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Why do I feel this man is too obedient

In the end, Chris couldn’t help but send the message to Sarah reluctantly. After all, he could not hold his boss’s aura.

When seeing the message, she was still eating. She wanted to call him, but considering that the two men might be together, she still replied, “What did you talk about?”

This message.

Both of them saw it.

“I told you not to tell her, didn’t I?” Said Jason slowly.

“It’s a misunderstanding. It’s definitely a misunderstanding,” Assured Chris. He explained immediately, “Normally, everyone will ask what we have talked about subconsciously by receiving such a message.”

Before exposing him, Jason found that what he said seemed to be reasonable. He spread out one hand and said, “Give me your phone.”


“Give it to me.”

“Don’t send messages randomly, please.” Reluctantly, he handed the phone to his boss.

At this moment, he also realized a problem. Would his boss have the legendary double or split personality!!!

Without caring about what he was thinking, he typed on the keyboard with his fingertips and sent a message, “Ask me about his past with you. Considering that his mental age is still only five years old, I



didn’t tell him about your marriage and divorce.”

Sarah: [yes.]

Chris: “Miss Sarah, I have an unreasonable request.”

Sarah: [Go ahead.]

Chris, “I think my boss lacked of security. When I told him that you are not his biological sister, he seemed to be abandoned by someone. Could you please pay more attention to him?”

From the corner of eyes, Chris saw the words. He looked at it in disbelief, feeling shameless for ten thousand times!

Chris thought to himself, “How can you say such words, boss??

“Boss,” Chris thought it necessary to remind him, “Don’t you think it’s not appropriate for you to do this?”

Taking a deep look at him, he asked naturally, “Why?”

“Lie,” said Chris frankly, “Miss Sarah doesn’t like liar the most.”

Although his boss was a bastard before, he never lied to Miss Sarah. Even if he wanted to divorce her for another hypocritical woman, he would not lie to her.

He used to be honest and didn’t like to lie. But his boss at this time… was scheming.

“If you don’t tell her, how could she know that I’m lying to her?” He didn’t care at all. His good-looking eyes was with a smile. He asked, “Or are you going to betray me and tell her?”

Chris blurred his words, “Don’t you know what kind of man I am?”



“I really don’t know,” Said Jason ruthlessly.

When Sarah saw the message from Chris, she paused for a while. Before she could figure out how to reply, she received another message from Chris.

Chris, “By the way, my boss just said that he left something at the place where Dr. Serial is. He asked me to take him there. I don’t know how to get there.”

Sarah then sent him the location. She had planned to take him there the next day after she finished her work. But on second thought, Chris had an opportunity to get along well with him, so she didn’t stop them.

If he spent more time with Chris, he might be able to regain some of his memories.

After all, he stayed with Chris for the most time in his life.

After getting the address, he asked Chris to take him to see Serial. He had to figure out how he got injured for Sarah.

When they left, Chris was on the verge of collapsing.

But he couldn’t tell Miss Sarah about it. If he did that by accident, his boss would not let him go with his character this time.

But his boss was obviously not normal

What should he do?

Who could save him?

“Why are you still dawdling?” Said Jason unhappily as he saw Chris dawdling.



“Nothing.” Chris gave up.

He had planned to leave some marks here so that Miss Sarah could find them when she came here.

But on second thought, he realized that Miss Sarah had taken all the things his boss should use, so she might not come here.

Moreover, unless his marks were conspicuous or obvious, or Miss Sarah would not pay much attention to them. After all, it was not a criminal investigation case, and no one would pay too much attention to details.

As he was worried.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the surveillance video Somewhere.

At that moment, there was a glimmer of hope in his eyes. He immediately turned his back to the monitor and stretched out his hand behind his back. Then he crossed his hands and made a gesture.

“What are you doing?” Said Jason, noticing that Chris was sneaking around.

“Nothing. Let’s go,” Said Chris, pushing his glasses.

Jason felt that there was something wrong with Chris.

Finally, his eyes fell on the monitoring area. With a smile on his thin lips, he asked,

“You want to send the video to her, don’t you?”

“What?” Asked Chris, pretending to be innocent, “Who?”

“Destroy the surveillance video,” Said Jason, with one hand in his pocket. His talking and behaviors were much different from before.



Chris was not a fool. Under this situation, he began to plan, “Are you sure?”

“Long winded.” Jason was deeply impatient with his character. If Sarah hadn’t said that this person had been very good to him before, he would have definitely dismissed him. “Just do it.”

“Okay,” said Chris in a businesslike manner.

He obediently dismantled the surveillance video and also deleted the surveillance video on the cloud.

Seeing the intact surveillance video on the tea table, he added, “Smash it. Make it look like someone has been entered and stolen it.”

“Okay,” Said Chris obediently.

Jason frowned deeply.

Why did he feel that this person was too obedient? Soon, everything was done and made a mess in the scene by the way. After that, he took his boss to the car.

Before the car started, he asked, “Boss, have you thought about how to explain it to Miss Sarah?”

“What?” Asked Jason.

“The surveillance video.” Chris cooked it up with a very serious look. He continued, “Miss Sarah chose and installed it herself.”

Anyway, the boss didn’t remember anything.

And he also would not get the answer in other places.

At this moment, he was very glad that he used to do all these things, and even the purchase orders were in his hand.

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Even if his boss did investigate it, he couldn’t find it out!

“Sarah?” He frowned.

“Yes, it’s the last gift Miss Sarah gives you,” Said Chris slowly and seriously. “You promised to take good care of everything Miss Sarah gave you before, but now it’s destroyed by you personally…”

Jason felt that his assistant did it on purpose, and a hint of danger flashed through his eyes.

But Chris still kept obedient.

“A few days later, you tell Sarah that my house was robbed,” Said Jason word by word. He quickly came up with a solution. “Ask her to choose a new monitor. Remember to choose and install it by herself.”

Since it was installed in the past, it didn’t matter even if it was broken.

It was good

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