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His Sister Doesn’t Want Him

Sarah asked him in surprise, “Brother-in-law?”

How did this come out?

“Will you?” asked Jason stubbornly.

“Your question is meaningless.” Sarah changed the topic and said, “If you still want to know after you recover, I will tell you then.”

Not to mention that she may not be with Captain Leon. Even if she was with him, Jason didn’t need to call Will his brother-in-law.

After all, she was not his sister.

The light in Jason’s eyes dimmed suddenly. He tightened his grip and felt deeply depressed in his heart.

“You shall go to bed now,” said Sarah. “Have a good rest.”

Hearing that, Jason pursed his lips and took a look at her. When he saw the calm expression on Will’s face, he came up with an idea and said, “Sister.”


“It hurts…” he reached out his hand, which was scratched.

Because of the severe bruising, the skin on the bubble was completely rubbed off, and the flesh was exposed to the air, with blood coming out.



Seeing him like this, Rita frowned. She didn’t expect it to turn out like this just after he went downstairs. “What’s happened?”

“I fell by accident,” said Jason in a very low voice, lowering his eyes.

“Captain, I’ll take him to the hospital for disinfection first.” Sarah was afraid that his wound would be infected. The wound in winter was hard to heal.

Jason was relieved.

Fortunately, his sister didn’t ask too much about that, or he didn’t know how to answer.

“Let me do it,” said Will, who had already come over with a medicine box. He took the iodine and began to help Jason with his wound.

Jason took back his hand from her.

Just when Jason was about to say something, Jason said in a deep voice, “I’ll wash it with water.”

Then he went back to his room.

He left so fast that Sarah didn’t have a chance to stop him.

Considering what had happened just now, Sarah asked, “What did you talk about downstairs? Why did he fall?”

“You can have a guess,” said Will coldly.

Sarah was speechless.

When did Captain Leon become so evil?



“Don’t think he’s young,” said Will in a lazy tone, “He’s good at striving for the favor.”

“Striving for a favor?” Sarah thought she might have misheard.

“You can take his reaction as he feels uncomfortable when he sees you are with me.” Will said casually, “Or he wants to monopolize you.”

Sarah thought for a while and said, “He’s just a five-year-old child.”

“I suggest you talk to Serial about this again,” Will said in a low voice. “It may not be as simple as it seems. Don’t you realize that he is too dependent on you?”

Sarah thought for a while and found that it seemed to be true.

“A five-year-old child misses his parents most of the time, but he keeps staying with you after he sees you. It’s unreasonable.”

“Maybe he felt sorry for you subconsciously, so he got closer to you when he saw you.” Rita guessed.

“That’s possible,” Will analyzed, “But in the case of memory loss and mental retreat, it will barely happen.”

If they didn’t have the conversation downstairs, he might also not doubt it.

But his reaction to Sarah was really abnormal.

“One more thing,” said Will coldly.

“What?” Sarah asked.

“Most children like people with strong affinity, gentle and nice to them.” Will hesitated and said carefully, “but you seem to have always been alienated from him.”



Not only was she alienated from him, but she also deliberately maintained a sense of distance.

Achild used to come to the organization, and he had liked to stay

with Sarah from the beginning. But at that time, Sarah would smile at the child and play with him. It was normal for that child to like her.

But it was too strange for Jason.

Children were more sensitive than adults. Jason could feel whether a person like him or not.

Jason didn’t feel much warmth from Sarah, so it was strange that he insisted on clinging to her.

“Does he worry that I will abandon him?” based on his previous reaction, Sarah made a guess. “Maybe that’s why he is doing this.”

She also wanted to treat him normally.

But she knew their relationship. If she treated him too well, it would not be good for him after he recovered. It was better to take care of him and care about him, but keep a certain distance from him like now.

“You shall go to ask Serial the day after tomorrow.”.

Sarah nodded. After chatting for a while, she returned to her room with Rita.

When they returned, they found Jason had locked himself in the bedroom. After asking Rita to wash up, Sarah knocked on Jason’s door and decided to talk to him.

He knocked several times, but he didn’t respond.

Sarah had to call him, “it’s me, Jason. Can I open the door?”



After waiting for a long time, there was no response inside.

Just when she was about to knock on the door again, the door was opened with a slight click.

With an expression of loneliness, Jason said in a muffled voice,


“Does your hand still hurt?” Sarah looked at his hand, which turned red by washing.

Hearing that, Jason pursed his lips. He wanted to say it was hurt but soon remembered that his sister liked a tough man. So he immediately shook his head and said, “No, it doesn’t hurt.”

“Come here. I’ll apply some medicine to your wound.”


Sarah disinfected and applied medicine to his wound gently.

During this process, she had been observing some of his little actions. She asked casually, “Do you miss your parents?”

Jason shook his head.


“I only want to stay with sister.”

“Aren’t you afraid that dad and mom will be sad?”

“No, I won’t.”

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Sarah glanced at him.

Children would be missing their parents, wouldn’t they? Why did


“Jason.” Sarah didn’t know how long it would take him to recover, so she wanted to emphasize something.

With his lips pursed, Jason looked depressed.

Was she angry?

Why was he so serious?

“For you, your father and mother are the best people in the world,” said Sarah, “Although I’m supporting you now, you can’t forget them.”

“Then why did you come to pick me up, not them?” asked Jason. Jason pursed her lips and replied, “because before I picked you up, I had a talk with the doctor, and they didn’t know it yet.”

Jason didn’t reply.

Only one thought was in his mind: His sister didn’t want him anymore. Was it because of the man next door?

Seeing his mood worsening, Sarah called him several times with a frown, “Jason.”

“I know, sister. I’ll go to bed first. Good night.” Hearing that, something changed in his dark eyes, which made him a little strange.

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