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Beat me up. I’m not afraid of pain!

“That’s not true, Muffin. You get me wrong.” Sarah tried to explain. But a string of questions from Rita left her no chance to butt in.

“I don’ care if there are misunderstandings or not. The most important thing is to kick him out of there right now.” Rita didn’t know what had happened between her sister and Jason on the

Green Island, nor did she know that Jason risked his life to save her. “I got a ask him to leave.”

Then she opened the door and stormed out like an intrepid solider.

Sarah tried to stop her, “Muffin! Come back”

But it was in vain.

For Rita, her sister was her beloved treasure in the world.

She didn’t know what Jason had done to hurt Sarah’s heart before. But now she knew Jason’s ‘glory deeds’, she would never allow him to bully Sarah a second time.

Even if he had a frightening and imposing aura, she must drive him away! Who knew if he would do anything harmful to Sarah when she was alone!

With these thoughts in her mind, Rita thrust Jason’s suitcase into his hand who had just changed his shoes.

Jason looked puzzled.



What was going on?

“Get out of there.” Rita ventured to say. The mere word “Jason” was too intimidating to her. “You are not welcome here. Don’t you bother my sister again!”

At first, Jason was pleased to see that his sister Sarah cared about him. But Rita’s indifferent words shattered his good mood at once.

Sarah walked out of the bedroom. Jason looked at her, his eyes were filed with helplessness and melancholy, as if asking what he had done wrong.

Sarah brought him back.

Why did she send him away?

“Muffin, don’t do that.” Sarah pulled Rita.


“He has lost his memory.” Sarah explained. “He has forgotten everything. Now he is like a five-year-old child.”

“What?” Rita’s eyes went as wide as saucers.

What the hell!

Jason got Amnesia? He was like a kid now?

Nonsense! He was a liar; he must be pretending!

When she was about to retort, Jason’s voice sounded.



“Sister…” There was a hint of self-blame on his face. “Am I causing you trouble?”

From the moment he saw Sarah, he felt that she didn’t like him very much. Besides, just now, this strange sister clearly said that she didn’t welcome him.

What did he do in the past? Why both of them showed undisguised disgust for him?

Rita was shocked.

Jason called Pumpkin sister?

“Don’t take it to heart, Jason.” Sarah couldn’t bear to see the guilt and remorse on his face. After all, Jason was a patient. “Muffin is taking you for somebody else. That person looks like you.”

“Really?” Jason’s expectation reached rock bottom.

“Yeas, trust me.” said Sarah.

Jason turned to Rita.

Rita didn’t care whether this scumbag had lost his memory or not. He must be pretending to be like a kid to win Pumpkin’s heart!

Ha,she wasn’t going to let him do it!

Jason didn’t deserve Pumpkin!

When she was about to tease Jason, the hurt look on his face stunned her.

Was he Jason? She had never saw such an expression on his face!



“Well…” With a light cough, Rita moved her glance from Jason. She now felt somehow guilty. “I got the wrong person. I’m sorry.”

“It doesn’t matter.” said Jason obediently.

Rita was abashed and awkward under Jason’s innocent gaze. She didn’t even know how to face him.

How could a man lose his memory?

At lunch time.

The food Sarah had ordered arrived.She had never been talented in cooking. She was used to staying home alone, so she didn’t hire a cooking aunt.

Fortunately, she was either on a business trip or working in the company most of the time. Sivan was always by her side. Every day, he would order meals for her on time and supervise her to eat it up.

Normally, she would choose the familiar restaurant to order a meal.

During the meal.

Rita had been observing Jason secretly to confirm if he had lost his memory.

But judging from the details of his reaction, this careful, obedient and sensible person was completely different from the former Jason with a cold aura around him before.

So Rita drew a preliminary evaluation: he indeed lost his memory.

Soon they finished their lunch.

Sarah went to the study to deal with her business, leaving only Rita and Jason in the living room.



Rita was not timid now since Jason forgot everything. She even summoned the courage to chat with him, “Why do you call Pumpkin sister?”

“Serial said she is my sister.” said Jason honestly.

He didn’t address Serial as brother because he didn’t like him.

“She’s my sister. Not yours! You can’t call her like that afterwards!” “Then how should I call her?” Jason didn’t refute or get angry.

He had found that sister Sarah was very kind to the younger sister.

If he made her angry, sister Sarah might drive him out. He had to be an obedient boy.

If Pumpkin knew what Jason was thinking now, she would definitely think that Rita was not suitable to take care of children. Rita and Jason only exchanged a few words. But she turned him into a flattering man.

“Just call her Sarah.” After thinking for a while, Rita said.

No matter how he addressed Sarah: Sa, Atha or Pumpkin, they were all intimate. He wouldn’t think much about it now. But when he regained his memory one day, he would be over the moon!

Hearing that, Jason pursed his lips. He felt a great weight of sorrow inside him. “It’s impolite.”

He wanted to call Sarah sister.

But this younger sister was a little domineering.

Rita didn’t find it impolite since there was not much difference in age between he and Pumpkin. But the next second she remembered what her sister had said: Jason was only five years old now.



What was the most suitable address for a boy?

“You can call her aunt Sarah.” A light bulb went on in Rita’s head.

“Is that okay?”

“Only the older ones can be called aunt.” Jason learned it when he was still in Serial Medical Base. He added, “Sister Sarah is young and beautiful. It’s not good to call her aunt.”

“Do what I said. That’s settled.”

“But I don’t want…”

“Stop it or I’ll beat you!” Rita shouted at him like a spoiled child. Hearing that, Jason’s eyes lit up. “Then can I still call Sarah sister after you beat me?”

Rita’s eyebrow knotted. She didn’t know what to say.

Seeing that Rita kept silence, Jason thought she agreed. He immediately stood up and fetched a baseball bat and handed it to her. He said innocently, “Beat me now! I’m not afraid of pain!”

As long as he could call Sarah sister, he was willing to be beaten by

Rita no matter how many times.

Rita stared at him blankly.

Not to mention that she didn’t like to beat people, she didn’t dare to beat him because he was the president of the Noth Group!

He would regain his memory sooner or later. If she indeed beat him, he would take revenge on her when he remembered everything! “Don’t worry. I won’t make a sound.” said Jason as he thrust the

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baseball bat into Rita’s hand. ” I won’t tell sister Sarah about it.”

“Do you think that I don’t dare to beat you?” said Rita, brandishing the baseball bat to scare him.

Jason stood still, as if he was ready to bear Rita’s attack.

At this moment.

Sarah walked out of the study with one glass in her hand.

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