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If it weren’t for the sudden return of Sarah, so many things wouldn’t have happened, and they wouldn’t have ended up like this.

“Long time no see, Sarah and Rita,” Wendy greeted first, completely different from her previous arrogant attitude.

However, they both just replied nonchalantly out of politeness.

Linda was more anxious than before.

Sometimes she didn’t understand why Sarah was just a girl in her twenties with an aura stronger than that of Eric.

As long as she was there, Linda failed to hide a lot of thoughts and emotions. So was this time.

“Have you had dinner?” Linda wanted to change the topic to ease her mood. “How about having dinner first?”

“Thank you for your concern, Mrs. Brown. You can talk to father first.” Knowing that

Sarah didn’t like to talk, Rita said naturally.

“We know what to eat at our own home. You can do your own business.” Mrs. Brown was a little embarrassed.

Without giving her any chance to chitchat, Eric cut to the chase. “It’s getting late. Let’s dive right in.”

Several months had passed since the last conversation.



During this period, neither Sarah nor Rita hadn’t seen or heard of Wendy and Linda.

They didn’t know what their father had talked to them on Mrs. Brown’s birthday after they left.

But judging from the current situation, they should come to make the final decision today.

“Can we talk about this alone with you?” Linda was somehow afraid of Sarah after meeting her last time, “I want to talk about our business.”

Hearing this, Sarah stood up and was about to leave.

However, Eric stopped her in advance and said to Linda seriously, “both Rita and Pumpkin are my daughters. There is nothing to avoid them.”

Linda hesitated.

Wendy glanced at Sarah calmly.

Logically speaking, Wendy should be very angry at Sarah whose return had ruined her beautiful life in the superior class.

But now she couldn’t feel any disgust at all. Wendy only hoped that no matter what the conversation was today,

Sarah wouldn’t trouble herself when they met in the future, because the status as the first daughter of the Yeats group was overwhelming.

Once there was no result between her mother and Eric, Wendy would be ordinary.

Then it would be easy to lose her job and lead no life.

“I’ve thought carefully about what you said last time.” Linda glanced at Sarah and pursed her lips.



“It’s my fault for not treating you sincerely. I apologize to you.”

“No, thanks,” said Eric in a calm tone.

Maybe it was because he was cheated last time, or his state of mind had grown mature during this period.

Eric had no intention of remarriage as long as Rita and Pumpkin were happy.

“Eric… You don’t give me any chance?”

Linda seemed to be extremely lonely, and all her strength was taken away by this sentence.

She didn’t know why.

At the sight of this scene in front of her, the image of a disingenuous Jason popped up in her mind.

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Before she could figure it out, Eric said in a serious tone she had never heard of,

“since you wronged Pumpkin in front of me last time, there has been no possibility between us.”

“You wronged my sister?” Rita caught the key.

Eric looked at her and was about to explain it, but he was afraid that his daughter would be disappointed.

However, Sarah had a good memory and said calmly, “do you remember what Mrs. Brown said on her birthday when I finished talking with her and was about to go home with you?”

Rita thought about it for a while.



With a flash of inspiration, the two sentences popped out at once.

“Eric… We’d better end our relation. Sarah is right. We have a huge gap. If we get married, people in your circle will gossip about you.”

–“I’ll leave with Wendy tomorrow. Thanks for your concern and care these days, Mr. Yeats.” She told what she thought in her mind to Sarah and asked, “Am I right?”

“Yes,” said Sarah in a low voice.

Mrs. Brown was at odds with Eric that day, but Sarah didn’t bother to ask for details.

Even though Rita had talked to Eric, Sarah was still uninformed of the ins and outs.

“I’m just too afraid of losing you,” explained Mrs. Brown, with an anxious look on her face.

Eric didn’t say anything and refused to accept this excuse. He was not as immature as before when he didn’t marry, he had two daughters.

He wouldn’t be so angry at other things except mistaking his daughters, so he couldn’t bear that Linda wronged Pumpkin.

“That’s not the reason why you wronged Pumpkin. I understand that you want to give a good future to Wendy,” Eric said seriously.

“But the Yeats group with their mother’s painstaking efforts is owned by Rita and Pumpkin, so I can’t give it to Wendy.”

“I can ask someone to set up another company. It’s not difficult to run it.” Eric had thought about it before, but now he was exhausted.



“That company can be Wendy’s dowry.”

“I’m sorry…” Linda lowered her head and apologized in a low voice. In fact, she didn’t accept it at all.

Even if a new company was established, it still failed to outnumber the fraction of the Yeats group’s shares.

But now she knew very well that if she refused again, there would be nothing left.

“If there is nothing else, please go back.” Eric ended their conversation.

He still remembered what happened that day.

After Pumpkin and Rita left, he asked Linda if there was any misunderstanding between them.

He knew what kind of person Pumpkin was. She would directly show her hatred towards Linda, instead of secretly separating them.

But Linda made up a story where Pumpkin was mean. Since then, he knew that Linda lied to him. Such words were not spoken by Pumpkin. Seeing that Eric didn’t believe it at all, Linda knew that her plan had failed, so she told him the truth honestly.

Eric didn’t care about money.

If Linda had confessed her purpose from the beginning, he would have supported Wendy from the beginning.

But Linda’s behavior at the very start made Eric believe that she was not interested in money and that what she wanted was just himself.

Because of the contrast and the fact that she wronged Pumpkin, he stopped all his affection for Linda.


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“Uncle Eric…” Wendy was also anxious. “Can’t we get back as before?”

“No, I can’t,” Eric refused.

Linda has wronged Pumpkin before, what would she do to my daughters in the future? Will she begin to trick my two daughters?

It was not his fault to suspect too much. He had to be more vigilant against anyone harmful to his daughters.

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