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Then most of the following talks were about the childhood of Will.

Mrs. Gardner really took Sarah as her daughter-in-law. She had been telling her all sorts of interesting stories about Will from his childhood.

After that, she also asked Sarah about how they met. Sarah also answered truthfully.

When Mrs. Gardner heard that Sarah was once a member of her son’s team, she immediately felt a bit sorry for her. “Oh love, you must have suffered a lot from training. I know my son, he is always ruthless and tough in training.

“I’m fine.” Sarah didn’t want to make the elders worry about her. “The strict training is also for our own good.”

“Don’t you ever bully her again, you hear me?” Mrs. Gardner warned Will.

Will actually enjoyed seeing this. He pursed his thin lips and said, “yes.”

“Let’s have dinner.” Mrs. Gardner held Sarah’s hands and showed a particular fond of her. “We don’t know what you like to eat. Walt said that you are not a picky eater, so our maid cooked all kinds of dishes.”

“Thank you.” replied Sarah.

During the lunch.

Sarah sat next to Mrs. Gardner and Will.



At the beginning, everyone was having lunch by themselves. Mrs.Gardner warmly greeted Sarah and introduced the specialty of each dish to her.

Later, Mrs. Gardner kept hinting Will with eyes. Unfortunately.

Will didn’t notice that.

In the end, Mrs. Gardner had no choice but to say, “Will, pick up food for Sarah. Some of the dishes were out of her reach.”

“Okay.” Will nodded.

Throughout the meal, Sarah was in a constant state of being fed.

The good thing was that will didn’t get her food very fast, basically the next dish came just as she finished eating.

She tried to stop him, but it didn’t work. The captain said he would be scolded if he didn’t do it according to his mother’s order.

Sarah didn’t doubt it.

After all, this was her captain, and she would never doubt that he would lie.

After lunch.

Will’s parents brought fruits for her after lunch.

Seeing that there was going to be a new round of chatter, Will walked over to stand beside Sarah and said to them, “you’d better go to take a nap. I’ll send Sarah back.”



“Don’t you want her to stay for dinner?” Mrs. Gardner was confused and continued, it’s good to go back after the family reunion dinner tomorrow.”

“Mom.” said Will in a low voice, “didn’t we agree to have a lunch with Sarah together before?” Mrs. Gardner,

”She truly didn’t want Sarah to leave.

They hadn’t talked much yet.

“We’re leaving.” Will held Sarah’s hands and said goodbye to them.

“Goodbye. Thank you for the meal.” Sarah said goodbye to Will’s parents politely.

Mrs. Gardner, “?”

Mr. Gardner, “?”

The two of them were stunned there. They didn’t react until the figures of Will and Sarah disappeared at the door.

With a pot of tea in his hand, Mr. Gardner asked without realizing that they had left.

“Are they leaving now?”

“I think so.”

“So early?”


“Did you give Sarah red envelope?” Mr. Gardner asked suddenly.



Mrs. Gardner was also confused. She blinked her eyes and said,

“you didn’t give it to me after you packed it.”

Mr. Gardner touched his pocket.

The red envelope was still in his pocket.

He put a thick red envelope in Mrs. Gardner’s hands and said, “let’s go. It’s not too late to catch up them now.”

However, when they arrived at the door, they couldn’t even see the car’s tail light. The Gardners felt bad, they were afraid of leaving a bad impression on Sarah.

It was the first time that Sarah came to their house, but they didn’t do anything for her.

It’s all Will’s fault.

Mrs. Gardner thought for a while and quickly made a decision. She texted, [You give a red envelope to Sarah later and tell her that’s from us. You left too fast and your father and I didn’t have time to give the money out.]

When Will got the message, he had been driving for a long distance.

While driving, he said to Sarah, “thank you today.”

“My pleasure.” said Sarah light But after this time, she decided not to help the captain pretend to be his girlfriend again.

Judging from Mrs. Gardner’s warm attitude towards her, Sarah was afraid it would break the elders’ hearts if they learned later that she was only a friend of Will.



“What’s wrong?” Will asked, with a glimpse of her worried face. “Do you have something on your mind?”

“Nothing.” said Sarah calmly. She changed the topic and asked something she was curious about. “By the way, captain, what business is your family in?

“Antiques.” Will said one word.

Sarah paused for a moment.

Antique business?

Subconsciously, a company popped up in her mind.

She looked at him sideways and spoke in a slower speed than ever before, “Is your family the Gardner Group that has been running a low-profile antique business?”

“Right.” replied Will, knowing that he couldn’t hide it anymore.

Sarah, “…….”

Then why did he say he was not as wealthy as her?

The Gardner Group had always been low profile in the business circle. It was not as famous as Noth Group and the Yeats Group, and no one had ever seen its people in business parties.

But in fact, the assets of the Gardner group were no less than any of them. Any one of their antiques could fetch a fortune.

There would be risks for others to run an antique business, but not the Gardner Group, as they have the best appraisers and restorers of cultural relics.



All kinds of collection of treasures can be found in Gardner Group.

And it…it’s the business of the captain’s family?

“Captain.” Suddenly, Sarah didn’t know what to say. “You’d better go home and inherit the property.”

What was she thinking before? Why did she think that her captain would be short of money?

The Gardner Group had the same surname as the captain.

“Your company don’t want me?” Will responded indifferently. Apparently, he had already thought of his words.

“You belong to Garner Group, it’s a bit condescending for you to stay in our company.” Sarah said as she felt more and more that she had been silly before, “also, I heard what uncle Gardner said today, he would love to have you back to help.”

“The business of Gardner group is poor.” said Will seriously, “it all depends on me to make money in your company to pay employees.”

“Continue your story.” Sarah said.

“It’s true.”

“Go on.”

“You don’t believe me?” said Will in a serious look.

“Even though I don’t know much about Gardner Group, I’ve heard that working in the

Gardner group is the ideal job for many people.” Sarah said slowly. “If the business is really poor as you said, just put an antique on sale and the collectors will clamour to buy it at a high price.”

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“Not as exaggerated as you make it sound.” Will said unhurriedly as before.

“Captain.” said Sarah in a particularly serious tone. “I can check the income of your company.”

Will,” ”

Perhaps he was too hasty.

There was one thing that Sarah couldn’t understand. “Since your family is so rich, why do you need a job in Angel International?”

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