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A Call Between Father and Son

Sarah wanted to talk to him longer. She could feel that he was in bad condition.

However, Jason didn’t want to talk to her anymore. After that, he stood up and returned to his room without saying anything.

Seeing him like this, Sarah looked at her watch.

It was just past eight o’clock. She told Mr. Noth, “Uncle Noth, I want to ask about Jason’s childhood. Are you busy now?”

Not long after the message was sent, Mr. Noth called her.

“Uncle Noth,” Sarah called him.

Mr. Noth stood on the balcony, wearing a pajama. When he spoke, he looked mature and steady. “Did Will get you in trouble?”

“No.” Sarah was telling the truth, and he was a good boy. “I want to ask what he was like when he was five years old.”

“He was a good kid, very sensible.” Mr. Noth had a deep memory of his son’s five-year-old appearance. “He is lively and considerate.”


Kevin looked at the door.

Now, he had nothing to do with vivacity.



“How is he now?” asked Mr. Noth.

“He is obedient and silent.” she said, “I think he lacks security.”

Mr. Noth raised his eyebrows.

A sense of security?

How could his son need such a thing?

“Are you sure that he is not pretending?” he doubted that what She said was completely different from the boy in his memory.

“Yes, he asked me several times if I don’t want him anymore.” Although she knew her words might make Mr. Noth think she didn’t take good care of Jason, she still had to be honest, “I always feel that he doesn’t have a sense of security.”

If what Captain Leon said was true, then there must be something wrong with Jason’s mind.

“Where is he?” asked Mr. Noth.

“He’s in the bedroom,” said Sarah honestly, “Do you want to talk to him?”

“Give him the phone.” Mr. Noth’s tone was as calm as before. “Let me ask him.”


Sarah knocked on the door.

On the way, she asked, “By the way, uncle sharp, was he afraid of pain when he was a child?”

“He was not afraid of pain.” Mr. Noth had a deep memory of this.



In the past, when Jason pretended to be a pain to deceive his wife, he complained secretly that he was not acting like a man. At that time, he thought he was just flaunting, but later, he found that this kid’s tolerance to pain was several times higher than ordinary people’s. He could accept the huge pain calmly.

“What’s wrong?” Mr. Noth was able to grasp the key point. “Did he pretend to be painful to lie to you?”

After thinking for a while, Sarah said, “He was not pretending. He was really scared.”

Mr. Noth was surprised.

At this moment.

Jason opened the door of his room.

When he saw his sister come to him again, he thought she was there to talk about general principles to him. When he was thinking about how to refuse, Sarah gave him her phone and said, “it’s from your father. He wants to talk to you.”

Jason didn’t want to answer it, but he was afraid that Sarah would be angry, so he had to take it reluctantly.

Sarah didn’t stay. She left the room for them.

Holding the phone, Jason went to the balcony and sat on the chair,

“What do you want to talk about?” he asked reluctantly.

“What’s this attitude come from?” Mr. Noth asked, “You want to be beaten?”

Jason didn’t answer him.



If it weren’t for worrying, his sister would be unhappy if he didn’t answer the phone, he would hang up now.

He didn’t want to talk to anyone except his sister.

“Call me dad,” said Mr. Noth.

Mr. Noth was speechless.

No. Mr. Noth had plenty of ways to deal with him. He said, “If you keep silent, I’ll tell Sarah you’re impolite. Don’t blame me if she sends you away.”

Jason was stunned.


His sister?

“Father,” he said reluctantly.

“Have you really lost your memory?”

Jason fell silent.

“How unlucky Sarah is to meet you?”

Jason didn’t answer him.

“I’ll come to New York to pick you up.” Mr. Noth was testing the bottom line of his “new son.” “Don’t disturb Sarah’s reunion with her family during the Spring Festival.”

“No way!” said Jason.



Mr. Noth said in a lazy tone, “This is not something you can decide.”

“If you come to pick me up, I’ll run away from home,” said Jason threateningly. His rejection was obviously not as fierce as before.

“Ha ha.”

His words amused Mr. Noth. He looked out the window at the golden leaves and said slowly, “You’re talking like you were at home now.”

Jason was so angry!But the old man was right.

“If you run away from home now, it will only make Sarah dislike you.” Mr. Noth was quite familiar with manipulating his son.

“I hope that you can run away from home. Do you need Dad to provide you with some ideas and money?”

Jason was pissed off. He didn’t like the man next door the most before, and now he hated the man opposite the phone the most.

He blurted out, “I don’t like you.”

“It’s enough that your mother likes me.” Mr. Noth didn’t care at all.

Jason had been holding back his grievances for a long time, but he couldn’t find a way to express them. If he told his sister about this, she would definitely think that he was the wrong one. “Be good these days. Don’t make trouble for Sarah.” Mr. Noth began to care about his son. “I’ll pick you up in a few two days.”

“That’s it. Bye.”



Before Joson finished speaking, Mr. Noth hung up the phone and left Jason a message that made him uneasy.

Looking at the phone’s screen, Jason frowned. He couldn’t let his father pick him up.

If he left here, he wouldn’t be able to meet Sarah again.

Thinking of this, he felt that his mind was a mess. He wanted to call her again but couldn’t unlock the phone. After careful consideration, he plucked up the courage to open the door and look for Sarah.

“Sister Sarah.”


“Can you help me call dad again? I just hung up by accident.”


Sarah agreed.

Because he said the word “father,” she did not pay attention to his address change on her.

She took the phone and unlocked it. When she was about to call Mr.

Noth, she saw a message from him.

Mr. Noth said, “if Jason asks you to call me again, just refuse him. I have finished talking with him.”

Sarah paused.

Should she say that no matter what kind of person Jason becomes, his father would see through him at a glance? “Sister Sarah, what’s wrong?” asked Jason tentatively. “Your father said he was going to

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rest.” Sarah changed a way to tell him, “If you still want to talk to him, I can help you ask him if he is free tomorrow, okay?”

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