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Don’t tell anyone you are from the Gardner family

Will’s eyes were slightly raised, and he didn’t deny it: ” Yeah.”

“You…” Mrs. Gardner hesitated for a moment, with a scholarly temperament. “Is the girl you are chasing really the one Aaron said?”

“Which one?”

“Full of muscles that could easily lift you up onto her shoulders.” Will pursed his lips. I had to teach him a lesson when I went back.

“I’m not against it.” Mrs. Gardner thought about how to make her son feel better. “But have you really made up your mind?”

Many people cared about height. Her son grew up proud, with justice and courage.

Could he accept someone taller than him?

“That’s his requirement for a wife.” Will didn’t over-explain and didn’t ignore the look of disdain from his dad, “It’s not mine.”

Mr. Gardner: “?”

Mrs. Gardner: “?”

Both paused for a moment, not expecting this outcome.

“So have you chased the one you like?” Mrs. Gardner asked curiously.

Mr. Gardner’s face went serious for a moment, “He has a crush on someone?”



“You don’t know?”

“You know?”

“I know. Will sent me a message.”

Upon hearing this.

Mr. Gardner’s face was obviously unhappy. He glared at Will,” That’s fine!”

Why didn’t he tell him.

What was the point of having this son.

“It’s you who didn’t accept my friend request. You blame me?” Will’s tone was languid and lazy.

Mr. Gardner wanted to retort, “can’t you text without WhatsApp?

But he didn’t.

He also had a backbone.


“I’m still chasing her,” replied Will.

“Don’t say you’re my son when you go out. You have chased a person for so long and still haven’t got her. Shame on you.” Mr. Gardner began to retort his son.

But when he said this, he saw Mrs. Gardner looking at him.

Mr. Gardner shut up immediately.



In the following chat, Mr. Gardner sat aside silently, while Mrs. Gardner and Will talked.

She asked him what he was doing and where he lived and so on.

After the conversation.

Mrs. and Mr. Gardner were both surprised by one thing.

“Will” Mrs. Gardner wanted to say something but was afraid of hurting his self-esteem.

“Is it good for you to live in her house and let her provide you with a job?”

“Why do you say so subtle?” Mr. Gardner finally spoke up, “He’s just a gigolo. Shame on him.”

Mrs. Gardner: “……”

However, Will didn’t care about it at all. “Yeah, a gigolo.”

“Don’t tell others that you are the son of our Gardner family. I will donate all my property tomorrow!” Mr. Gardner said seriously.

“I don’t care. She will support me even if I don’t work. But you, if you donate all your property, can you take mom out for a trip?”

Mr. Gardner was so angry that he hung up the video.

Mrs. Gardner hadn’t finished talking yet. She looked at him angrily and was dissatisfied with his behavior.

“This son is already… Let’s go to the orphanage to adopt a new one.” Mr. Gardner said very seriously. He even wanted to beat up Will. “He is such proud to be a gigolo. Shame on him!”



Mrs. Gardner replied, “you can go by yourself. I only have one son.”. She was a little surprised when she heard it just now, so she asked.

But on second thought. When Will came back to take over the family business, he would also have a lot of money. Probably that is because he could have more contact with that girl.

After hanging up the phone, Will knew that his parents would talk about it, but he didn’t explain too much.

No matter how much money he had, he was really a gigolo now.

Thinking of this. He clicked on Mrs. Gardner’s WhatsApp and sent her a message, “I will bring her back to meet you in New Year.”

Time flied.

In the afternoon.

After lunch, she went to see Jason. Seeing that his fever had gone down, she felt relieved.

He didn’t have lunch but slept.

After his fever was gone, he felt a little hungry. “Sa, I’m starving.”

“Come on. Here is something for you.”

This meal.

Captain left it for you. She thought that she could cook something for him or order some food after he recovered, but the captain said that he had left one. So, Jason could eat it as long as he woke up.

When he sat down and looked at the delicious food, he knew that it was cooked by Will.



After several times, he knew that.

“Come on,” said Sarah. “Apologize when you finish.”

Staring at the dishes, he refused in his heart.

What the hell was that?

“Sa…” he said.

Seeing that his face was still pale, she said softly, “Yeah?”

“I don’t like it,” said Jason. Although it was true that the food cooked by Will was delicious, he only wanted to eat the food made by Sarah. “I want porridge.”

Sarah was stunned. She thought of what Will had said.

Did he foresee something?

“Sarah?” seeing that Sarah was looking at him, he couldn’t help but call her.

After all.

What if she lost her cool?

“What kind of porridge you wanna have?” Sarah asked as Will had asked.

He thought for a while.

After a few days, it seemed that Sarah was not good at cooking. She might not be able to cook. He replied, “rice porridge is fine.”



“Okay.” she was surprised.

How did Will know that.

After lunch, Will told her that Jason might not like the food and told her some countermeasures.

Now it seemed that the captain knew something about him?

She served Jason a bowl of rice porridge prepared by the captain.

Jason was a little surprised, but since the porridge had been served, he had to eat it. Otherwise, Sarah would doubt it.

Twenty minutes later.

After he finished, he was also full.

It tasted a bit bland, but Sarah prepared it for him, and he was happy with that.

“Jason.” After cleaning up the table, she suddenly talked to him.

“Go ahead, Sarah.”

“You don’t like Will?”

“Yes,” said Jason.

More than dislike.

If he could, he would like Will to disappear.

“But he’s kind to you and knows you very well,” said Sarah, which almost broke his heart. “After leaving you some dishes, he thought that you might not like it, so he cooked some porridge.”

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