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I can’t afford to offend Sarah

“I didn’t see any benefit,” said Wendy calmly as she watched Sarah and the others leave her sight. “Whether I succeed or fail, I will be a criminal in the end.”

The man didn’t say anything.

Wendy continued, “you should know the Yeats family. I can’t afford to offend Sarah.”

She was not stupid.

It was not for free to stay in the Yeats Family for the past two years.

In addition to the high status in business, the Yeats Family had a strong connection.

Not to mention the Shawn Family and other clans that had a good relationship with the Yeats Family, and just to mention the personal ability of Sarah, she did not dare to provoke them casually.

She was not a pushover.

“You should know my background.” the man continued, “no matter how powerful the Yeats Family is in the business world, my background is enough to defeat her. In front of real power, rich people can’t make waves.”

Wendy hesitated.

The background of the Thomson family was indeed special.

“As long as we can reach a cooperation, I can guarantee that you will be fine after you help me get rid of Sarah.” the person on the other side made a promise in a calm tone.



“Isn’t the current status of you and your mother caused by the return of Sarah?”

Wendy tightened her grip on her phone.

After a while.

She asked, “You… can really keep me safe and sound?”

“Yes,” the man on the other side of the line promised. “The Thomson family are enough to prove everything.”

“I’ll think about it.” Wendy was struggling in her heart. Uncle Yeats had been kind enough to her and her mother, but her father was about to come out of prison. Once she had no protection, he would definitely come to find her trouble.

He had no reason to look for her after her mother divorced him, but she was an adult

The father wanted his daughter to support her, and she couldn’t escape.

“I’ll give you half a month to think about it.” at this moment, Cindy was abroad and hated Sarah to the core. “If you agree to cooperate, don’t choose when Will is around when you do it.”

That man.

He could help Sarah get rid of all the sudden dangers.

Since she had been forced to this point, she had to drag Sarah into the mire.

Wendy didn’t answer and hung up the phone.

On her way back.



She was a little lost.

Seeing that she was not in a good state, Linda asked, “what’s wrong?”



Wendy stopped in the living room. The villa was empty. She looked around and asked, “Mom, if there is a chance, you can rely on the

Thomson family, but you have to pay a huge price. Will you agree?”

“The Thomson family?”


“The Thomson family?” Linda seemed to see hope.

“Yes,” said Wendy. Her heart had undergone a tremendous change during this period of time. “As long as we help them kill a person, they will protect us for the rest of our lives, and there will be no criminal record. They will deal with it.”

“Who should we kill?” Linda asked.

Hearing that, Wendy tightened her grip and said in a hoarse voice,


“Why not?” Linda was no longer calm as usual. As soon as she heard Sarah, she thought of the losing game. “If it weren’t for her, I would have married Yeats Family now, and you are also the daughter of



Yeats group.It’s all because of her that we are kicked out.Anyway, someone will take care of the aftermath. There’s no reason for me to refuse.”

Hearing this, Wendy’s heart trembled. She said, “killing people is against the law. Sarah has never provoked us.”

On second thought, it seemed that they had been provoking her since she came back.

She wanted to take her father away. She had hated Sarah before, and just like her mother, she thought that they ended up like this because of her return.

But during the Christmas, she stood in this spacious villa and looked at the long string of numbers in the bank card. On the contrary, she felt a little guilty to Sarah.

“Haven’t you always wanted to get rid of your present life? Haven’t you always wanted a better background?” Linda suddenly said, “now you have such a chance. Don’t you cherish it?”

“Mom…” Wendy was confused.

“If you don’t have a strong background or a high social status, you will be treated like your mother!” Linda seemed to suddenly lose her temper. “I have no status at home. Your father can beat or scold me as he wants.”

Wendy paused.

She remembered that her father often abused her mother. She swore that she would never marry someone like her father when she grew up.

But… Can… Can you feel at ease with someone else’s background?

“Wendy, I hope you can be happy.” Linda held her hand and said,



“if you can’t do it, I’ll go. As long as you are happy, I can do anything for you.”

Wendy felt her mind in a mess.

At this moment, she suddenly didn’t know what was right and what was wrong.

She concealed all her emotions and finally said, “let me think about it again.”

She didn’t know whether Miss Thomson’s words were true or not.

After staying in this field, she had a deep understanding of a truth.

As long as the promises and things were not written clearly on paper or black, they might be all in vain. She didn’t know much about the Thomson family.

She didn’t know this Miss Thomson either.

The only impression left in her mind was that she greeted Sarah in the single party last time. She was graceful and beautiful, but such a person actually had such an idea.

Sarah didn’t know that.

After she went out of the restaurant with her father, she separated with them.

That night.

After dinner, Sarah went back to her study to deal with something.

Jason called Chris. In order not to betray Lucy, Chris only gave him a vague answer. “According to the information I got from Sivan, Miss Yeats should not be afraid of ghosts.”

“Should be?” Jason was not satisfied with his answer.

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“Sivan is just a special assistant. Even if he knows more about Miss Yeats’s work and life, it doesn’t mean that he knows everything.” Chris didn’t ask at all,

“if you really want to know, I will ask Miss Yeats’s father and sister, or her friends.”

“No,” said Jason.

If Chris asked them, with his intelligence, she would definitely find out.

He couldn’t let Sarah know about it for the time being.

“If you don’t have anything else to say, I’ll hang up first.” said Chris very carefully.

“Pick me up tomorrow morning,” said Jason emotionally, feeling that he was very unreliable

Chris was rendered speechless He was still in Atlanta.


“Did you hear that?” said Jason.

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