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You lost

“Can you tell me why you don’t like him?” Sarah really didn’t understand.

Jason didn’t say anything.

It was obvious.

If this man stayed with Sa for a long time, it was likely that Sa would fall in love with him. He couldn’t let such a thing happen before he had a good relationship with Sa.

“It’s hard to answer.” Sarah said before Jason could say something.

“Before that, can you answer me a question first?”

“Go ahead.”

“If that brother and I fell into the sea at the same time, and there were many poisonous sea snakes in the sea, and you could only save one of them, who would you save?” Jason asked seriously.

Sarah was speechless.

What… What the hell?

Seeing that she didn’t answer immediately, Jason asked, “You will save him, won’t you?”

“Save you,” said Sarah.

Jason saved her before, and if that was the case, she would save him first. But after that, she would find a way to save Captain Leon.

But this couldn’t happen.



Captain Leon was more capable than her in all aspects, so he didn’t need her help.

Jason paused.

Even his heart stopped for a second.

If she hadn’t controlled her emotions in time, she would have exposed her mental recovery.

“Why?” he asked directly like a child who didn’t understand and asked, “Don’t you have a good relationship with Will?”

“This’s the second one.” Sarah changed the topic and sensed that Jason had grown up a little. “It’s time for you to answer my question.”

Jason looked at Sarah.

He suddenly felt that he couldn’t see through her at all.

After Chris told him, he was sure that Sarah didn’t like him at all. But he didn’t know why she would save him if she didn’t like him.

Was it because she was pleasing him, or he once saved her in the Green Island.

“I’m afraid that you’ll be with him.” Jason was a good liar, “When you two are together, you’ll have a baby. Then you won’t need me anymore.”

Sarah was confused. She didn’t know who told him about that.

“Who told you that?”

“No one.”



“It’s not right for you to think so.” Sarah felt it was tiring to raise a child. “Not to mention that I’m not with Captain Leon, even if we are together, if you haven’t recovered, I will still fulfill my responsibility to take care of you.”

Jason was depressed and upset with his head down and eyes down.

Did she want to persuade him?

“You can’t hate Captain Leon because of this. He’s always concerned about you.”

Sarah felt that Jason misunderstood something.

Jason’s eyes darkened.


He knew very well whether Will cared about him or not.

He was 100 percent sure that that Captain Leon wanted to drive him away and stay with Sarah alone!

“Go and apologize to Captain Leon.” Sarah noticed that Jason was somehow unhappy, but people just had to apologize if they had done something wrong. “Last night, you lied to and wronged him, but he didn’t expose you.”

As soon as she said this, she stopped and suddenly realized that Captain Leon knew clearly that Jason was pretending, but she didn’t know why he expose Jason directly.

Thinking of this, she remembered that Captain Leon had asked her to observe the details many times.

“Okay,” said Jason.



After carefully observing Jason and finding that he was no different from before except for his personality, she took him to Caption Leon.

Whether it was Sarah or Jason.

Neither of them would have thought that in front of Sarah, Jason was an excellent actor. There was no possibility for him to expose his lie in front of her.

When they arrived at Will’s house, Jason stood there obediently.

Looking at him like this, Will raised his eyebrows slightly and asked in a low and calm voice, “What’s this?”

“I’m sorry, brother.” Jason was so unwilling, but he still apologized, “I lied to

Sarah yesterday and wronged you. I’m sorry.”

“Really?” Will’s lips curled.

Sarah was confused.

What was Captain Leon doing?

“Okay,” said Jason and he nodded.

“Copy the rules of the disciples,” said Will as he walked over to Jason and handed him a book. “I’ll forgive you after that.”


Jason just felt that Will was so annoying.



“Captain Leon,” said Sarah in a low voice, with confusion across her eyebrows. “Why?”

“Don’t you think he’s a little bit out of his mind?” Will wanted to see if Jason would expose himself, “Let him copy the rules of disciples and learn it.”

The handwritings of adults were different from those of children.

He wanted to see how Jason would hide his secret this time.

“Come on.” Sarah said.

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“Oral apologies won’t leave a deep impression. The price is too light,” Will said coldly and seriously. “Let him write something and remember it.”

Sarah thought about it carefully.

It was just an apology, and it really couldn’t make up for anything.

Sarah thought that it was indeed strange that Jason had changed from an innocent baby boy to a liar in the past few days.

“Really?” Jason said.

“Yes.” Said Will.

Then Jason took it and copied it obediently.

Jason still looked calm, and he had already thought about how to revenge on Will later. He knew clearly that Will waited to see his secret was exposed in front of Sarah.

It was a piece of cake for Jason to write as a child after all.



Will watched him several times.

For the whole afternoon, Jason had been writing, while Sarah and Will were sitting there and looking at him.

Jason just imitated a child’s handwriting, and he used much strength when he wrote.

He behaved as usual.

This result was within Will’s expectation, but he still felt that Jason’s reaction and acting skills were so good that he could even disguise his handwriting.

It was time for dinner.

Sitting next to Sarah, Jason picked up his chopsticks and dropped them on the table.


He looked at Sarah pitifully, bit his lips as if he had done something wrong, saying. “Sister Sarah, my hand hurts and I can’t hold the chopsticks.”

Hearing this, Will looked at Jason up and down.

“I’ll get you a spoon.” Sarah didn’t doubt him.

Jason had been writing for the whole afternoon with so much strength.

If it were her, her hand would also hurt.

After she gave the spoon to him, Jason ate with his left hand. Every time he wanted to eat something; he would ask Sarah to help him.



“Sister, I want to eat that.”

“Sister, I want to eat this.”

“Sister, I want…”

He was fed by Sarah.

While Sarah was picking up food for him, he glanced at Will calmly with a little provocation.

As if to say, “You lost.”

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