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Madam winterss fight for her children by summer wine

Captain Leon had a crush

Julian was stunned.

Jacob also drank to hide emotions.


“Do you like Pumpkin?” Robert chose to talk about that on the table.

“Yes.” Jason didn’t hide it at all. “Although she refused me before, I will always like her. She is the person I will guard all my life.”

Sarah was speechless. She knew that Jason was intentional.But she can’t say anything about it.

“Why didn’t you cherish her before??” Jacob said naturally.

Jason looked at her.

“The game continues, and this time let’s play truth or dare.” Jacob just wanted to help Captain Leon achieve the goal of confession and her beauty could make people feel amazing at a glance. “If you can’t do it, you will be punished to drink three cups.”

“Come on!” Julian had been waiting for a long time.

Fortunately, he had practiced cheating in order to reduce his losses.

Otherwise, it’s really hard to handle now.

“Play cards.” Julian had only practiced this one and didn’t learn the others. “Spades, hearts, clubs and diamonds. Joker ranks first and ace of spades ranks last, then is two, three, four… right?”




“No problem.”

“I won’t participate. You five have fun.” Julian said in advance.

Everyone had no objection.

Julian shuffled in front of everyone and then dealt the cards in order. He said the rules while dealing: “The person who ranks last should accept the punishment of truth or dare, and the person who ranks first can ask him or her a question or make a demand about dare.”


The first round.

Will ranked last, the four of hearts, while Jacob ranked first, the Queen of clubs.

Will knew what they wanted to do, but he still wanted to go step by step. At least he had to make some preparations for confessing his love for Sarah.

Thinking so, he said, “Truth.”

Hear this.

Sarah became energetic. She didn’t forget what Captain Leon said before.

Why did he ask her to pretend to be his girlfriend and to accompany him home for celebrating Christmas when he had a crush?

“Jacob.” Sarah wanted to know about this question and said, “Ask Captain Leon who he likes.”



Jacob gave her an OK gesture.

“You said before that you confessed your love for your crush by joking.” Jacob won’t ask people directly. After all, she knew that. She asked, “What is her reaction?”

Sarah was confused.

She thought, ‘Didn’t she say ok?

Why did she ask this question?’

“She thought I was joking. Will was telling the truth. “She didn’t take it seriously.”

“Why don’t you tell her seriously?” Sarah asked subconsciously.

What she didn’t find was that at the moment when she asked, Jacob, Julian and others had something meaningful on their faces.

They also pretended to agree with Sarah.

“Yes, captain, maybe you’ll be together if you tell her seriously.”

“What’s her name?”

“Do we know that girl?”

“Where is she from?”

They asked many questions and it seemed that they were surveying her background.

Will smiled and gently picked his eyebrows and said, “You want to know, right?”

“Yes,” Sarah and others answered honestly.



“The first round is over.” Will said casually. “When you get the maximum and I get the minimum, and then you ask me that.”

Sarah was speechless.

Sarah glanced at Julian.

Julian was puzzled.

Why did Sarah look at him?

Sarah coughed softly and sent a message to Julian with her eyes

“Give me the biggest one.” Julian asked with his eyes, “You want me to cheat?”

Sarah said in silence, “Hmm”.

She didn’t like cheating, but she really wanted to know who Captain

Leon likes and why he doesn’t tell her seriously.

Attractive appearance, figure, family background, and sound personality.

Captain Leon had all of these.

Shouldn’t the success rate of confession be 100%?

“Cough.” Julian coughed in embarrassment and began to deal.

It was not clear whether he was intentional or really random. Sarah got the minimum while Will got the maximum.

Sarah became silent.



Jacob was also surprised what Julian did this time. Jacob said,

“Pumpkin, truth or dare?”

“Truth.” Sarah will not choose the dare easily.

“How would you react if your friend confesses his love for you?” Will said calmly, as if it were a very trivial matter.

Sarah paused and asked, “Friend?”

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“For example, Robert, Julian, me, James and our other friends.” Will rubbed the cards in his hand and a little sweat spilled from his palm.

“It is not a big problem.” Sarah thought for a moment and gave the current answer.

“Accept him if I like him and refuse if not.”

“Will you evade him?”

“Why do I evade him?”

Will put down the card and signaled Julian to deal again.

At the moment, he also knew that the truth really had no effect. Sarah’s mindset would not make her think too deeply.

Sarah didn’t think much, just thought that the question was a little strange.

Julian dealt again.

In order not to make the cheating too obvious, he dealt at random this time.



But what he didn’t expect was that Jason got the maximum while Sarah got the minimum.

Like the last game, Sarah chose the truth.

Jason took a deep look at Will. He knew that Will liked Sarah. He simply asked a straightforward and direct question, “If Will confess his love for you, would you be with him?”

Julian was shocked.

Jacob and Robert also paused.

Only Will was indifferent.

“Captain Leon has his love. Don’t ask nonsense.” Sarah spoke to Jason.

“It doesn’t matter.” Jason wanted to know that, “You just need to answer according to your inner thoughts.”

Sarah glanced at Will and replied, “No.”

If she said yes, it was intentional to rock the boat. Captain Leon had a crush, so she couldn’t answer randomly.

Jason felt relieved.

Will’s eyes remained unchanged.

Others, more or less had subtle changes in their looks. They were worried about whether their captain had the courage to continue to confess.

After all, Pumpkin’s words were equivalent to having given an answer.



“Continue.” Will was not affected, as if he was used to it. Julian’s heart was not calm.

He gave the minimum to Captain Leon and the maximum to Robert.

After learning that the captain still chose the truth, Robert thought for a while and asked, “What is the reason why you don’t confess your love for her?”

“I’m afraid she doesn’t like me.” Will glanced at Sarah’s face. He said in a casual tone,

“I’m afraid that she will evade me after his confession, and even I can’t be her friend.”

Hearing this.

Sarah paused.

The words Muffin said to her before came out of her mind – People became prudent when he or she likes someone, and they may be afraid of missing if they don’t confess, and be also afraid of losing if they confess.

Did that happen to the captain?

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