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“No.” Sarah said lightly.

Rita didn’t know much about this. She just wanted someone to help her sister to curse

Jason so as to vent her anger.

“Most of the people online are just seeing the fun. They wouldn’t care so much.”

Sarah rubbed her head gently and said, “there’s no need.”

Rita thought quickly.She knew what her sister meant.But she still had some anger.

“I’m going upstairs to make a phone call.” taking a look at her father, who was still in a bad mood, she whispered to Rita, “just make dad feel better, will you?”

“No problem.” Rita nodded.

Sarah rubbed her head gently, then she went upstairs and made a phone call. It was Jason she wanted to call.

“Sarah.” when Jason answered the phone, his voice suddenly changed, completely different from the cold aura in his video before.

“Why did you post that video?” Sarah frowned and asked, with a mixed feelings in her heart.

“I don’t want to see anyone scold you.” said Jason seriously. “I want everyone to know that you are nice and that I’m the one who did the wrong thing.”

He was brave enough to admit his mistakes.



Sarah once told him that.

“Do not make any comments online any more in the future.” Thinking that he had lost memory, Sarah added, “Remember you are the representative of the Noth Group. Everything you say and do matters, okay?”

“Okay.” said Jason obediently. “If you say so.”

Sarah, “……”

Jason didn’t let the chat end, but took up the conversation himself, “Sarah, does grandpa like playing chess very much?”

“Yes.” Sarah nodded.

“What’s wrong?”

“I’m not good at it. I’m afraid that he would find out.”

“Don’t worry. Tell uncle Noth and he will find a way to help you.”

“He asked me to cheat on the game by using a mobile app.” Sarah, “.


If he cheated, grandpa Noth would find out eventually.

Grandpa Noth might not doubt it if he didn’t play much with him, but he would find out that he was cheating on chess eventually.

“You can chat with Grandpa Noth or do something else today.” Sarah didn’t want him to make the old man angry on the occasion of Christmas. “Go to fetch a set of equipment from Chris tomorrow. He will



teach you how to play.”

“Right.” said Jason very quickly.

“I gotta go.” Sarah didn’t plan to talk to him for too long. “Be good at home.”

“I will.” Jason answered.

Then she hung up the phone.

After the beep, the smile on Jason’s face faded away. It could be seen that he was unhappy.

“I don’t see you get better at anything else these days, but getting angry all the time.”

Mr. Noth stood there with a casual tone. “What’s the matter, Sarah won’t talk to you?”

“None of your business.” said Jason, feeling his father annoying.

“Do you even need me?” Mr. Noth asked as he knew everything, showing the screen of her phone with the recording on.

Jason, He really could do nothing about his father. He was cross with him on the first phone call, and now he still couldn’t let it go.

“Mr. Noth, does mother know that you are such a hypocrite?” Jason took a deep breath and tried to talk to his father kindly.

“Being nice to Sarah and sulk to yourself, did Sarah know?” Mr. Noth replied calmly.

Jason frowned and said crossly, “what do you want?”



“I’m just here to have a chat with my son. Why do you make it sound like I want you dead?” Mr. Noth said slowly.He entered the room and sat down beside him.

Jason resisted all over.

In this house.

The last thing he wanted to do was to stay with his father.

“What do you want to talk about?”

“Your mother wanted to have a chat with you and asked me to send you over.” said Mr. Noth. He had already had someone deleted the

video, “You are clear that what you should say and what you shouldn’t say.”

Jason was about to retort.

His father continued, “if you say something wrong on purpose, Sarah won’t forgive you, let alone me. She has a good relationship with your mother.”

Jason didn’t know what to say.

Every time, his father would only use Sarah to gag him. He didn’t want to be like this as well.

But reluctantly, he went out with his father.

After his video was posted on the internet, the discussion gradually decreased. At the same time, the rumors about Jason collapsed of itself.

The rumor was no longer exist.



In the next few days.

The topic was covered by other things. Although there were still people chatting about this matter, the name of Jason could no more be found on the internet.

On December 23th.

The day, December 23th.

There was only one day left before Christmas’s Eve.

As she had promised to Will before, Sarah had changed into a more decent dress in the early morning. When her father saw her, he paused and asked,

“Pumpkin, where are you going?”

“I need to go to captain’s home, just pretend to be his girlfriend and meet his parents.” Sarah explained.

She had told her father about it before. Her father paused.

Should he tell her daughter that if a man asked a girl to pretend as his girlfriend to go to his home, it means he probably likes the girl?

“What’s wrong?” seeing that her father hadn’t spoken for a while with a complicated look.

“Do you like him, your captain?”” Sarah’s father intended to beat around the bush. “I mean, the kind of love between men and women.”

Sarah thought about it carefully. She trusted the captain and appreciated him. But any feelings to him?

She didn’t think so.



The only time she had feelings to him was last time at the masquerade ball, she was amazed by the captain’s outfit as well as his temperament and looks.

Although she had a strange feeling at that time, it was not love.

“No.” she answered. “He is just my good friend.”

Her father wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought.

In that case.

Then all the efforts of captain would be in vain?

“Nothing else? I gotta go.” Sarah had a light make-up, though she was only a “fake” girlfriend, she had to be decent. She said to her father, “captain is here. I’ll wait for him outside.”

“Okay…” said her father.

Ten minutes later.

Will drove up in his off-roader.

When he saw that Sarah was wearing a medium long white coat, he got out of the car, took off his scarf and put it on her. Then he held her hands and said, “Let’s go. Get in the car.”

“Captain, this…” Sarah tried to return the scarf to him. “Just wear it.” Seeing that her ears were red because of cold, he closed the door and got on the driver’s seat from the other side.

“I’m not cold.”

The car went on.

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On their way, Sarah took off the scarf from her neck.

Although it was warm in the car, she always dressed thinly. She thought to give the scarf back to the captain after getting off the car.

Will was wearing a black coat today. His thin lips curved helplessly as he saw her taking off the scarf out of the corner of his eye.

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