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What Jacob said made sense

Sarah’s eyes dimmed; she didn’t know whether she should tell Jacob the truth.

Jacob had been observing her expression. Sarah’s complicated feelings didn’t go unnoticed. Jacob took another sip of dessert and asked, “Now you know that captain was behind all this. Don’t you find it strange that why he chose to retire instead of transferring to other positions? Regarding to his status, he could easily get a promising post.”

“Well… Maybe he wants to retire and go back home to inherit the family property.”

Sarah blurted out.

“Why? The family property can’t run away.” Jacob knew Sarah was making excuse for captain. “Retirement would do no good to his career. Why did he choose to do so, Pumpkin?”

Sarah fell silent.

What Jacob said made sense.She found no reason to refute it.

“In my opinion, he is trying to win your heart.” Jacob aid very decisively. “I guess he chose to retire because he couldn’t keep company with you since he had to stay in his organization for most of the time. It’s like a dream to be with you every day.”

“Captain is not so sentimental.” Sarah explained.

“You’re not him, how do you know that?” Jacob wanted Sarah to fully understand her mind. “Can you imagine that he would offer to work in your company in order to pursue you?”




The answer popped into Sarah’s mind.

Jacob patted her on the shoulder: “So, accept his love or not, you’d better think through it. With captain’s character, it won’t be long before he confesses his love for you again.”

“There’s no need to consider. Just refuse him.” Julian said, arms folded over his chest.

Jacob nodded, “Yeah, refuse him!”

Sarah’s eyes widened in shock.She hadn’t made up her mind!

“Let’s continue shopping.” Jacob took the last sip of her dessert, stood up and took

Sarah’s hand.

Sarah’s mind was a mess.

Before today, she didn’t think much about her relationship with Leon. After Jacob, Julian and others shared their opinions in ‘seven intimate friends’, there was an unknown feeling in her heart. She didn’t know how to describe that feeling.

Jacob and Julian were much relieved.

Shrewd and calculating as captain was, they could always count on him no matter what happened. He might be a perfect boyfriend for Sarah.

Jacob didn’t send much time to shop since she had already said what was in her heart.

At four o’clock in the afternoon, she separated from Sarah and left with Julian.

Sarah returned home with complicated feelings. She closed the door behind her.



Jason just came out of his room.

He was wearing a medium-long coat which added to his handsome. It seemed that he was going out.

Sarah had her slippers on and sat on the sofa, kind of surprised that Jason put on such a set of decent clothes, “You’re gonna go out?”

“Yes.” Jason said lightly.

“Okay, come back early.”



“Would you like to be with me?” Jason looked into her eyes, his voice full of tender.

Sarah paused, not knowing why he would say that, “Why do you ask it again?”

He asked her twice!

“I just wanna know if you have changed your mind.” Jason’s hands hanging on both sides trembled slightly, “As long as you stay with me, I will cherish you and make you happy.”

“Sorry…” Said Sarah.

Some words were on the tip of his tongue, but he suppressed the urge to speak it out. “I won’t come back tonight. Remember to watch your phone tomorrow. The game will start at 8 o’clock in the Morning.”

“Where are you going?”



“I’ll wait for you at the destination.” Jason fixed his eyes on Sarah. “The game between you and me will come to an end.”

Sarah could tell from his expression that he didn’t get angry, so she agreed: “Okay.”

“Don’t tell anyone.”

“I know.”

Then Jason opened the door and went out, leaving Sarah a decisive back.

At this moment.

Sarah’s anxiety reached its climax. She didn’t know why she had such a feeling and where the anxiety came from.

Jason was sitting in the backseat of Chris’s car. His eyes were much colder than they were when he was facing Sarah. No one could know what he was thinking.

Chris felt the air in the car depressing.

So much so that he didn’t dare to utter a word.

“Have you got Alicia’s information?” Asked Jason. “Yes, sir.” Chris could always get things done. He took the information from the copilot and handed it to Jason. “This is her information.”

He could find out anyone’s information.

Except for Miss. Yeats. She had always been very close about her past.

Jason looked through Alicia’s information word by word. He didn’t care much about her important deeds in her life. His eyes fell on one part: she was K’s apprentice.



He once heard her call Sarah master.

“Who is K?” Jason had lost his memory of the past, he naturally didn’t know Sarah’s identity.

Chris paused for a moment and then gave a brief introduction: “He is a top hacker, the king of all hackers. He’s particularly powerful and competent.”

Jason narrowed his eyes.

The king of all hackers?

No wonder several of Sarah’s friends had said that except for her, they had all learned hacking technology from K.

He now understood why.

“There is nothing for you to investigate in New York.” Jason closed the file. “You could buy a ticket back to Atlanta.”

Chris was kind of confused, “How about you, sir?”

“I have something to deal with there.” Jason didn’t say much about it, “Don’t worry about me.”

Chris turned around and stared at him several times.

There must be something on boss’s mind.

Just at this time.

Chris received a message from Sarah. He guessed she was probably asking him if she could give him the new monitor now.

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Before he could reply to her message, Jason opened the door and got down. “Boss, where are you going?” Chris said.

“I have something to dealt with now.” Jason said as he closed the car door, “Don’t follow me.”

Then he left without giving Chris a chance to ask more questions.

As a qualified secretary, he should do what his boss asked him to do. So Chris took out his phone to respond to Sarah. Half an hour later.He met Sarah outside Jason’s room.He led Sarah into the room, pointed to the broken monitor, saying:

“By the way, the previous surveillance video disappeared out of blue. Could you please recover it, Miss. Yeats?”

“OK.” Sarah agreed.

Chris took the monitor from Sarah and began to install it.

Sarah turned on the computer and restored the previously monitored videos. The whole process took only a few minutes.

“It’s done.” She left the page.

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