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You can ask Sarah.

She may know it clearly

“Is there a problem?” He asked Chris in a high intonation with warning.

“If I tell Miss Sarah, she will definitely call the police to investigate.” Chris made traps one after another. “Then everything will be exposed, won’t it?”

“Why not say that you have handled it well?” For the countless times, he felt that this person was so stupid.

With an embarrassed look, Chris had to agree, “Okay… Okay.”

In fact.

How happy he was!

As long as Miss Sarah checked the previous surveillance video, she would find that the previous cloud had been deleted. For others, it was impossible to recover, but for

Miss Sarah, who was a super hacker, it was simply a piece of cake! By then, as long as he quietly reminded Miss Sarah, she could see the surveillance video of this day.

As long as she saw it, she would know there was something wrong with his boss!

By then, she would know what their conversation was by herself.

Thinking of this, Chris felt that he was too smart. Thank God that his boss lost his memory and didn’t know that Miss Sarah was a hacker.





“How… How old are you now?”

“I don’t know.”

He didn’t lie.

At first, it was Serial who told him that his mental age was only five years old. Later, when he received the phone call from the man who claimed to be his father, he suddenly understood something.

His mind had the biggest change when he talked to Chris just now. Every time Chris said something, Jason felt that his mind had grown a lot. So after knowing everything, he clearly realized that he was no longer a little boy.

But he didn’t know how old he was. So he had to ask him.

“Do you remember what happened in the past?” Asked Chris.

“You said that Sarah slapped me in the face with evidence. How did she get the evidence?” He suddenly changed the topic.

After a pause.

Come on. Of course Miss Sarah found it out herself!

“I don’t know. Miss Sarah seemed to have called someone at that time, and soon all kinds of evidence appeared on her computer.” Chris was good at talking nonsense.

“You know what happened later.”



Fortunately, he didn’t tell his boss any details during the story.

Purr… Purr.

Otherwise, it was not easy to make his lie plausible.

“You are so stupid.” It was unknown whom Jason was referring to.

Chris was a little confused, but he didn’t ask more.

It was difficult to get in touch with this boss, so he’d better not talk about it.

It was already one o’clock in the afternoon when the car arrived at Serial. When he just finished his work and was about to have lunch, he saw an uninvited guest.


Why was he here?

“Doctor Serial.” Chris greeted politely.

Serial looked at Jason who was not polite at all here, and asked in a low voice, “Has he regained his memory?”

It shouldn’t be. He might not be able to regain his memory in this state.

“No,” said Chris honestly. After all, he was a doctor. “But he is a little strange.”

While the two of them were talking, Jason focused his deep eyes on the lunch of Serial. He said slowly, “Dr. Serial, you have a good lunch.”

Dr. Serial???



Frowning slightly, Dr. Serial was particularly confused about this title.

“We haven’t had lunch yet. Would you mind adding two pairs of chopsticks?” Asked Jason directly.

Chris touched his forehead. His boss was really shameless!

Serial looked him up and down and asked, “Have you grown in your mind?”

Jason took a deep look at him.

Obviously, he was saying, “You are talking nonsense!”

Serial didn’t say anything more. He asked someone to bring two more pairs of chopsticks, and then the three of them had lunch together. During the lunch, Serial had been observing Jason about what he said and his deeds, as well as all kinds of reactions and words.

Finally, he came to a conclusion that the situation seemed to be getting worse.

“If you keep looking at me like this, I will think that you have the same feelings for me as that person.” Said Jason. He didn’t like anyone to stare at him, including this doctor.

Chris, “…”


Serial took a look at Chris, asking, “Didn’t Sarah come here?”

“No…” Chris replied honestly.

“I came here today just to take the cuff link that I had dropped here before.” Jason said this to hint something to the two people, “In addition, Dr. Serial asked me about some daily affairs, and except that, nothing else happened.”



“Do you understand?” He looked at the two people and said, “Dr. Serial, Chris.”

“I know. I know,” Answered Serial quickly.

The corners of Chris’s mouth twitched.

His reaction and momentum were quite different from that when he called his boss.

“If you hope me say that to Sarah when she asked me, you have to cooperate with me for one thing,” Said Serial, who was not easy to be fooled. “Do a general check-up later.”

“No problem,” said Jason

As soon as the two of them finished the cooperation, they looked at Chris.

Chris stopped eating.


“Chris,” Said Dr. Serial with a warm smile on his face. “In case you spill the beans or say something wrong, you don’t have to go in. Just stay here later.”


“Do you want to get your salary?”

“Okay, I’ll be outside.” Chris was good at changing the situation.

After lunch.

Serial and Jason went in together. There were three password doors in total.

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In an airtight reception room, Serial pushed his glasses and looked at the person in front of him, saying, “You are different from when you just woke up.”



“Is that good or bad?”

Jason asked casually, as if it was just an ordinary rhetorical Question.

Serial didn’t say anything more. He changed the topic and told him something else.

Then he began to give him a general check-up. After the whole process, he came to a conclusion that at this time the deep mind of Jason had returned to normal.

Reading his report, he gently stroked the paper. Still staring at the report, he asked,

“How did you grow in your mind?”

“The man outside has told me something, so it has grown up unconsciously.” Said Jason in a casual tone. Serial was still thinking.

“Dr. Serial,” said Jason again.


“Tell me what happened between you and me, and tell me what happened between me and Sarah,” Said Jason, stressing his purpose. “You’d better be more detailed.”

After a pause, he asked, “Chris has told you everything, has not he?”



“I want to know how I saved her,” Said Jason word by word.

Staring at his eyes, Serial told him a lie, “I’m sorry. I don’t know about it. You were injured when I saw you.”

“Dr. Serial, it’s not good to lie to me.” There was more danger around Jason, and his eyes were filled with danger.

“I know,” Replied Serial calmly, with a gentle smile at the corners of his mouth. “But I really don’t know. Why not ask Sarah? She may be very clear about it?”

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