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Hasty decision

“Do you need to decorate this place?” asked Julian tentatively. “Isn’t it romantic to express your love?”

“No, thanks,” said Will, taking care of Sarah’s feelings. “She likes simplicity. I’ll talk to her later.”


They didn’t say anything more.

After they chatted for a while, a crucial question suddenly occurred to Julian. “Jason came with Sarah. What if he sticks to her all the time and you don’t have a chance to express your love?”

“Robert, stop him.”.

Robert pushed his glasses up and said in a gentle voice, “no problem.”

After seven o’clock.

Sarah and Jason were here.

The moment he saw them, Will stood up and let Sarah sit beside him.

Sarah walked over and sat down, not caring about the seat.

Seeing this.

The others were a little relieved.

The first step was successful.

After that, they ate something and began to play games.



According to their previous play methods, most of them were for fun speculation, but today’s purpose was to bring up the match between Will and Sarah, so they changed their play methods.

“Let’s play some games,” said Jacob, winking at Julian, “have you recommended something?”

“Truth or dare?” asked Julian immediately

In that case.

After a while, they could brazenly ask the captain to confess his love to the one he liked!

He could also give Sarah a surprise.

“Okay.” Jacob knew what was on Julian’s mind. “What about you?”

Robert and Will nodded.

Sarah agreed.

Only Jason pulled Sarah’s sleeve and acted like an embarrassed young man. “Sister Sa, I don’t want to play this.”

Everyone was speechless

Sarah didn’t care about the game. “What do you want to play?”

“Play ‘I’ve done it, but you haven’t” Jason had already thought about it. His purpose was to know that Sa was afraid of ghosts.” okay.”

“Okay,” said Jacob quickly.

Julian looked at Will subconsciously.



As long as the captain was fine, he was fine.

Will glanced at Jason, and said word by word: “Yes.”

Seeing that he had said so, Robert and Julian agreed. As a person who could play any game, naturally, Sarah had no objection.

“This game is a test of human’s honesty.” Julian’s mind was full of how to use this game to assist the captain, “Everyone must be honest later. At last, the person with the most fingers will be punished.”

“No problem.” everyone agreed.

“Well, let me tell you something first. You can bend a finger if you have done something, but you can’t bend a finger if you haven’t done it.” after looking around, Julian played it quietly. “I have learned hacker technology from the king of hackers.”

Sarah: “?”

With a smile on his lips, Jacob bent a finger and said, “I’ve learned it too.”

Robert and Will also crooked their fingers.

When they learned that Sarah’s hacking skills were very powerful, they all asked Sarah to teach them, but in the end only Julian was the one who kept learning.

“When did you learn it?” asked Julian, unaware of the bug. “Do you know how to hack?”

“You said that you have learned, but you didn’t say that we have succeeded.” Jacob’s lips curled up slightly, and his words were extremely free and easy.

Julian held his breath.



It was too hasty!

For this question, only Sarah and Jason didn’t bend their fingers.

With Jason’s eyes darkened, he turned to look at Sarah.

Didn’t Sa learn it?

“It’s my turn.” Jacob looked around and saved her. “My hair is longer than my shoulder.”

Everyone was speechless

Sarah curled her fingers.

Robert rolled his eyes and said in a conservative way, “I’m one hundred percent likely to win the case.”

“I’m not afraid of ghosts.” Jason bent a finger, and his gaze fell on

Sarah subconsciously.

Except for Julian, Robert, Jacob and Will all bend a finger.

All of a sudden.

Everyone’s eyes fell on Sarah.

Sarah’s beautiful eyes were a little deep at the moment.

If she bends, Jason will doubt what happened yesterday, if not, these people all know that she is not afraid of ghosts. Most importantly, if she doesn’t bend, it destroys the sincerity of the game.

“Sarah,” said Julian first, “aren’t you afraid? Why don’t bend down?”

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“Yes,” Jacob echoed

No one present found anything wrong.

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