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Taking him as a gigolo

She racked her brains to think about all the things she could see every day, and finally found that most of them were small things, and the only thing that met all the conditions was that.

The Angel International Group.

Thinking of this.

Sarah looked at her captain subconsciously, and her mood was somewhat heavy.

This company was her and Sivan’s painstaking efforts. So it seemed… not god to just send it to him.

“Captain Leon,” She didn’t expect that what her captain wanted was this.

Seeing the complicated expression on her face, he raised his voice, “What?”

“I can’t … give you what you want for the time being.” Sarah said hesitantly. She was not narrow- minded, but the Angel

International Group involved a lot in. “If you really want something from, I suggest you change one.”

Her words stung his heart.

There was no difference on his face, but he still looked lazy. He asked, “What if I only want this one?”

“You can’t change it?”

“Cannot.” Sarah asked worriedly.

She didn’t find that her captain was interested in the company before. Why did he suddenly want to have the Angel International Group?



Seeing that she was not in a good mood and was in a dilemma because of this, he said, “I was just kidding. Why do you take it seriously?”

Sarah looked at him. She could feel that the captain was not joking.

He was obviously very serious just now.

“Why are you still so serious?” Asked Will in a teasing tone as he raised hand and gently tapped her forehead. “I told you I was just kidding.”

She pursed her lips, as if she had made a decision, “I know you are not a person who likes joking.”

Will paused.

Was she going to drive him away?

“You must have a reason to have the Angel International Group,” Said Sarah slowly.

But her every word was very serious. She continued, “But it’s many people’s painstaking efforts. If you really want it, I can give you half of my shares, but I can’t give it directly to you.”

Her captain was not a greedy person, let alone a person who admired fame and fortune.

He was righteous. Since he wanted to have her company, there must be some research or patent in it that was useful to him.

In that case, it didn’t matter to give it to her captain.

Hearing this, Will was first stunned, and then chuckled, “Well.”

What a fool.



When did he say that he wanted Angel International Group?

“If you don’t accept, I can give you most of my shares.” Added Sarah.

“Sarah.” Will didn’t know what to say. He was angry and felt funny at the same time, and his words were seemingly doting on her,

“What can I say about you?”

After a pause, she asked, “What’s wrong?”

She thought to herself, “Was Captain Leon so greedy?

Seeing that she was rolling her eyes, he raised his hand and gave her a shudder. He didn’t use much strength, but she could feel it. With her head in her hands, Sarah was confused, “Captain…”

“When did I tell you that I want the Angel International Group?” Asked will, who was filled with joy. He looked at her playfully and said, “Why are you so good at running your mind wildly?”

“You said that, didn’t you?” Sarah felt wronged. “I can see it almost every day. I can give it to you at any time, but it will be a little difficult for me to do that willingly.”

His words meant he want the Angel International Group, didn’t they?

Except for this, she could give him anything else at any time.

After all, other things were not expensive, and they were still mass production.

“I said that.” He thought she was a little stupid for the first time. “But it’s not Angel International Group.”

“Then what is it?”




“I can’t guess it out.”

“Then go back and write it down. I’ll ask you for it when I’m ready, and you can give it to me later.” Will didn’t intend to continue to talk to her. Now that she was guessing Angel International Group, she may guess he wanted Sivan in the future.

“I see,” Said Sarah suddenly.

With a bad feeling in heart, he asked, “What?”

“Sivan, right?” she asked seriously and added the reason, “I heard from Robert that you have a training base. Are you going to start a business but you are afraid you don’t have any experience?”

If so, it would be easy.She was experienced enough to help her captain.

“The training base has been applied before,” Said Will in a lazy tone, since he was certain that she couldn’t figure it out. “Don’t guess anymore. With your current brain, you can’t guess it out.” Sarah, “…”

Sure enough, herb captain swore at her always in a roundabout way.

The two of them stood there for a while and didn’t continue the topic. The first prize had been drawn downstairs and the participant awards began to be distributed.

The host also announced that there was a mysterious prize hidden in the prize for tonight’s participation, and the one for Sarah and

Will was also presented.

“What is the mysterious prize?” Asked Will curiously.



With a serious look on her face, she said, “I don’t know. It was arranged by Sivan.”

Taking out the gift box from the gift bag, he opened it and chatted with Sarah, “Is the gift from your company the best?”

“I don’t know.” Sarah hadn’t done any market research, so she didn’t know much about other companies.

Her idea was simple. She wanted to improve the working efficiency and didn’t work over time. Only when the employee benefits were arranged, everyone would be happy, try their best and achieve the highest efficiency.

Will saw what was in the gift box.

The gift was an unopened iPad and two letters.

One of them was to wish everyone a happy new year… while the another was…

He looked at the words on it and handed it to Sarah. His tone was lazy, “Is this the mysterious prize that the host just said?”

Sarah took it over.

There were only a few words on it: a full paid house in New York.

“I suppose so,” Said Sarah calmly, “Do you… win the price?”

With a faint smile on his thin lips and dark eyes, he didn’t know what to do with Sarah.

If she didn’t arrange it in advance, he would eat the paper.

He looked like a gigolo.

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There was a click of the tongue.

“Prepare the materials tomorrow. I’ll ask someone to complete the house procedures for you.” With a serious look, she asked, “Which area do you hope your house located in?” Glancing at the words coldly, she refused, “No.”

“This is the company’s reward. You can’t refuse it.”



“You love me, right?” Asked Will. He was always expressing his minds, even if he knew what the answer was.

Sarah, “What?”

Why did it have anything to do with love. Taking the letter on which showed he won a house as a prize, he rubbed the paper and said, “Do you really think that I don’t know that you specially arranged it?”

“No.” Sarah wanted to argue. “Don’t be so good to a man,” Said coldly, but there was love in his eyes. “He doesn’t want to work hard anymore if a woman keeps him as a gigolo for a long time.”

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