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Cut the Gordian knot

Now she realized that the reason why Captain Leon asked Jason to copy the rules of the disciples this afternoon was that he wanted to test his handwriting.

After all, the handwriting of adults was different from that of children.


However, Jason was good at disguising himself.

“Sister.” Jason’s deep voice suddenly sounded.

Sarah opened the door and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“I have something to ask you,” said Jason, trying to save more time for Serial to think and plan. “I don’t know if you want to hear it.”

“Go ahead.”

“Do you like Will?”


What a problem!

Sarah always felt that he was acting though she looked at his sincere expression.

“Didn’t you answer me before?” she asked.

“I still want to confirm whether you will agree to be with him if he confesses his love to you.” Jason felt that this matter was very important to him.



“No, I won’t.” Sarah knew that Captain Leon was good-looking, but it was not the only standard for choosing a spouse. “I don’t think about it now.”

She didn’t know if it was because of her previous failed marriage or her personality. She wasn’t eager for a marriage or love.

Let nature take its course.

“Can I marry you?” asked Jason.

Sarah was astonished. She poked his head with her hand and said seriously, “Aren’t you going to be my brother?”

“I want to marry you,” said Jason boldly. “I want to take care of you and be good to you.”

“Don’t think about it anymore,” said Sarah, who quickly cut the Gordian knot and refused thoroughly. “I don’t want to get married or fall in love. I just want to live my own life.”

Jason heart was aching.

Did she refuse so thoroughly?

“Is it because I hurt you before?” said Jason, pretending to be innocent.

“It has nothing to do with this. It’s my own fault.” Sarah didn’t want him to pay too much attention to her, which was not good for anyone. “We are just siblings. We won’t have any other relationship, understand?”

These words might hurt him.

However, if she didn’t say or say anything vaguely, it would only intensify Jason’s paranoia and mentality.



Acting, pretending, to be possessive of her.

She had noticed all of that.She couldn’t let him go on like this. Only by stopping his thoughts could she make him return to normal and take the path he should take.

“Okay,” said Jason, lowering his head. There was a change in his thoughts. “I know.”

Then he turned around and left.

His back was full of complexity, as if he had been hit by something.

As soon as he went back to his room, Sarah closed the door and called

Serial, only to find that his phone was powered off.

She didn’t call him a second time but sent a message to him.

The second morning.

She received a call from Serial.

His opening remarks were very straightforward and directly explained to her, “I’m not in New York now. I’m abroad.”

“When did you go there?” Sarah asked, standing on the balcony.

“Yesterday.” Serial didn’t hide anything and suggested, “It’s better for Jason to come back and have a test after the Spring Festival. Don’t worry. By the way, I forgot to tell you something.”

“What?” Sarah asked in a low voice



“He has recovered a little,” said Serial in a low and slow voice. “But it’s not very stable. Be careful not to shock him.”

Hearing this, Sarah frowned.

For some reason, she felt something was wrong.

“Ms. Yeats, is the signal bad over there?” asked Serial in a relatively easy tone.

“Before what happened in the Green Island, what kind of deal did you have with Jason?” Sarah asked directly after careful consideration. “As long as you answer mu question this time, I can take it without charge if you ask me for help in the future.”

Serial was surprised. He was so moved.

K offered a very high price.

It must be known that k will definitely do things well.

“You put me in a dilemma,” said Serial in a gentle tone.

Sarah didn’t answer.

After a while.

“It’s meaningless to tell you this. Besides, I have promised Jason not to tell you.” Serial said.

“Are you sure?”

“I can’t tell you.”

Serial insisted.



Thinking of the conditions she had negotiated with Serial when she saved

Jason, she said, “Do you remember what you promised me when you asked me to call Bella to save Jason?”

After a short pause, he remembered what she had asked him to do.

One billion dollars and owed k one thing.

“I remember…” he said in a low voice.

“My matter is to cancel the deal between you and him,” said Sarah.

“Well…” Serial pursed his lips and said, “It’s too late.”

Sarah was confused.

Serial didn’t say anything more.

“What’s your deal with him?” asked Sarah.

“Hello?” asked Serial, pretending to have poor signal. “Ms. Yeats, are you listening? Is the signal bad?”

After that, he hung up the phone decisively.


Sarah didn’t give him a chance to escape.

She called him immediately, not giving him a chance to turn off his phone.



Serial frowned and sigh for countless times why Jason could have some relationship with k. It made him very embarrassed.

“Is the signal good now?” Sarah said lightly, but Serial sensed that she was a little angry.

He also knew that if he continued to escape, he would suffer some consequences.

After careful consideration.

He said, “All right.”

“I want to know the content of the deal between you and Jason,” Jason repeated.

“I really can’t tell you about it,” said Serial helplessly, with a complicated expression in his eyes. “According to the previous conditions, I should have told you, but the contract I signed with Jason stipulated that no matter what the reason is, I can’t reveal the details of the transaction to anyone.”


“First come, first served. I have to abide by my contract with him first.” Said Serial in one breath.

Sarah pursed her lips.

According to the rules, this was the case.

But… She really wanted to know the content of the deal between them. She didn’t think it would be a good thing.

“If you really want to know, you can ask him after he recovers his memory,” said Serial after thinking for a while. “As long as he is willing to tell me, I have no objection. This is not against the rules.” Although Sarah was reluctant, she agreed,

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“If you don’t have anything else to say, I have to hang up now.” said Serial.

He didn’t want to talk anymore. After all, there must be something wrong if he said more.

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