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Meeting her parents

She didn’t expose his lies.

With his current personality, there were only two results.

Either he pretended to be aggrieved in front of her, or he became extreme and did something she might not expect.She had to keep him steady before Serial came back.

The second morning.

Sarah had the room cleaned.

Near noon, Sarah ordered some food for him and then went out.

In the morning, Muffin sent her a message, asking her for help. She said that father suddenly came up with an idea and asked her to bring her boyfriend to him.

Rita had meant to refuse. Anyway, she had to give Andrew some time to prepare. But dad is too cunning!

He said that when she was on the phone with Andrew.He even asked her to put it on speaker.

As a result, after father invited him, she didn’t even have a chance to refuse.

It happened on the morning of January 30th.

When she was chatting with her boyfriend, her father suddenly called her, “Muffin.”

“My father called me,” said Rita in a very low voice. “I have to hang up now.”



“Are you talking to your boyfriend on the phone?” Eric looked at her while watering the flowers. “Give it to me. I want to talk to him for a while.”

Rita was stunned.

Andrew was shocked as well.

With a straight face, Eric said, “Come here. What are you waiting for?”

“What do you want to say to him?”

“You’ll know.”

Rita almost wanted to cry.

Why isn’t sister here!!!

Under the pressure of the elders, Rita obediently walked over with the phone and gave a hint to Andrew on the other side of the phone.

After she was forced to turn on the speaker, she locked the phone in a hurry.

If her father saw the nickname she gave to Andrew, he would have to question her.

“Hi, Andrew?” “Hello, uncle Eric.”

“I’ve always heard Muffin talking about you. How about having a lunch together today?” He just said, “Let’s meet and talk. By the way, are you in New York?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Then I’ll ask Muffin to send you the address.”



“Okay, okay.”

Eric chatted with him for a while.

Andrew had been under great pressure all the time. He panicked at the thought of this is his future father-in-law.

Eric immediately called someone to book a restaurant.

Rita was on the verge of collapsing.

As soon as they finished the call with Andrew, she immediately sent a message to her sister and asked her to come.

“Dad!” Rita looked at him with dissatisfaction. “How could you do this? How could you make an invitation in such a hurry?”

“He will meet his parents in law sooner or later,” said Eric seriously.

“Is this really appropriate?”

“Never mind.”

She was speechless.

Her father said that on purpose. After saying that, he specially told her, “Don’t tell your sister about it. I want to have a talk with your boyfriend alone.”

“Okay,” said Rita, avoiding eye contact with him.

At noon.



At half past eleven.

Eric, Rita and Andrew were all in the restaurant.

Wearing a formal suit, Eric looked very neat. But with him sitting there, Andrew felt the pressure.

This kind of pressure was so strong that almost overwhelmed him.

Rita was a little scared as well.

Her father was usually easy-going, but why did he seem so serious today.

This aura.

Is he acting too powerful?

“Excuse me.” Sarah pushed the door open and walked in. She looked around and said, “There’s a traffic jam on the road. I’m late.”

Her look was no difference from usual. They were all simple.

As soon as she appeared. She attracted everyone’s attention in the room.

Eric’s serious look collapsed at once, and he had confusion and question in his eyes.

Why is Pumpkin here?

“Sister!” Rita felt a relief.

Andrew felt relieved as well, as if she had taken Sarah as her own sister since they met last time. “Sister.”

“Hi,” Sarah nodded slightly. “I’m sorry for keeping you waiting.”



Because of her arrival. The atmosphere in the room changed dramatically.

Both of Rita and Andrew felt relieved and safe.

Even Andrew himself didn’t even know why.

He was very nervous when he met with Sarah last time, but this time when she came, all his uneasiness and pressure in front of Eric disappeared.

He just felt much easier now.

“Pumpkin, you…” She wanted to ask why you were here, but when he looked at his daughter, he suddenly understood. “It’s a little far from here, and there’s a traffic jam, so I’m late,” said Sarah. She knew from Rita that father didn’t want her to come this time, so she didn’t say anything. “Have you ordered?”

Feeling embarrassed, Eric said, “Yes.”

What should he do?

Is she misunderstanding him?

The reason why he didn’t let her come was that he wanted to put on a serious daddy look and scare her boyfriend. But now… He probably couldn’t make it.

It was true.

During the dinner time, Eric chatted with Andrew from time to time. Andrew acted properly all the time, and Rita was completely relieved.

After lunch.

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Sarah paid the bill.

Looking at the person who was signing the bill, Eric glared at Rita.

Rita stuck out her tongue, looking cunning.

“Dad.” Seeing that her sister had signed her name, she deliberately made her words clearer, “What do you think of Andrew?”

Eric was speechless.

This girl! Asking him now?

They were still in front of Sarah and Andrew was still there.

Hearing this question, Sarah looked at him subconsciously.

“He’s a good boy.” Eric cleared his throat and summarized with a few words. How could she ask him this now?

“So you have no objection to our relationship, right?” Rita said.

“When did I ever object to it?” Eric smiled but was a bit annoyed. At last, she was relieved and left the restaurant with her family, holding Sarah’s arm. It could be seen that she was very happy. This scene was seen by someone.

She stood at the corner, staring at the backs of Sarah and the others, with her phone in her hand.

A woman’s voice came from the other end of the line, “Miss Black, I’ve told you everything I know. The advantages of cooperating with me are greater than the disadvantages. You’re a smart person. You should know what’s the best choice for you.”

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