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Marriage should be sacred and happy

“But my father will be released from prison soon.” Wendy bit her lips and said pitifully,

“he must hate my mother for accusing him of domestic violence. We won’t have a good life.”

Rita frowned and didn’t like the way she put it. She disliked and even hated people who would resort to domestic violence, but her father couldn’t support the two of them for a lifetime.

Sarah’s eyes also moved.

At that time, it was because Linda Brown was beaten up and her father found a lawyer to help her, so there were other things.

For a moment, a very complicated emotion surged in his heart.

“The security of your house is very good, and there are shopping resources specially provided for the owner in the community.” Sarah’s father said very calmly, “as long as you don’t specially contact him, he can’t enter.”

Linda Brown has divorced that man.

Even if that man wanted to make trouble, he couldn’t get through the security of the community.

“But we will go out sooner or later…” said Wendy.

“If you encounter any danger or trouble that can’t be solved, you can call the police.”

Eric Yeats cut to the chase and said word by word, “besides, I have given you so much money. You can choose to hire two bodyguards. As long as you don’t buy too expensive luxury goods, you can live a comfortable life.”



Linda Brown and Wendy were both stunned.

At this moment, the two of them completely understood that Eric Yeats really didn’t want to have too much contact with them, and that his two daughters were his bottom line.

The conversation finally stopped. Linda Brown knew that her efforts in the past two years had been ruined by herself.

She had overestimated her position in the heart of Eric Yeats and underestimated his care for Sarah.

She wouldn’t have taken the risk if she hadn’t seen someone scold her daughter for someone she liked.

She had thought that as long as she wronged Sarah and made Eric dislike her. But now she knew. She could do anything except for targeting his two daughters.

When they left, Eric Yeats asked the driver to send them home. There was a long distance from here. He didn’t want anything bad to happen here at night.

After the two of them left, the living room suddenly became quiet. Eric Yeats suddenly didn’t know how to talk to his two daughters.

“Father.” said Rita.


“Where did you give them the house?” asked Rita curiously.

“I just bought it.” Eric Yeats pursed his lips and felt a little guilty.

“The North District is far from the city center, but it’s not side of the way.”



“What about the money?”


“Didn’t you say that you gave them some money?”

Upon hearing this.

Eric Yeats’s father coughed awkwardly.

Was Rita going to get even with him?

But that’s not right. He earned money on his own ability, and it shouldn’t be too much for the money he gave to them.

“Yes, two hundred million.” Eric Yeats’s father had calculated their lives. As long as they didn’t buy luxuries, they could live a rich life.

After all, he had given her the house.

Rita thought for a while and said nothing.

Sarah was very calm from beginning to end, and she didn’t participate in father’s giving money and house.

“I’ve made up my mind,” said Eric Yeats seriously, looking at them with a warm smile. “I won’t get married in the future. I’ll stay with you two girls and watch you get married. As long as you are happy, everything will be fine.”

“Don’t go back on your words,” said Rita jokingly. Eric Yeats said confidently this time, “I promise I won’t.”



“I’m not going to get married for the time being,” said Sarah in advance. She didn’t want to be talked about later. “If you meet any excellent person in the future, don’t introduce him to me.”



The two were stunned.

They had never expected that Sarah would say that.

“You haven’t got over it yet?” Eric Yeats was more concerned about this.

She thought for a while and felt that it was very likely.

There was a big difference between a divorce and a breakup. It had only been a few months, and even if Pumpkin had a good self- adjustment ability, it would still be difficult.

“It has nothing to do with this,” said Sarah in an extremely indifferent tone. “I just don’t want to get married for marriage, nor do I want to make do with life. Marriage should be sacred and happy.”

She had already come out of the matter about him. She had been adjusting herself since he said that for the first time.

When they divorced, she had adjusted a lot, but she still felt a little sudden and uncomfortable.

But now, she had put it down.

“Sister…” Rita poked her finger and said, “I don’t want to get married if you keep doing this. How about we two support each other and grow old together?”

“Okay,” said Sarah, “but what about your little boyfriend?”



Rita, “!”


She spilled the beans!

She winked at Sarah with all her strength, and her palm sized face wrinkled.

Sarah was confused, then she realized something, but before she could say anything, her father asked in confusion, “What? You have a boyfriend?” Rita, “…”

She turned to look at her for help.

“What are you afraid of?” Sarah raised her eyebrows slightly, a little softer than before, and teased, “you don’t have to live with me for the rest of your life. Later, I’ll ask my father to help you break up with him, which will give you a good reason.”

“Sister!” Rita pouted, “you are so bad!”


Sarah knocked on her forehead and lectured, “I’ll see if you can talk nonsense in the future.”

“No, thanks, I won’t.” said Rita obediently.

Eric Yeats was still confused.

He stared at the emotional Rita for a while and asked, “When did you have a boyfriend? How old is he? How did you know him? How is this guy? Why didn’t you tell me?”

A series of questions hit her, making her feel aggrieved.

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It was the same as checking the household register. “They met before. He was in the same school with Rita,” said Sarah.

“They two are about the same age. He is a good boy.”

“Where’s his family background?” asked Eric Yeats. Her heart skipped a beat.

The family background of Andrew Wilson was not so rich. Would father stop her dating him?

She didn’t dare to stop him at this time, so she could only rely on her sister.

“Family background?” asked Sarah.

“I have to make sure that he is a clear,” said Eric Yeats directly.

“and a reliable man.”

“He is reliable!” Rita’s eyes were brighter than ever. “His parents are very good, and his little sister is also very cute. The whole family is kind-hearted.”

Upon hearing this.

At the same time, Sarah and her father’s eyes fell on her.

With a confused look on her face, Rita asked, “What… What’s wrong?”

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