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Being afraid of pain is not a shame

“What?” Sarah thought she had misheard.

“You held my hand and asked me about the blisters on it.” said Jason in a light voice. He sat there like an adorable kid.

Sarah eyed Jason thoughtfully.

Was he so happy just because she asked about his blisters?

“Sister.” Jason had been observing her all the time, waiting for her reply.


“I haven’t seen you smile.”

“I don’t like to smile.”

“No one doesn’t like to laugh.” said Jason firmly. “Unless she is unhappy, or there is nothing that can make her happy.”

Sarah didn’t know where he heard about it. “It doesn’t make sense, Jason.”

“No, it does.” His tone was the same as that of a child. “I want you to be happy.”

Sarah fell for silent.She wanted to say something but then felt better of it.

Jason’s mind was as the same as a kid’s, he couldn’t understand many things she told him.

She took him to the hospital. When the doctor used the sterile needle to pierce the big bubble on his hand, Jason’s face distorted in pain.



Sarah studied his face for a moment.

Jason wasn’t afraid of pain, was he?

She ignored the fact that Jason was like a child now. Fear of pain was natural to a kid. She always subconsciously took he as an adult.

If Jason was a real child, she would have already held him in her arms and comforted him.

Unfortunately, his appearance kept reminding her that he was a grown-up.

“Does it hurt?” The doctor asked.

Jason was about to nod, but when he saw that Sarah was staring at him, he immediately shook his head and said, “No.”

“Feeling painful is not a shameful thing.” The doctor pierced another blister. Jason’s body quivered under the sharp pain. The doctor teased, “If you cry out, your girlfriend may feel sorry for you and blow your wound.”

“Girlfriend?” Jason was still unfamiliar with this word.

Sitting besides, Sarah explained, “He is my brother.”

The doctor looked at them in confusion.

They were siblings?

Such a young sister?

After looking at Sarah for a few more times, he seemed to understand something and said, “It doesn’t matter, you can as well talk cute before your sister.”



In his opinion, they must be a couple since both of them were striking and they looked like a perfect match!

It must be that this girl was pissed off with her boyfriend.

That must be the truth! He was such a genius!

Jason blinked his eyes.

Could he be cute in front of sister Sarah?

“When I break the next bubble, remember to look at her aggrievedly and say it really hurts.” The doctor said in a very low voice, he sensed a tint of gossip from this couple. “Whatever reason she’s mad at you for, I’m sure in this way she would forgive you.”

A handsome face and some tears were enough to make an angry girlfriend’s heart soften.

Even he, a man, couldn’t bear to see that.

“Really?” Jason asked. With his current condition, he was prone to believe in others.

“How about having a try?” The doctor suggested, raising his eyebrows.

Jason sunk in thoughts.

Then the doctor used his sterile needle to puncture one blister.

Jason gasped when the pain came from his hand, his face wrinkled.

“Does it hurt?” said Sarah.

“Yes…” Tears welled up in Jason’s eyes.



Seeing his tears, Sarah’s heart skipped a beat.She had to admit that Jason was easy on the eyes. He always looked aloof and indifferent, but now he acted like a spoiled child. She couldn’t help but want to comfort him and make him happy.

The doctor noticed her expression and applied more pressure to Jason’s wound.


“Just hold on a little longer.” said Sarah. She rubbed his head as if comforting a child.

“Okay.” Jason nodded.

The doctor was speechless.

Things didn’t go the way as he expected!

Shouldn’t she blow her boyfriend’s wound or complain about his cowardice? Why was she just comforting him like he was a kid?

He couldn’t figure it out. After the disinfection process, he prescribed some medicine for Jason, “Don’t worry about the rest small blisters. It will recover. Remember to apply this medicine.”

“Thank you, doctor.” Sarah took the medicine.

Jason followed behind Sarah all the way out.

In order to know more about her, he asked tentatively, “Sister, don’t you like boys who cry out for pain?”

Sarah tilted her head.

What did he mean?



She gazed blankly at him.

“I’ll be a competent man in the future.” Added Jason.

Sarah didn’t think too much about it.

“Okay.” She replied while driving the car.

Hearing that, Jason heaved a deep sigh of relief. He was right, sister Sarah didn’t like boys who would cry out for pain.

After they arrived at the parking lot in Sarah’s residential compound, she got out of the car and took Jason upstairs. His clothes and supplies had already been sent to her home by his bodyguards

She opened the door.

Before she took off her shoes, a figure rushed over and gave her a hug.


It was none other than Rita. They hadn’t seen each other for a while, Rita missed Sarah very much.

“Why are you here?” Sarah asked in surprise.

“School’s out, so I come to you!” Rita didn’t see Jason outside the door. “Haven’t you seen the message I sent you?”

Sarah didn’t answer. She knew if she said no, Rita would be in a sulk.

“I know you didn’t.” said Rita. Sarah wouldn’t take much time scrolling through her phone, Rita knew it.

“I’m kind of busy today so I missed your text.” Sarah assured her.



“I promise I won’t do it again.”

“Alright, let it go this time. After all, you’re my beloved sister.” said Rita in a lively tone. “By the way, are the suitcases in the living room yours? They don’t match your previous style.”

Although these suitcases were all simple in design, but most of

Sarah’s subcases were silver or white.

But the two in the living room were both black.

Was it possible that…

Rita was as excited as she found a new continent.

“Is it from the elder brother next door?”

“No.” Sarah changed her shoes and walked inside, revealing the man behind her, “It’s his things.”


Before Rita could finish her sentence, she saw Jason.She was stunned, her mind went blank at once.It was Jason?!

Regardless of the formality, she dragged Sarah into the bedroom, closed the door and began to complain, “Why did you bring him home, Pumpkin? All the suitcases are his?”


“He lives here?”


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“Pumpkin!” Rita lowered her voice; she was filled with anxiety now, “What are you thinking about? Have you forgotten what he has done to you before?”

Jason divorced her sister for another woman.

She wasn’t going to allow this scumbag to live here, let alone let them get back together!

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