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Sarah’s guess

Chris kept silent.

As long as he acted well, the boss would think that the signal here was bad.

Without hearing the sound, Jason took his phone and looked at it. After confirming that his signal was full, he called him, “Chris.”

But there was still no response. He hung up the phone directly. He sent a message instead.

Chris turned off his phone in time.

Anyway, he was still on vacation these days, so it was not a big deal to turn off her phone for one or two days.

At this time, he felt lucky that he was single. Otherwise, he couldn’t keep in touch with his girlfriend twenty-four hours a day.

Jason didn’t expect that he would be so bold.

After sending the message, he put down his phone and went to sleep.

At first, Chris was going to sleep too. But thinking of the abnormal behavior of his boss, he borrowed his father’s cell phone and called Sarah.

Sarah was still busy.

When she saw the strange phone call, she slid the answer key as usual. “Hello, who’s that?”



“Miss Yeats, it’s me, Chris.” Chris couldn’t betray his boss directly, but there were still some things to remind.

“What’s the matter?”

“The surveillance video you asked Sivan to choose last time is not very suitable. How about you choose one and send it to me in person to help me install it?”

Sarah stopped typing.

As far as she knew about Chris, he shouldn’t have mentioned it three times after she refused.

Was it?

“Do you want me to pick it myself or do you want me to send it here myself?” she asked in another way.

“You’d better send it here in person and help me install it.” Chris didn’t want Miss Yeats to guess. But anyway, he was an employee of the Noth group and the boss’s personal assistant.

If he betrayed directly. His conscience was troubled.

“Okay,” Sarah agreed. Her tone was a little more emotional than before. “I’ll be over in two days. Should I take Jason?”

“Anything is okay,” said Chris directly. “As long as you say that the surveillance video was chosen by yourself, it doesn’t matter anything else.”

Sarah: “got it.”

After hanging up the phone, Sarah sent a message to Chris.

Unfortunately, his phone was powered off, so he couldn’t receive her WhatsApp.



The second day.

Sarah finished her work.

Then she received a message from Julian, indicating that they would have a get-together.

Although she was not interested in this kind of thing, she thought that they were all friends and she would agree in the past.

Today was an exception.

“I’m not coming. Enjoy yourselves.” as Sarah spoke, she walked out of the study and took a deep look at Jason, who was sitting on the sofa, reading and studying.

“Don’t do that,” said Julian, taking a look at him.

The reason why they set up this trap was to see how the relationship between the captain and her was going.

If things didn’t go well.

They could add fuel to the fire.

Otherwise, what’s the point?

“Are you busy with your work?” asked Julian in a very serious tone. “Isn’t it okay to let Robert and the others help you deal with it?”

“It’s not a job.” Sarah didn’t hide it from him. “It’s Jason.”

She could go to dinner with Muffin and the others without worrying about Jason making trouble.



But if she went to play with Julian and the others, with the current character of him, she might do something wrong. She wanted to live a peaceful life.

Julian: “?”

“What does it have to do with Jason?” Julian was confused.

Sarah briefly told him what had happened.

Among them, Julian could gossip, but except them, his mouth was very tight and there would be no slip of the tongue.

“Is he pretending?” after listening to it, Julian made a guess. “I saw the video he sent last time. Isn’t it normal?”

“That’s what I asked him to do according to his previous personality,” Sarah explained.

“Enjoy yourselves. I’ll treat you a meal after Jason finishes his work.”

At that time, in order to find the material, she checked a lot of surveillance cameras.

It was because she watched those materials that Jason didn’t reveal his secrets after he went back.

“It’s not a big deal.” Jacob took the phone from Julian and chatted with Sarah. “You can bring him here with you.”

Sarah: “?”

Julian was speechless

What… What the hell?



About the ex-husband’s fight with the current one?

“You can ask him if he is willing to come.” with a serious look in his eyes, Jacob continued, “Just tell him that me and Julian, the captain and Robert are here. If he wants to, you can come with him. If not, we can meet again next time.”

Sarah hesitated.

“Sister Sarah, go ahead,” urged Julian.

Sarah looked at Jason who was looking at her on the sofa, and after careful consideration, she still asked.

Staying in the room for a long time seemed not to be good for his recovery.

But if she went out. She had never been interested in entertainment.

“Julian and the others asked me out to play, and Brother Gardner next door is also here.” Sarah said succinctly, “Are you going?”

“Will they not welcome me?” asked Jason very seriously.

What he said.

Both Julian and Jacob heard it.

The two looked at each other, more or less felt that this person was acting!

“No, they won’t.” she knew well about them. “If you don’t want to go, we won’t go. If you want to go, I’ll take you there.”



Jason looked into her eyes.

From a selfish point of view, he didn’t want to go.

He wanted Sa to be with him alone. He was the only one in her world.

But if this time he stopped her, what about the next time?

“Let’s go,” he replied after hesitating for a while. When he arrived, he happened to find an opportunity to test whether Sa was afraid of ghosts. “They are all your friends. I don’t want you to break the appointment because of me.”



Sarah responded to Jacob’s words.

After the appointment was made, with a complicated expression on her face, Sarah thought for a while and finally said to him, “tell me if you want to leave after you go, okay?”

“Okay,” said Jason obediently.

Sarah nodded and was about to go back to her study.

However, Jason stopped her and said, “Sister Sa.”


“Can you be with me all the time after meeting your friends?” said

Jason, with a pair of clean eyes. “I don’t know them. Only when I am with you can I feel safe.”

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“Okay,” said Sarah.

With a smile, Jason looked pure and sunny.

Seeing him like this, Sarah was absent-minded.

She couldn’t help thinking that if only his heart was as pure as the smile on his face.

But now he was totally different from what he used to be.

Sometimes she couldn’t help but wonder if amnesia could really cause such a big change in a person’s character?

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