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I don’t like to be with you

To be honest, Chris said, “but you ate it.”

Also eat relatively full.

With his deep eyes slightly raised, Jason Noth said in a very slow tone, which gave people a very dangerous feeling, “I said I didn’t eat, so I didn’t eat.”


Chris thought to himself.

It was enough to deceive Miss Yeats.

“And,” said Jason again, afraid that Chris might spill it out. “Don’t forget what I reminded you today, especially the thing that I’m still five years old.”

“All right.” Chris agreed procedurally.

Finally, reluctantly, he called Sarah.

Sarah and will were almost home. They suddenly received this call and planned to let the driver pick Jason up, but Jason disagreed.

Thinking that he was still a child, Sarah didn’t care much.

She was about to drive to pick Jason up after she got home, but Will directly drove there.

It was about ten o’clock when the car arrived.

Chris took his boss to wait at the door in advance. When he saw that



Sarah was here, he immediately walked up to her and said, “Miss Yeats.”

“Thank you for your hard work today,” said Sarah politely.

Chris kept smiling, but he said in his heart, ‘it’s really hard!’

If possible.

He didn’t want to take his boss who had lost his memory with him for the rest of his life.

It was too difficult to deal with.

“It’s okay. It’s my pleasure,” said Chris with a faint smile. Then he added, “by the way,

Miss Yeats, our boss hasn’t eaten much since noon, saying that he has no appetite.”

“He haven’t had two meals?” Sarah frowned.

“One bite for lunch, but it’s like nothing.” saying sorry in his heart, Chris continued to act the play. “I prepared his favorite food tonight, but he didn’t move a mouthful.”

“Sister Sa…” Jason pulled the corner of her clothes and looked a little pitiful.

The corners of Chris’s mouth twitched.

He thought his boss was really good at acting.

Adults and children switch at will, it’s really…

“Why don’t you eat?” asked Sarah in the same tone as before.

“You’re not here. I don’t want to eat,” said Jason, lowering his head and speaking muffledly.



“Then what do you want to eat?” Sarah asked. She didn’t want

Jason to be hungry. After all, if something happened, she couldn’t explain. “I’ll take you to eat.”

“Anything is okay,” said Jason.

What he wanted was just to stay with Sarah.

Nothing else mattered.

“Let’s go back first.” after getting out of the car, Will Gardner took a look at Jason Noth and said, “I’ll cook for him.”

Sarah wanted to refuse, after all, taking care of Jason was her business, and it was not good to always trouble captain Leon like this.

But Will didn’t give her a chance to refuse. He took her and Jsaon into the car.


The three of them left the community.

Jason sat in the back seat and looked deeply at the two people sitting in front of him.

His eyes were filled with unhappiness. At a corner, he deliberately moved his position, trying to pull Sarah.

However, because of the inertia of the car turning, he fell to the side and hit the door.

“Ouch!” Jason cried out in pain.

Sarah looked back at him and asked, “what’s wrong?”



“I fell down by accident.” with a deep grievance, Jason rubbed his head and left arm, “it hurts.”

Sarah comforted him and said, “I’ll see where you hurt when we get home. Have a good seat. We’ll be there soon.”

“Sister Sa.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Can you let the big brother drive the car slower?” said Jason, who was good at pretending. “I’m afraid.”

Upon hearing this.

Will glanced in the rearview mirror, and his eyes deepened.

Sarah still said in a very light tone, “The speed is not fast. Just sit tight and don’t move.”

“Okay,” Jason lowered his head in disappointment.

From this look.

He looked aggrieved and unspeakable.

Sarah wanted to comfort him, but she didn’t know what to say.

Captain Leon’s speed is indeed not fast.

“If you are afraid, just fasten the seat belt and don’t move.” suddenly, Will spoke in a completely different attitude from the attitude when he spoke to Sarah. “Otherwise, no matter how slow the speed is, you may fall.”

Sarah paused.



Are Captain Leon angry?

“I’m sorry,” said Jason in a low voice.

“Fasten the seat belt if you know you are sorry,” said Will coldly.

“Don’t think that someone will come to you and hold you in the back. You are five years old mentally, not five years old physically.”

“Captain Leon…” Sarah was a little confused.

There seemed to be something wrong with Captain Leon.

She hadn’t seen him like this for so long.

“You go to wash and change your clothes after you go back,” said

Will without much explanation. “I’ll take Jason back to cook for him. You can come and pick him up when you’re done”

“No,” said Jason firmly. “I want to be with Sister Sa.”

Jason’s words fell on deaf ears.

Will drove the car seriously, while Sarah was thinking about

Captain Leon’s abnormality.

The neglect of the two made Jason more paranoid and possessive of Sarah.

There was only one thought in his mind.



Sa belonged to him!

They didn’t come back home until about eleven o’clock.

Sarah wanted to comfort Jason first, or accompany him to finish the meal, but will directly asked her to go back and leave it alone.

Sarah knew what kind of person Will was, so she told Jason to have a good meal and then went back.

“Sister Sa, I’m not going to eat,” Jason grabbed Sarah deeply, glanced at Will and said aggrievedly, “Don’t let me be alone with him, I’m afraid.”

Sarah felt confused.


She felt that Jason tonight was a little strange, but she didn’t think too much. She just thought that he was not used to staying with

Chris for a day.

“Don’t be afraid. Captain Leon is very nice.”

“No.” said Jason, shaking his head in a hurry, his eyes full of rejection. “I’ll ask him to have dinner. You go ahead with your work,” said

Will, and whispered in Sarah ear, “if you dote on him now and follow his lead, he will be insatiable in the future.”

“He’s only five years old mentally,” Sarah emphasized.

“Do you want him to rely on you?”

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“No, I don’t.”

Sarah blurted out these two words without thinking too much.

After taking a deep look at the pitiful and aggrieved Jason, Will continued in a low voice, “if you don’t want him to stick to you all the time, just listen to me. Don’t you trust me?”

Of course she trust Captain Leon. She was only worried that Jason would cry in a hurry.

Sarah looked at Captain Leon and then at the aggrieved Jason, finally saying to Jason, “you go to have dinner with Captain Leon first. I’ll come to you after washing.”

Before Jason could say anything more, Will had already taken him in.

As the door slammed shut, Sarah disappeared from Jason’s sight. With an unhappy look on his face, Jason said, “let me out. I don’t like to be with you.”

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