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What do you want? I want you

It was a piece of cake to find out the information about the annual meeting. People would know that as long as they asked the staff in Angel International Group. After all, it had so many staff.

Chris didn’t expect his boss to do this before. Now that the result was decided, it was better for him to accept the money.

Taking a deep look at Chris, Jason pressed his finger on screen which showed the message he sent just now and then withdrew it.

His boss withdrew a message.

Chris wondered, “What?”

“Let’s go.” With a smile on his face, Jason said, “Let’s go, Chris.”

“Isn’t it appropriate for you to do this? As the boss, you should keep your promise.”

“Haven’t I told you before not to believe anything unless it was clearly written in paper?” Asked Jason, admiring Chris depression with satisfaction. “Everything that you haven’t got can change at any time.”

Chris, “…”


But his boss had never cheated him like this, because he only did that to others.

Taking two deep breaths, he started the car and drove away, heading to the community where he and his boss lived.



After taking a deep walk, he recognized the road. He said, “Go to Sarah.”

“The annual meeting of Angel International Group doesn’t start until ten o’clock in the evening.” Chris lied, but he pretended to be serious, saying, “If we go there now, we will only be stopped by others. I will send you to the hotel at night.”

Jason showed some coldness in his eyes, asking, “Which company’s annual meeting doesn’t start until ten o’clock in the evening?”

Chris answered boldly, “If you don’t believe me, you can ask in the group.”

Seeing that he didn’t seem to be joking, Jason didn’t ask more.

When they got home in the afternoon.

Jason asked a laptop and then began to carefully understand the society and market, as well as the matters of the Nth Group.

At Jason’s request, Chris always served him with tea and water, and explain to him.

It was not until his boss was immersed in learning that he got a rest. At this time, he sent a message to Sivan, “Is Angel International Group hiring?”

Sivan: [?]

Chris answered: [Our boss is crazy.]

When he was about to send it, he remembered what his boss had told him.

After careful consideration.

He finally deleted the message.



If he exposed the secret of his boss at this time, the consequences would be a little miserable.

Sivan: [Are you looking for a job or a friend?]

Chris: [I…]

Sivan: [the Noth Group has closed down?]

Sivan: [You said that you would not leave until it went bankrupt, didn’t you?]

Looking at the message, Chris typed on the screen, but he still couldn’t send the message.

He couldn’t tell others about his boss for the time being. It seemed that there were secrets between him and Serial, but these were only his guesses and could not be regarded as evidence.

While thinking, he asked another question, [When will your annual meeting end?]

Sivan: [Eight o’clock in the evening, but there is a masked party for single people upstairs. The end time is uncertain.]

As Chris was about to reply with “okay”, he saw a call from Sivan.

He asked, “What’s wrong with you?”

Although they were calling, Sivan still felt that there seemed to be a little difference in Chris mood.

“Nothing.” Sitting on the sofa and listening to the tapping of the keyboard in the study, he said slowly, “A lot of things have happened recently and I’m just a little upset.”

“You want to drink?”




“Buy then. I’ll come to your home after the party.”

With a slight smile at the corners of his mouth, he agreed, “Okay.”

Sivan didn’t talk much with him, so they hung up the phone after the appointment.

Chris was a little confused about something, so he could take this opportunity to ask Sivan.

There was something he couldn’t see clearly.

The day passed quickly.

The annual meeting went on smoothly.

Drawing a lottery was the hottest part of the annual meeting.

People drew from the third award to the top one, and everyone would be excited and screamed as every lottery winner appeared.

When it came to the first prize, the activity extremely went to the climax.

Standing in a secluded place on the second floor, Sarah and Will looked down at everything and felt the lively atmosphere below. She asked, “Don’t you go downstairs to draw lottery?”



“Although there are many prizes, there is nothing I want.”.

With curiosity in her eyes, she asked, “What do you want?”

“You…” Answered Will coldly. His deep starry eyes met hers, with a hint of imperceptible tenderness.



Sarah was stunned.

Somehow, her heart was hit by this word.

Looking at the good-looking and upright man with delicate eyebrows in front of her, she paused for a moment.

Maybe it was because the atmosphere was too lively or the light was too warm, she felt that her captain in front of her was not as serious as he was in her memory. He was even a little friendly.

“Captain, you…”


Sarah, “what?”

Will completed his sentence, “You guess.”.

Although he blurted out the truth in his heart, he still added a word to cover it up when he saw that this girl was a little surprised and didn’t know how to react.

In his eyes, Sarah was good in everything, except that she was too dull in loving affairs.

Sarah was stunned.

What was she thinking just now?

Why did she feel that her captain was confessing his love to her?

“I can’t guess it out.” She threw away the messy thoughts in her mind and said, “Just say it. I will give you anything I can do.”

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“Really?” Said Will in a teasing tone, raising his eyebrows. Sarah blinked.

Why did she feel that there was a little trick in her captain’s eyes?

Without thinking too much, she answered, “Yes.”

“Okay,” Replied Will in a both joking and serious tone. He added, “Let’s write it down when we go back tonight, in case you go back on your words.”

Sarah, “?”

Wrote it down?

Was he so serious?

She called, “Captain…” She suddenly doubted that she could not afford to give him what he wanted.

Putting her hand on the railing, he turned to look at her and asked,


She asked tentatively, “Is the thing you want in the National Museum or something else that is difficult to get?”

He answered, “No.” his smile looked good and was also cured. He added, “We can see what I want almost every day, but it’s difficult to get.”

“I can see it every day?”




She guessed, “Does it take me a lot of time to get it? Or a long time?” She still wanted to send her captain something good.

“No need,” Said Will in a cold tone, with a casual look in his beautiful black eyes. “You can give it to me at any time, but if I hope you give me now, you should not be able to do it, or it will be difficult.”

Sarah thought this sentence was very profound. She could give it to him at any time, but was difficult to do it at her will? She could see it almost every day.

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