get in the kitchen and then I just do it myself”

Sarah cast a complicated glance at him and said, “You don’t have to get up so early to make breakfast. If you are hungry, just call me, I’ll order a takeaway for you.”

How she hoped that Jason could recover from his amnesia for a moment.

But judging from the breakfast he made, she was sure that what he had just said was true. She had eaten the breakfast and meals Jason had cooked in the past two years after their marriage, so she naturally knew his cooking habits and the dishes he could make. And the dishes in front of her were really like child’s ‘performance’.



Achild who was a gifted chef.

“Sister…” The light in Jason’s eyes faded little by little.

Sarah was still looking at the dishes and didn’t notice his depression, “What?”

“You don’t like the dishes I made for you, do you?” said Jason, his eyes darkening.

He just wanted to share housework and make his sister Sarah like him a little bit more.

But…He seemed to have messed it up.

“No.” Thinking that Jason was a ‘kid’ now, Sarah comforted him,

“I told you not to get up early to make breakfast just because I wanted you to sleep a little longer.”

“I’m not sleepy.” said Jason in a hurry. His dim eyes lit up again. “If you don’t mind, I’m willing to get up every morning to make breakfast for you.”

“I’d rather not, Jason.” Sarah didn’t need him to do anything for her.

“Be good.”

Jason wanted to say something, but he thought better of it for fear that his sister would be unhappy. Finally, he said with a downcast head, “Okay.”

“You eat first.” Sarah didn’t know how to placate him. “I’m gonna wash up.”


Although Jason nodded, in fact, he didn’t eat until she came back.

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During the breakfast, he kept an eye on Sarah to see which dish she preferred to eat.He had made up his mind.He would cook whatever his sister liked!

After the breakfast, Sarah sent him to sit on the sofa and play by himself while she put the tableware into the dishwasher.

After that, she told Leon and Sivan that she wouldn’t go to the company today.

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