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The movie king, Jason Noth

Confused, Sarah asked, “what do you mean?”

“You’ll know after you observe him carefully,” reminded Will. Then he added, ” let me take care of him in the next few days.”

The reason why Jason didn’t expose himself in a short time was that he didn’t need to pretend for too long.

But if it took a long time. It was hard for Jason to pretend.

“It’s okay.” Sarah didn’t care much about this, “I’m okay in the next few days, and

Uncle Noth will come over, I have to take Jason to see Uncle Noth.” ”



“Observe more and be good at finding out the details.”

Sarah paused and felt a little confused.

But she didn’t ask too much. What Captain Leon said must be reasonable, so she agreed, “okay.”

“Brother Gardner, I’ve washed the dishes and put them away.” when Jason walked over, he was nervous and uneasy. He pressed his lips and asked carefully, “can I go back with Sister Sa?”

“Of course,” replied Will. He didn’t debunk his lie.



He stood up and looked at Jason’s superb acting skills, intending to raise his hand and pat Jason on the shoulder.

He just raised his hand.

All of a sudden, Jason squatted down with his hands over his head. In a trembling and crying voice, he said, “Brother Gardner, please don’t hit me! I’ll listen to you!”

Will, “?”

Sarah, “?”

The two stopped at the same time.

Will Gardner has been in the organization for a long time, he has seen all kinds of people with a deep heart when performing tasks, but he has never seen someone like Jason Noth.

It was as if he had just beaten Jason severely.

Sarah was also a little confused.

With her understanding of Will, Captain Leon would scold people, but wouldn’t beat people, Jason is only five years old mentally now, and there will be no possibility for him to act to frame others.

What the hell is going on.

“Captain Leon didn’t want to hit you.” Sarah pulled him up and asked, “Why are you so afraid?”

“Sister… Sa…” said Jason in a low voice.

“Did Captain Leon hit you?”



“No,” said Jason, shaking his head.

There was a monitor here. If Jason said he had been beaten, Will would definitely take out the monitor to prove his innocence.

It was meaningless to tell such a lie.

“Then why did you react so strongly just now?” Sarah was really confused. It was the first time that she had encountered such a thing. “And you said that?”

“I…” with a deep fear in his eyes, Jason looked at Sarah and then lowered his head without saying a word.

In order to maximize the effect, he also added some small movements.

After a set of procedures.

It was not too much to say that Jason was a movie king.

“Captain Leon.” seeing that Jason didn’t say anything, Sarah had to ask another one, without any doubt. “What happened between you two?”

“I’ve just told you what happened,” Will said very simply. “As for other things, you have to ask him. I don’t know either.”

Sarah still felt confused.

She believed that these two people must have something to hide from her.

But the two didn’t tell her, and she wouldn’t ask more.

“Then we’ll go first.” Sarah didn’t delve into it, and her tone was as light as ever,



“thank you for your help tonight. Go to bed early.”

“Okay, you too.”


The conversation ended.

Then, Sarah left with Jason.

It never occurred to Jason that things would turn out like this. According to the normal course of events, shouldn’t Sa continue to ask about it?

When the words of the two were inconsistent, there was doubt.

‘My excellent performance should have no error,’ thought Jason.

“Jason,” said Sarah as she sent him back to his room. Seeing that he had been in a bad mood, she called him.

Jason looked up at Sa.

With a softer look in her eyes, Sarah asked him as if she was caring about a child,

“don’t be afraid of Will. He is not a bad guy. If there is any conflict between you two, just tell me, okay?”

“I know…” Jason’s deep tone suddenly became aggrieved.

Sarah didn’t want to keep asking. She patted him on the shoulder and said, “Wash up and go to bed. I’ll take you to have a check-up at Serial Medical Base tomorrow.”

“Sister Sa.” said Jason, looking up at her.



“What’s wrong?”

“Later can you not leave me alone with that brother?” said Jason in a deep voice. He performed very realistically, “I’m afraid.” ”

“Okay,” said Sarah.

What she thought was simple. It was not good to bother Captain

Leon all the time.

If she really couldn’t leave or had something to do, she could ask Chris to take care of Jason, or let the bodyguards look after him.

“Sister.” Jason called her again.

Sarah looked up at him.

Jason was deeply entangled, squeezed his hand, and then asked with all kinds of apprehension, “In your heart, what kind of person is the Brother Gardner?”

“A good person.” Sarah only said four words.

“What about me?” he asked.

For a moment, Sarah began to suspect Jason.

But when her eyes met his, that suspicion disappeared. After all, his eyes were too pure and pure, and there was no big difference between he and children of five years old.

“You are a good kid, too.” not knowing what to say, Sarah simply praised, “you are very sensible.”



Jason’s bad mood suddenly eased a little, but he was not happy in his heart.

Sa thought highly of Will and only treated himself as a sensible child. Did she like Will?

“It’s getting late. Go to bed early.” Sarah was not good at comforting people, not to mention facing Jason.

“Okay,” said Jason

Seeing that he had calmed down, Sarah went out and went back to her room to have a rest.

If it was really a five year old child, she might ask or care more.

After all, the growth of the child was of great importance.

But she had a complicated feeling towards Jason. He had saved her’s life

How could she return the favor.

After thinking for a while on the bed, she closed her eyes and slept.

No matter how she thought about this kind of thing, there was no answer.

It was better to let nature take its course.

She fell asleep on the other side, but Jason didn’t fall asleep.

After the shower, he sat on the bed and thought about what had happened today. He sent a message to Chris, “find out all the information about Will Gardner and give it to me.”

Chris, who received the message, was going to have a drink with Sivan.

Seeing that Chris frowned, Sivan asked coldly, “what’s wrong?”

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“It’s okay, always…” after a pause, Chris quickly changed the topic,

“there are always some trash messages. It’s useless to block them.” “Give it to me. I’ll help you.” Sivan said directly.

“No, thanks.” Chris turned off his phone and put it aside. “Let’s drink first.”

What a joke!

If this was shown to Sivan, wouldn’t he expose himself?

The boss now has a weird personality, and his style of doing things is diametrically opposed to before, so it is better to find out the situation first.

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