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“Then let them talk nonsense on the Internet like this?” said Julian, who was very angry for her.

“Well, the heat is down on this topic. They can’t discuss anything more no matter how much they want to talk about it.” Sarah I was rational about these things. “There will be new topics to replace mine soon and everything discussed today will be completely forgotten by people.”

Julian still wanted to say something.

However, Sarah hung up the phone as she was thinking about his father and she wanted to ask him not to worry too much.

Sarah’s dad didn’t use Instagram much and shouldn’t know about this briefly hyped topic, but just because he doesn’t use it didn’t mean he wouldn’t know about this as others would tell him.

For example, her cousin.

Wilson Yeats.

“President.” Nicolas showed one of the web pages to Wilson and said, “this is today’s topic of Instagram. Would you like to have a look?”

“Not interested.” said Wilson, who was busy dealing with something. Wilson was thinking that after getting these things done, he could have a holiday afterwards.

Also, he needed to discuss with Sarah about her taking over the Yeats Group next year. He had helped her with the company’s affairs for so long. It was time to set him free.

Nicolas knew who Sarah Yeats was, so he kept handing over the iPad and added,



“the topic is about Miss Yeats.”

Wilson, “?”


He stopped what he was doing and took the iPad. When he saw the title of Divorce with Billions, he couldn’t help frowning with confusion.

“What does it mean by ‘getting a divorce for money”?” after reading a part of the news, Wilson felt angry and scolded, “Do these idiots even know how to write news?”

“They don’t know she is Miss Yeats.” Nicolas explained.

“So it’s okay talking nonsense without knowing the truth?”Wilson was still very angry,

“what if this is a normal girl, is it fair to her to be put on labels only because of these people’s randomly judgment without knowing the truth?”

Nicolas was tactfully silent. He knew that the president was the last person to be offended when he was angry.

“Arrange a press conference right away.” Wilson made the decision decisively, “we need to reveal her identity.”

Wilson was really pissed off.

How could he bear that his sister be talked like that on the internet.

Did they really think that there was no one behind her!




“Just go.”

“Do you need to discuss this with Miss Yeats?” Nicolas was relatively rational. “She doesn’t want to expose her identity all the time. Isn’t it not good if you announce it without informing her in advance?”

Hearing this, Wilson calmed down and frowned. He thought it over and found that it was indeed not appropriate to do so.

His sister didn’t like to make her identity public. But he couldn’t watch so many people talking about her.

“Do you have any idea?” Wilson asked his secretary, Nicolas.

“No.” Nicolas didn’t dare to make random ideas for him.

Wilson, “……”

“But this topic has been removed.” Nicolas pointed out, “It should be done by Miss Yeats.”

Wilson exited the web page, reopened it and refreshed it, and found that the topic was gone.

He supported his head with his hands and thought for a while.

Finally, he made a decision. “You can go back first. I’ll go to meet Sarah. You don’t need to come to the company in the next few days. Just have a holiday.”

The other employees of the Yeats Group had already been off.

But as the president’s secretary, as long as Wilson had something to do, Nicolas had to stay in the company as well.

So Nicolas was happy that his holiday was finally coming.



“Yes, sir.” He answered quickly.

Wilson took his coat, put it on and walked out of the office. As soon as he walked to the underground parking lot, he saw the message from Sarah, to the effect that asking him don’t tell her father about it.

Sarah also sent the same message to Rita when she asked her about that.

Sarah thought it was the best result to let it go.

However, what she didn’t expect was that she had included Julian, her cousin, her sister and her father, but she left Jason out.

Rewind to the time when the topic was heated on the internet.

In the house of the Noth’s family.

Servants were busy hanging coloured lights and decorating the house for Christmas.

After chatting with grandpa Noth for a while in the yard, a message came into Jason’s view with the ring of his phone.

Serial: [Picture.]

Serial: [Don’t blame me for not telling you that your Sarah was discussed as a topic on Instagram.]

Jason clicked on the picture sent by Serial. He frowned slightly when he saw the content.

He read the comments and discussions online, and the more he read, the more furious he became.

After figuring out how it worked, he registered an account on Instagram and named himself Jason, Noth Group.



The reason why he didn’t name “Sarah’s Jason” was because he didn’t know if Sarah would like that.

After everything was done, he recorded a video.

He made a call to Chris and then posted the video. In just half an hour, his video quickly reached became the most heated topic on the top of search list.

When Sarah saw it, she just came back home, and it was Rita who told her.

“Sis!” Rita waved at her with the phone in her hand. “Come here. Something’s wrong.”

Wearing changed slippers, Sarah walked over and asked, “What’s up?”

Haven’t that thing been solved?

She looked subconsciously at her father and Wilson She still didn’t know what did Rita mean.

“It’s him, Jason.” Rita said.

Sarah was even more confused.

Before she could ask anything, Rita handed her the phone and explained, “Jason posted a video on the Internet. Now his video is the first on the search list.”

Sarah, “?”

Sarah took the phone quickly.

She didn’t care about the previous discussions. What she was worried about was that he would tell the public what had happened between them.

She didn’t want her private affairs to be the subject of conversation.

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What’s more, she didn’t want to see that in the future, when Yeats Group and Noth Group were mentioned, people would thought of their failed marriage rather than their achievements.

Having watched the whole video, she found Jason didn’t mention too much about their private affairs.

“Hi, everyone. I’m Jason.” the opening remarks of Jason were very simple, with his good-looking face shown in the video. “Sarah my ex-wife. There is something that you have misunderstood. Her family background is actually not inferior to mine, and as to The billions that she got after our divorce, it’s not a big deal for her and she could earn it by herself…….”

In addition, what he said the most was to praise her, to tell everyone how good she was, and to say it was his fault that their marriage turned out the way it did.

After that, he asked everyone not to talk too much. The whole video lasted for five minutes and twenty seconds.

After watching it, she felt a little relieved.

The video not only responded to some of the netizens’ questions, but also did not expose Sarah’s identity.

“Sis.” Rita was also confused. “Do you want to take this chance and tell people what truly happened between you and him and let the netizens scold him?”

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