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Little mind games

After a pause, he blurted out almost instantly, “No.”

She was boss. How could he have such an idea.

What’s more, He was trying to take care of her, not occupy her life.



“Come on. Don’t be shy.” holding his head, Chris looked at him and said, “even if you have, I won’t laugh at you.”

“I won’t do anything except that Miss Yeats is injured, asleep or something.” since he was drunk, he said a lot more straightforward, “as for kissing, I won’t.”

Chris stared at him for a while. Made sure he’s not telling lies, but really thought so.

“If that’s the case, I’m 100% sure that you don’t like Miss Yeats as a man.” because of being drunk, he said quite slowly. “More importantly, it’s more like family affection.”

Hearing this. He thought about everything between them.

“Or it’s like the brother’s care for his sister?” said Chris.

Sivan said, “But I did feel uncomfortable and when I saw them together, I wanted to get rid of him.”

“Yeah. That’s because you and Miss Yeats aren’t really brother and sister.” Chris was clear.” You’ve always been the only special assistant at Angel International. It’s natural to have a sense of crisis.”



Sivan was lost in thought.

Chris stood up and said, “Trust me. Leave it.”

Sivan was speechless.

However, Sivan did not answer. After a while, he stood up and was about to go to bed.

They were still sober. After washing in their room, they lay down on the bed.

Sivan didn’t think about it anymore. After going to bed, he fell asleep, but Chris was still thinking about it. When he knew Sivan didn’t have crush for Miss Yeats, he was relieved.

Given the current situation.

Miss Yeats was accompanied by boss and Will. If he liked her, he would probably get hurt.

The boss cheated on Miss Yeats. However, Miss Yeats trusted and cared about Will very much. It was inevitable that Miss Yeats would fall in love with him with time.

It would be fine if Sivan didn’t act like a nerd. But he was a nerd. But fortunately, he was lucky. He just wanted to protect Miss Yeats.

Rubbing his aching temples, he turned on his phone. As he was about to reply to his boss, he received a phone alert.

It was his boss who called him.

“Damn it!”

He immediately sat up and called. It’s 1.30am and he’s not sure if his boss was asleep.



As the phone beeped, his heart was pounding in the darkness of the night.

About seven or eight seconds later.

The boss answered the phone.

“Boss?” Chris asked tentatively.

“Where are you?” There was clear displeasure in his low voice and a very dangerous tone.” On purpose?”

“No, it’s not like that. I just had dinner with Sivan and didn’t know my phone was dead.”

“Show me the screenshot.” Jason didn’t hesitate to break down his lie.

As he left, he saw that Chris’s phone was fully charged. It had only been two hours, there was no reason for it to run out of battery.

Chris didn’t even know how to make up for it. How stupid he was.

Chris was speechless.

He looked at his phone and even wanna cry.

Why didn’t he have the superb photoshop skills as Miss Yeats, but if he did, he wouldn’t hesitate to give screenshots.

“Actually, I am afraid that Sivan would see the message you sent,” said Chris with half-truths and half- lies. “I was with Sivan at that time. If I was glued to the screen, he was very likely to guess that it was you calling me.”

That was one of the reasons.



The most important reason was he simply didn’t want to talk to his boss. But he couldn’t say that.

“I don’t care. I just want to everything about Will. Three days. Only three days.” a deep voice came from the phone.

“No problem.”

After hanging up the phone, he continued to soak in the cold-water bathtub.

The next morning.

When she woke up and got breakfast ready, she was surprised to find that Jason wasn’t up yet. After all, he used to get up very early. It was the first time that he had been so late.

“Jason, get up and have breakfast.”

“Jason? Jason?” She called out to him twice, but there was no response.

Sarah frowned and said, “I’m coming in.” Then she opened the door and walked in. When she saw him asleep in bed, she called out to him and touched his arm.

And the touch made her heartbeat faster. It was hot!

She immediately touched his forehead and found that he had a fever.

Suddenly, she remembered that he had had two high fevers in a row before. It was these two high fevers and severe injuries that had made him like this.

“Jason!” Sarah tried to wake him up.

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He was in a daze and even his breath was hot. He looked at this anxious woman and felt relieved. It seemed last night was not in vain.


“Come on. I’ll take you to the hospital. You have a fever.” Sarah was afraid that if the fever hurt his brain again, she felt guilty to the Noth family.

“No.” shaking his head, he said, “I don’t want to go to the hospital.”

Although he felt uncomfortable with a fever.

He felt pain throughout his body and his head was about to blow off. But as long as Sarah was with him, nothing else mattered. He would never let that guy take her away.

“You’ve got a high fever now. If you don’t go, there could be some after-effects.” But no matter what she said, he wouldn’t go.

Her persuasion didn’t work.

Sarah gave him a fever reducer.

After that, she called the family doctor and told him the situation of Jason. Then she asked someone to come over.

It took the doctor about half an hour to get here. In that time, she took his temperature. It was 39 degrees Celsius. She was worried that his condition would worsen, so she kept him on physical cooling.

“I feel bad…” said Jason, looking at her with deep grievance. Sarah tried to cool downwhile soothing him, “Just a moment, the doctor would come, hang in there.”

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