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Can the girl you chased beat you

Sarah looked at him with a somewhat heavy heart.

The way Jason was acting now, he was already a bit stubborn, and if he wasn’t guided, he would probably get worse and worse.

It was fine if his memory came back quickly, because the former Jason wouldn’t have acted like this, after all.

But in the current situation, he had no memory of the past at all, and to recover, it had to wait.

“Sister ……” Jason took Sarah’s hand, his expression becoming despondent and self conscious, “Will you think I’m a bad boy.”


This was Sarah’s first reaction.

But then she thought about how she had treated him all this time and felt that she was more or less responsible for it.

She should pay more attention to a child who had lost his memory and mentally regressed.

“As long as you learn from your mistakes and don’t behave like this again, you’re not a bad boy.” Sarah pursed her lips and said, word by word, “But if you’re still like this, you are.”

“Do you still want me?”




“Will you drive me away?”

“No, I won’t.”

Hearing these words, he felt a little better.He sat up from the bed, held her arm wrapped his arms around Sarah, pouting like a child, “Sister, I’ll be good and listen to you from now on, I won’t lie anymore.”

“Emm.” Sarah looked at his bleeding needle hole and treated him anyway.

After reapplying the drip, Sarah asked him to lie down and apologize to Will when he recovered.

Jason agreed obediently.

All these reactions and actions were so natural that she didn’t notice anything wrong.

She only thought that his personality was distorted or deviated because of the lack of care.

Will saw her come out and stood up asking, “How was he?”

“Maybe it’s because I have been too alienated from him in the past several days,”

Sarah explained to Will. “He admitted his mistake and will apologize to you when he’s better.”

“Just these?”. Will was a little surprised.

Jason’s performance, wasn’t that too good?

Sarah nodded.

Knowing that they weren’t going to see Serial today, Will didn’t hang around, explaining to Sarah that he would make lunch and then left.



Back next door, he made a phone call.

The person was so excited to receive the call that his tone rose a little: ”Sir! You’ve finally contacted me! Are you planning to come back to inherit the family business?”

After waiting for so long, it’s finally coming!

The work was not in vain.

“No,” Will said slowly.

Aaron was a little disappointed, “no?”

“Help me find out about Noth Group Jason’s information, focusing on his personality.”

Will sat absently on the couch, his tone unhurried, “And find out what research Serial has been doing lately.”

This is something that Sarah and Julian could have found out.

But some things were more accurately and truthfully known directly from the people than from a computer.

On the Internet.

After all, it was just some dead data.

“Why are you investigating all these?” Aaron was curious about this.

“Testing your abilities,” said Will. “Let’s see if you are qualified for the job of secretary.”

As soon as he said this, Aaron got excited. He asked tentatively and happily, “really?”



“Hmm.” Will said meaningfully.

“Seven days at most. I promise to get you the information you want.” Aaron said quickly with great spirit.

“Uh huh.”.

When he was about to hang up the phone, Aaron called him with gossip,


“What’s up?”

“I heard from the Sir and Ma’am that the reason you’re not back now is that you’re out chasing girls?” Aaron’s gossipy heart blazed, “Is it true?”

Since he was a kid, Aaron had never seen he had any affair with girls.

Since he left, he rarely came home.

The news really made him suspicious.

“Want to know?” Will’s tone rose slightly.

Aaron nodded wildly, “Yes, yes!”

How could he not.

Not only did he want to know, but he also wanted to know what kind of girl the sir was pursuing, whether she was good-looking or fierce in fighting.



Until now, he still remembered that when the sir was pursing by a girl in his youth, he asked, “can you protect me?”

At that time, he felt that his face was numb.

As a man, how could he ask a girl if she could protect him.

That was too weird.

He wanted to make a clean line with him and let everyone know he didn’t know this man.

The girl who was stalking him at the time subconsciously blurted out a question after hearing his words, “Aren’t boys protecting girls?”

“I’m different from them. I only like those who can beat me and protect me.”


This was what he had said.

Until now, he still remembered his casual tone at that time.

What a shame!!!

It was so humiliating!

“I’ll tell you when you finish what I asked you to do.” Will didn’t tell him directly.

Aaron: “.”

Sure enough.



The sir was still hard to handle as before.

“So can that girl you’re chasing beat you?” Aaron put it another way, “Is she so full of muscle she could easily lift you over her shoulder?”

Will: “……”

What the hell was he talking about?

“Really?” Aaron took his silence as default and pictured the scene in his mind, “Sir, your taste is a little unique.”

They stood together. The scene would be too horrible to see.

In comparison.

In front of the burly young madam, the sir would be like a little dainty husband.

He wondered what the sir and the ma’am would be like if they were to know about this.

“Just do your job well,” said coldly. Will didn’t explain too much, “Don’t overthink, if you don’t get these two things done, you’ll fail the test.”

“No problem!”

Aaron was confident in his own abilities.

As soon as the phone was hung up, Aaron told the sir and the ma’am about the appearance of sir’s girlfriend.

When Mr. and Mrs. Gardner knew about it, it took them almost half an hour to digest it.

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At nine o’clock.

Will then received a video call from his parents.

After a simple greeting, Mr. and Mrs. Gardner looked at each other. Finally, it was Mr. Gardner who reluctantly opened his mouth, “Will, let me ask you something.”

“Go ahead.” Will didn’t think much of it and just took it as asking if he was going back for New Year.

“Aaron just told us that you are pursuing someone?” Mr. Gardner asked directly.

He didn’t know about it.

Mr. Gardner had deleted him when he sent this message to him last time, and Mrs. Gardner, who knew about it, didn’t tell him either.

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