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His acting skill was like a movie king

In this way, Jason could return the Noth Family healthily as soon as possible.

Thinking of this, she felt a little relaxed.

“When Chris told me what had happened in the past, I felt that I recalled something.”

Seeing that Sarah didn’t dislike him, Jason was relieved. “That’s why I lied.”

“Are you telling a lie to look for Mr. Lance?” Sarah frowned, as if she didn’t understand why he did that.

According to the time set before, she would take him to check at Serial Medical Base today.

Why did he lie to come there secretly?

“Yes.” Jason nodded, and he tried to test her bottom line little by little and took the blame on Serial. “Serial told me before that if I feel uncomfortable, go to him.”

Sarah frowned.

Why didn’t Serial tell her?

“Sister,” said Jason, who didn’t know whether she got angry or not. “Are you angry?”

“No, I didn’t.” Sarah was going to have a talk with Serial, but before that, she had to confirm one thing. “Why don’t you wait for me to go with you today?”

“I’m afraid.” Jason was telling the truth, but his tone sounded a little pitiful.

Sarah was confused.




She didn’t know, “What are you afraid of?”

“I don’t know how much I’ve recovered from my mental illness,” said Jason, half true and half false. “If I’ve fully recovered, you won’t want me anymore. I don’t want that.”

A mixed feeling emerged in Sarah’s heart.She just felt that Captain Leon was right.

Jason was too dependent on her now.

“You must tell me in time in the future,” Sarah said. “Remember?”

“Yes,” said Jason. Then he asked, “Sister, don’t you blame me for what I just said?”

“No,” said Sarah. She was still thinking about the fact that his mind had been improved.

“Thank you, sister.”

Jason rushed over and hugged her.

Sarah’s body froze, and this hug was a little complicated for her. She kept a distance from him. Before she could speak, Jason said pitifully again,

“Sister, do you… hate me?”

“No,” Sarah said calmly, “You can’t hug me like that in the future.”

“But you are my sister,” said Jason in a very innocent tone, just like a seventeen-year old boy. “Although Chris said that we used to be a couple, I have no memory of the past. I only know that you are my sister.”



When Sarah wanted to say something more, Jason lowered his eyes and said, “Or do you care about our past and hate me?”

“I can be your sister, and I can also take you as my brother to care about you.” Sarah decided to make everything clear to him. “But you can’t hug or hold me casually, okay?”


“I’ll take you to visit Serial tomorrow.”


“Ask him if your mental recovery has anything to do with the past.” what she thought was that he could recover quickly. “If so, I will try to help you recover as soon as possible.”

Seeing that she was not perfunctory, Jason agreed, “okay.”

After they finished talking.

Jason was much relieved.

Now that his lie had been exposed by himself, Will couldn’t wrong him.

“Sister.” As Jason thought of something, he asked, “Why aren’t you angry when you know that I have recovered a little? I lied to you.”

“I will be angry if you keep lying to me, but you confessed. Besides, it’s a good thing for you to recover after all. Through today’s observation, I have also guessed you have recovered somehow.”

“You know that I have recovered?”

“I am not sure but have some guesses.”



“Sister, you are as smart as brother Will,” said Jason. He was seventeen years old after all and he had to change the way he addresses others. “Yesterday when he took me there, he said that I had recovered. I didn’t expect you to guess it.”

Sarah was surprised.

Captain Leon knew that?

She asked, “What do you mean?”

Jason told her what had happened before.

Of course.

After saying that, he explained for himself, “Brother Will said that I had recovered. I wanted to admit it, but I thought that I had lied to you. If brother Will knew it earlier than you, I was afraid that you would be angry, so I continued to pretend to be a child.”

“Well. Let it be.” Sarah said.

No wonder Captain Leon kept reminding her to pay attention to details.

It might be that Jason had been pretending that Captain Leon didn’t tell her the truth.

After all, he couldn’t take the suspicion as the truth.

A hint of emotion flashed across Jason’s eyes.

He was confused why Sarah didn’t get angry that Will also hid the truth from her after she knew that.



“You’ve just recovered from your fever. Have a good rest,” said Sarah. “I’m going to talk to Serial about tomorrow’s meeting.”

“Okay,” said Jason obediently.

After Sarah went to the study, he took out his phone and sent a message to

Serial, “I told her that I have recovered, but I said I was about seventeen years old. She will take me to see you tomorrow. Don’t spill it.”

Serial: [???]

Serial: [Didn’t you say that you wouldn’t tell her?]

Jason: [It’s not good to lie. She doesn’t like me to lie to her.]

Serial was speechless

Come on. You told her that you were 17. You also lied.

When Serial was about to reply to Jason, he saw another message from Jason. [You can decide not to meet her. She will contact you later. You can think of a good excuse.”

The best was that Sarah didn’t take Jason to see Serial.

If they went there, she would find something unusual.

Serial signed at his medical base after he replied to Jason.

He knew that K would definitely come to him if she knew that Jason had grown up a little and ask him why he didn’t tell her.

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According to the previous agreement, he had to tell her at any time about what had happened to Jason.

But he didn’t want to lie to her.

He had tricked her before. If he did it again, it would be difficult to ask her for help in the future.

Thinking of this, he simply turned off his phone and bought a ticket to fly abroad. He had to go to the medical base abroad to have a deep understanding of his problem, and it was not escape after all.

He just was ready to leave.He left his medical base casually.

Sarah didn’t know anything about it. When she went to the study, she didn’t contact Serial immediately. She was thinking about what had happened to Jason.

She suddenly found an important problem that Jason’s acting skills were as good as a movie king.

Even she didn’t notice that there was something wrong with his words and aexpression.

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