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Sivan’s heart

He would make trouble if he was really sent over the edge.

Amid these thoughts, he hurriedly opened the bottle and handed one shot to Sivan,

“Let’s get drunk tonight. Let’s have a party.”

“No problem.” Sivan didn’t refuse.

All this time, he had been through so much, so he had butterflies in his stomach!

They chatted casually while eating and drinking.

Over a bottle of wine…

They were a little bit drunk.

Usually, Sivan would never let himself get drunk, but he wanna get drunk today.

Because he got something to say.

“Are you hiring people or not?” called Chris, who was a little drunk.

“Why not?” Although drunk, he didn’t say that much. His cold face looked lovely. “But I don’t need a special assistant.”

“What about me then?”

“What do you mean?”

“What if I lose my job? He’s gonna fire me sooner or later.”



Sivan would doubt it if he’s not drunk.

Mr. Noth was in charge of the Noth Group, but Chris owned the branch company in New York. Therefore, he could not be fired at all. He was preoccupied, so he really didn’t think.

“Follow me. Cause I’ve got money.”

“No, if your girlfriend knows it, she will definitely doubt that we have an affair.” said Chris seriously. “I’m innocent.”

Sivan sat there upright. After getting drunk, he was no longer cold and looked like a lovely boy.

Chris had never seen him like this before. He said, “But you look like a woman. Don’t you think so?”

“What the fuck is wrong with you?”

Was it his fault?

“Seriously, take care of yourself,” said Chris seriously, with a hint of drunkenness.

“You know, when I went out with my boss for business before, I met some bosses who was interested in boys.”

“Ewe… Disgusting.”

He was a bit uncomfortable with it.He hated what they did instead of gays.

Frowning, he asked curiously, “He has his eyes for you?”

“I work for my boss. How dare he?” Chris said proudly.” We were all there and that guy got some pretty girls and boys, all in their early 20s.”



Sivan was speechless. But disgusted.

This had never happened before.

After all, he was famous for cruelty. People who knew Angel international all knew that he was dangerous.

“That guy asked my boss to pick whatever he liked. He said he’s got more if my boss likes.” Chris wanted to finish it. “There was no follow-through then.”

He still remembered that after his boss knew that guy had forced those people, he put that guy in jail.

He was cold but righteous at heart.

But now…

Why did he start to lie to Miss Yeats? By any means necessary?

“All in all, take care of yourself,” added Chris. “Especially don’t get drunk outside. Look at you, you baby girl.”

“I’m a man. No one could bully me.” Sivan said seriously.

Whoever came, he beat.

There were very few who could beat him.

“Yes, you’re right. You’re a man,” said Chris perfunctorily.

Sivan was speechless

They had chatted for a while.



Then Sivan asked the question he wanted to ask, “Do you know what it’s like when you love someone, Chris?”

“Love someone?”


“No idea. I haven’t done that before,” said Chris seriously. “But I guess it would be thinking about her day and night. Wanna buy them for her when you have something great and share them with her.”

Sivan paused.

Probably not?

“Don’t you like Miss Yeats? Don’t you know that yourself?” said Chris at once.

Sivan paused and didn’t know how to answer.

He didn’t know whether he liked his boss or not, but he hoped all was well with his boss.

“If you really don’t know whether you like her or not, there is an easy way to see.” As if he knew very well, said seriously, “will you be unhappy when you see her being with others?”

A little bit.

Sivan gave this answer in his mind.

When he knew that his boss married and divorced, he didn’t think much except that he was dissatisfied with the fact that Jason didn’t cherish his boss and he wanted to beat him up.



But he was a little bit jealous when he saw that his boss asked Will to be her special assistant and they were together every time something happened.

“What’s wrong?” seeing that he said nothing, so Chris poked him in the face.

“Nothing.” Sivan didn’t know where to start.

“If you really don’t know, imagine she is with someone else. Do you feel at ease? Do you want to take care of her yourself, or just want her to be with others for the rest of life?”

“Both are good,” said Sivan seriously.

Chris realized something.

For sure???

“If that person can take good care of her, be nice to her, and make sure she eats her meals on time, it doesn’t matter who it is.” Sivan did not hide his thoughts for the first time. “But if that person can’t, I will be unhappy.”

And wanted to break them up.

Given that it didn’t fit, he didn’t say.

Chris blinked and said suddenly, “Do you think of her as your sister?”

Love was selfish.

Even if he wanted her to be with others for a better future, he would feel painfully sad and blame himself for being not that outstanding.

However, he was calm. Obviously, this was not love, but affection.

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“But I don’t want her to leave me, or to drive me away.”

“Normal. You’re not related to Miss Yeats by blood.” Chris said, automatically thinking of the person as Sarah.” If you two are separated, everything finished. There’s nothing to worry about, and you won’t think like that anymore.”

Hearing that, Sivan’s eyes moved. “Really?”

“One more question. Have you ever imagined hugging and kissing her?” asked Chris.

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