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Sarah found out

Jason held her hand and his breath was hot.

Sarah also stopped and let him hold. She was confused, “Didn’t you wear much when you went out with Chris yesterday?”

“No, I did.”

“Then how come you had a fever.”

“I don’t know…”

Sarah had no choice but to wait for the doctor. Although he had taken the paracetamol, his body temperature did not go down.

She thought about what happened yesterday and still couldn’t figure out.

Jason had always been in good health. Is it because those previous fevers?

“Sarah.” said Jason, holding her hand tightly.

Sarah looked at him, “Yeah.”

“Do not leave me alone.” said Jason slowly. His pale face made people want to pity him.

“I won’t. Have a good rest. Don’t talk now.” said Sarah. He felt uncomfortable all over.

But he didn’t say anything. As long as Sarah was by his side, everything was fine.

About twenty minutes later, Will came over. He was surprised to see that Jason hadn’t got up yet. He asked, “when will you go to see Serial?”



“Later.” Sarah looked at Jason, “Jason’s having a fever right now, I will wait until his fever is down and he’s recovered.”

“Fever?” Will looked at Jason.

Almost at the same time.He wondered if Jason was pretending.He went over and touched Jason’s forehead and body, only to find that it was really hot.

It wasn’t fake?

With his eyes closed and resting, Jason knew Will’s tentativeness. He had expected this to happen, so that Will would believe he really has a fever, not pretending.

“Should we take him to the hospital?”

“No, I’ve called the doctor.”

Hearing this, Will wasn’t worried anymore.

After a while, the doctor came. He examined Jason’s condition and gave him an intravenous drip.

Seeing that the doctor was busy, Sarah went to the living room with Will and waited.

“How did he get a fever?” asked Will. His intuition told him that the fever was a little unusual.

“I don’t know.” Sarah was also thinking about it. Normally, when he was with Chris, with Chris’s carefulness and style of doing things, he wouldn’t have watched Jason suffer in the cold.

“Let’s have a talk with Serial after he recovers,” Will eventually said, “The situation of Jason should not be as simple as it seems.”

Sarah paused for a while, “What do you mean.”



“I’m not sure about it clearly.” he intended to leave a hint to her. “But I feel that since last night, he has been acting strange, as if he is a little more mature than before.”

“You mean he’s grown mentally?” Sarah asked.

“More or less,” said Will slowly, “we still need to ask Serial about the details.”

Sarah recalled all the details, but she didn’t find anything important because she didn’t know much about the children’s performance.

After careful consideration. She called Chris.

Chris had been with Jason all day yesterday and had gone with him to Serial’s. With Serial’s personality, it was possible that he would give him a thorough examination on a whim.

When she was thinking about this, Chris was already on the phone.

After a simple greeting, Sarah cut to the chase and asked, “When you went to Serial with Jason yesterday, did you only take one of the cufflinks that fell there earlier?”


Why did she ask this question? Did Miss Yeats find out something?

‘What should I do? What should I say?

“Yes.” He was still going to follow his boss’s instructions first,

“What’s going on?”

“How long have you been there?” asked Sarah.



“A few hours,” Chris said. He was very clear that with Miss Yeats’s skills, she could find out if she wanted to. “Doctor Lance was eating when we were there, so me and the boss ate together, after that Doctor Lance took boss in, I’m not sure exactly what happened in there.”

“You didn’t go in?”

“Doctor Lance told me to wait outside.” Got that reply.

She thought that Serial must have done something with Jason. If it was just a simple cufflink, there was no reason not to let Chris go.

There was nothing confidential about the place Jason lived in.

“Miss Yeats, is there anything wrong?” Chris asked worriedly.

“Nothing.” Sarah was about to ask Serial. “Jason’s got a fever and I’m wondering where he’s out of it.”

Chris: “????”

A fever? There was no way the boss had been in a cold situation all day yesterday.

Why did he have a fever?


Chris suddenly stopped.

When he was on the phone with boss, he had heard the sound of water, so could it be that the boss was taking a cold bath?

It must be like this!



Given the boss’s personality now, it was entirely possible for him to do such a thing.

“How much did Jason eat at Serial’s?” Will suddenly asked the question.


The words came out.

Chris suddenly paused, heart banging.

That was close!!!

He almost said that the boss had a bowl.

“A little.” after being absent-minded for a short while, he said immediately, “he had a bad appetite and was listless during dinner.”

Will’s eyes darkened. It seemed that it was also a lie that Chris had told Sarah that Jason hadn’t eaten much last night.

If it was really just a little bit, there would not have been such a pause.

Sarah had noticed it too. She was silent for a moment and asked, “did Jason tell you to say that?”

“Huh?” after a pause, his mind went blank for a moment, and he was flustered.

Miss Yeats had figured it out?

Sarah thought about Jason’s sudden crouch last night, telling the captain not to hit him. Sarah had a guess and said to Chris, “I know that he is your boss. Even if he’s relatively young in mind right now, you still follow him.”

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“I have a question for you, if he won’t let you answer, you choose to be silent, and if I was wrong, please let me know that as well.”

Sarah added.

Chris had accepted this and said, “go ahead.”

“Did he have lunch and dinner yesterday?” Sarah cut to the chase and asked, “did he tell you what you said to me before you left?”

Chris fell into silence. Sure enough.

Nothing could be hidden from Miss Yeats.

After waiting for about half a minute, and with no sign of a word from Chris, Sarah was sure.

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