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Sarah said, “I can’t beat him.”

“Okay,” said Sarah, nodding her head.

Then Will Gardner took Sarah to the parking lot, let her sit on the passenger seat and drove back.

On their way back.

Will glanced at Sarah’s reaction with his afterlight.

Seeing that she just sat there silently as usual, he suddenly felt a little uncertain.

Will thought about it for a long time before he came up with an opening that was a little amazing. He knew that Sarah was a face- judger, and because he had been relatively harsh and indifferent to their training, no matter how good-looking his face would become a ruthless iron-blooded instructor in her.

So he came up with this idea. He wanted Sarah to know himself again, not by memory.

But now, judging from her performance, she seemed to have no reaction.

It has to be said.

Captain Leon, who knew Sarah very well in other things, guessed wrong at the moment.

Although Sarah looked calm on the surface, her heart was stirred up a lot. Because of his appearance and that “Pumpkin”, she thought of what happened before.

For example, he casually asked her to be his girlfriend.

And today when she asked him what he wanted, he blurted out “you”.



Or maybe he said that he could see what he wanted every day, and she could give it to him at any time, but it was a little difficult to be willing.

For a moment.

Sarah almost got a positive answer.

Will liked her.

But the moment this idea appeared, she vetoed it again.

There was no reason for Will to like her. With his character, he should prefer those lively and cute girls.

The two different conclusions were racing around in Sarah’s mind, which made her heart a little messy.

“What’s wrong?” seeing her imperceptible frown, Will asked naturally, “you look sad.”




The absent-minded conversation ended this question.

Will did not panic, nor did he fear Sarah to guess his mind, As long as he was sure she rejected his liking, he had a lot of ways to explain.

The car went on. About ten minutes later, Sarah finally opened her mouth. She didn’t like to spend the night with questions, so instead of getting tangled, she would rather ask directly, “Captain Leon.”




“You…” speaking of this, Sarah looked at him and the words that came to her mouth froze.

“What’s wrong?” Will carelessly said.

“Are you…” Sarah asked in an awkward tone. Even though she was indifferent, she was a little uncomfortable at the moment. “You like me.”

Will’s thin lips curved in an arc, and his tone was low and lazy,

“You are so excellent. Who doesn’t like you?”

“I mean the love between men and women.”

“Do you want me to like you?”

Will threw a century difficult problem to her.

Sarah fell into silence.

How could she answer him.

“If you want to fall in love with someone, just tell me at any time. I’m single.” Will never felt uncomfortable at all, and he said in a casual tone, “it doesn’t matter if you don’t want to have a relationship. You don’t necessarily need a partner in your life.” Sarah looked towards him.

She could see his handsome side face from this angle. Why hadn’t she noticed that Will was so good- looking before?

“The thing you said in the hotel today that you wanted, is it me?” suddenly asked Sarah calmly.

Will changed the topic, “you are a thing?”




Her words were stuck there

Whether it was yes or no, it seemed a little weird.

Because of this, Sarah didn’t have much doubt about Will. After all, if a person really liked another person, he wouldn’t have set a trap here.

After thinking it over, she felt a little relieved.

“Captain Leon,” she reminded him kindly. She was a little worried that he would not find a girlfriend in the future. “If you meet a girl you like in the future, don’t talk to others like this.”


“It will embarrass the chat.”

Pursing his thin lips, Will didn’t explain too much.

It didn’t matter whether they would embarrass the chat or not. The most important thing was that he couldn’t answer Sarah’s question hastily. Later on, Will drove with concentration, while Sarah sat on the copilot, sending messages to Jacob and others to chat.

Sarah: [Do you think Captain Leon is good-looking?]

Jacob: [You want to go after Captain Leon?]

Jin: [Got a crush on him?]

Sarah was speechless.



After a short silence, she replied: [No, I just suddenly feel that

Captain Leon seems to be more handsome.]

The two of them agreed with her.

They had always known that Captain Leon was good-looking, but so what? He wouldn’t show any mercy when they were scolded before.

Jacob: [Aren’t you a face-judger? Do you want to try dating Captain


Sarah: [I refuse.]

Jin: [why?]

Sarah: [I can’t beat him.]

Jacob and Jin: […]

Can’t beat him?

Thinking of what had happened today, Sarah briefly told the two of them. Anyway, the two of them had been her friends since childhood. Most importantly, they knew something about Will.

After a brief introduction, Sarah asked: [do you think I’m overthinking this?]

When Jacob saw this message, she made a voice call to Jin.

As an assist on the way to Captain Leon’s pursuit of Sarah, Jacob thought she should think it over before answering Sarah’s question.



Otherwise, she would be a stumbling block.

Jacob: [I don’t know. After all, except for training, Captain Leon doesn’t have much contact with us in daily life. But then again, if he really likes you, what are you going to do?]

Sarah: [I don’t know.]

She really didn’t know.

Although she was suspecting now, she still couldn’t imagine dating the captain, which is weird.

Jin: [You haven’t forgotten Jason Noth yet?]

Sarah: [No.]

Jacob: [Or you can have a try with Captain Leon, if you do, we can ask you for intercession even if we do something wrong later, so as not to be scolded too hard. ]

Jin: [Yes, yes, yes!]

Sarah: [Goodbye.]

She closed the WhatsApp and ended the chat.

At the same time.

On the other side.

Jason Noth had dinner with Chris. He had planned to ask Chris to take him there at ten o’clock, but when it was nine o’clock, he became a little impatient.

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He came out of the study and asked Chris to take him to the Angel International Group. But Chris told him the truth that the annual meeting of Angel International Group was over.

The cold aura around Jason Noth’s body whizzed out, “It’s over?”

“Yes…” Chris said very unconfidently..

Jason really wanted to kill Chris, but he also knew that Chris had a

certain position in Sa’s heart. If something happened to Chris, Sa would suspect him.

“Call Sa right now and ask her to pick me up,” said Jason, feeling that Chris was really unreliable. “Remember to tell her that I didn’t have dinner, only taking a bite of lunch.”

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