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He didn’t know what to say.


She was as unromantic as before.

“Captain.” now all she could think about was to help captain Leon deal with his parents. “Do your parents have any requirements for your girlfriend? Do I need to pretend to be a passable girlfriend by then?”

“No.” said Will, turning his head to look at her while driving, “just be yourself.”

“I’m afraid that I would screw it up”

“No, you won’t.”

After hearing these answers, Sarah didn’t ask any more.

Two hours later.

Will parked the car at a courtyard.

After getting off the car, he handed the car key to the bodyguard at the door. Then he opened the door of the passenger seat and took Sarah out.

There was a little bit of emotional turmoil in Sarah’s heart, but she didn’t show it. All along she was worried that captain Leon may be short of money or something like that, but from what she saw today, he was quite well off.



And he’s even rich.

This villa with a magnificent courtyard costs tens of millions of dollars at least.

“Captain.” Sarah followed him into the house. Looking at this grand house, she couldn’t help but ask, “it seems that your family is very wealthy, isn’t it?”

“Not bad.” said Will slowly, “not as wealthy as you, just so so.

Sarah, “……

She thought too simply.

“Right, don’t call me captain later.” Will corrected her, “just call me Will or Walt.”


Sarah paused.

“Are you going to take my arm or do you want to hold hands?” Will asked. He was always concerned about details.

“I’ll hold your arm.”


The two walked in while chatting.

Without beating around the bush, he took Sarah straight to meet his parents.

When Mr. and Mrs. Gardner saw Sarah and Will, they immediately stood up and greeted them with a smile.



“Dad, Mom, this is my girlfriend Sarah.”

“Good morning.” said Sarah politely.

“Good morning.” Mrs. Gardner looked at her with full of smiles in her eyes. She warmly greeted Sarah, “Come, love.”

“Butler, put the kettle on.”

Then Mrs. Gardner chatted with her.

Will was surprised to see this. He didn’t expect his mother to be so enthusiastic.

Knowing that Sarah wasn’t used to dealing with this sort of thing, and finding his mother overly enthusiastic today, Will walked over and stood beside her. He took her hand and said, “I’ll show Sarah my room first while you talk.”

“Okay.” Mrs. Gardner didn’t stop him as well.

Seeing that Will took Sarah out, Mrs. Gardner talked to her husband, “Sarah is a beautiful girl, she is also well mannered and polite.”

“Don’t you think Sarah is a familiar name?”

“Is it?”


“Well, maybe Walt told us before?”

“I don’t think so. How could we know it from him as he had kept it so well from us?”



“Don’t think about that.” Mrs. Gardner was gentle with a scholar’s style. Then she said,

“Let someone go to the kitchen and see how the preparations are going, it’s Sarah’s first time to be here, don’t spoil her first impression.”

“I’ve already sent people to check.” Mr. Gardner thought she was overly enthusiastic,

“Don’t worry, everything is under control.”

At this moment, Will had already taken Sarah to his room.

He seldom came back, but the room was quite clean, which could tell that someone was cleaning it frequently.

“I didn’t expect my parents to be so enthusiastic,” said Will calmly.

He poured her a cup of tea, “I think they’re just too happy to see you.”

“But what should we do next time?” asked Sarah directly.

“Next time?”

“I can pretend to be your girlfriend like this for once, but not two times.” Taking a sip of tea, Sarah asked, “what if they ask you about it later?”

This question.

He hadn’t thought it over yet. His previous plan was to ask Sarah to pretend to be his girlfriend and invite her to his home and then he could continue to “boil the frog in warm water”, slowly turning “the little frog” into his real girlfriend.



But given the current progress, except that Atha did not hide from him as before, there was almost no progress in their relationship. This was indeed a problem.

“Then we’ll talk about it next time.” after thinking for a while, Will replied.

Taking another sip of tea, Sarah opened her mouth but didn’t say anything eventually. Sarah didn’t bring any gifts this time in purpose. She was only pretending to be his girlfriend to come here. If she brought a gift and it happened to be to his parents’ liking, she could easily make things difficult for the captain’s girlfriend afterwards.

She simply came empty-handed.

That would be the best.

“What are you thinking about?” asked Will as he gently touched her forehead.

After hesitating for a while, Sarah said to him, “I’m thinking you’d be better not having someone pretend to be your girlfriend to fool your parents in future, in case any of the them act a little too well, which would make things difficult for your real girlfriend later on.”

“I know. Don’t worry.”

Hearing this, Sarah was relieved.

Captain Leon had always been considerate. Even if what she had worried about really happen in the future, he should be able to handle it well.

About 10 minutes later.

It was not until then that Will took her out of the room. Mr. and Mrs. Gardner were happy to have a chat with them together. Though Sarah didn’t have much such experiences, she could handle the situation



with composure.

Facing the questions of Mrs. Gardner, Sarah would reply them in a proper way, which made the elders feel very comfortable. “Sarah.” Mrs. Gardner cleared her throat. She shared a glance with

Mr. Gardner and said, “I heard my son say that recently he mainly lives on you and finds a job in your company, what do you think of his conduct like that?”

Sarah was confused.

Live on me?

Pursing his thin lips slightly, will beside her said in a light and slow tone, “say whatever you want to say, don’t think too much.”

“Well, he is not a gigolo, but in fact, I often go to his place and he cooked for me.” Sarah didn’t know how captain told his parents, but she still explained for him, “Will is capable, well-educated and competent, it’s just that his long service in the army has caused his alienation from social life and he needs time to adjust, and I’m just offering a little help.”

Mr. and Mrs. Gardner looked at Will in surprise, as if they were curious about what he had said to Sarah.

Why did she say that he was alienated to social life?

At the same time, his parents also believed that Sarah was very simple.

“You really don’t think he is a gigolo?” Mr. Gardner asked her seriously.

“No.” said Sarah.


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“You’d better be more vigilant to others in the future.” Mr. Gardner was very shameless about his son’s conduct. “Some people seems to be honest, but in fact, his mind is stuffed with bad ideas.”

“Don’t say that. Sarah was here.” Mrs. Gardner looked at him discontentedly. Their son was still here.

It’s not a good idea to criticize him to his face.

Mr. Gardner tried to control his anger. If it weren’t for the fact that

Sarah was here, he would have said that Will’s conduct brought disgrace upon their family.

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