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Be careful with Leon

“I’m just worried that if you’re in love with Leon, every day would be the same.” Jacob stopped and said solemnly, “You talk less and he doesn’t seem like a… Well, a talkative man. I’m afraid you would feel bored afterwards.”

“I don’t think so.” Sarah retorted again.

If the person the captain liked was really her, then he had a high EQ regarding to his former tentative behaviors. He knew manners.

It should be interesting to be with him.

“You like him, don’t you?” Jacob seemed to be shocked. She continued to speak ill of Leon. “Leon can be a nice friend, but not a lover. If you really want to date someone, I can find you many handsome men.”

Sarah was speechless. She didn’t want to continue the topic: “Don’t you want to go shopping? Let’s go, or it’s getting late.”

“Tell me first, do you like him?” Jacob didn’t want to give up.

Sarah denied: “No.”

“Pumpkin, love is not so simple. You need to be careful with Leon.” Jacob added,

“Believe it or not, I’ll ask Jim about her views on this matter.”

“Okay. Go shopping first.” Sarah avoided the topic, “What do you want to buy?”

“I haven’t seen anything interesting yet.”



Puzzled, Sarah stared at Jacob.

She had an inkling that Jacob and Julian asked her out to speak ill of Leon. They didn’t speak on the phone in case that Leon or Jason would know it.

Sarah accompanied Jacob shopping in the following two hours.

When they were tired, they found a dessert shop and sat down to have a rest.

Jacob and Julian also began to stir things up in ‘seven intimate friends’.

Jacob: “If captain wants to pursue Pumpkin, do you think she should agree?”

Julian: “No.”

James: “Captain is a sly fox while Pumpkin is an innocent bunny.”

Samuel: “If Pumpkin wants to live a few years longer, she’d better not agree.”

Jim: “Don’t do silly things, Pumpkin.”

Looking at their comments, Sarah looked up at Jacob and Julian in front of her.

A strange feeling arose in her heart.

She didn’t like their assessments of Leon.

For her, captain was an easy-going and kind man.

While she was lost in thoughts, Robert shared his view: “I think

Sarah could think through it. Captain is very reliable. Apart from being strict with us, I can’t find any fault on him.”



Jim: “Love needs romance. Does captain understand what is romance?”

James: “Won’t Pumpkin feel oppressive with captain by her side?”

Samuel: “No kidding, captain is suitable for being a friend and a leader, but not a lover.”

Sarah looked at their words in silence.

Bit by bit memories of her and captain resurfaced in her mind.

Leon invited her to eat his meals every day and made her feel at home when visiting his parents. Would he be not suitable for dating?

She didn’t think so.

In her view, what mattered in love was comfort, but not so much as romance.

The most important thing in love and marriage was to trust and rely on each other and become each other’s solid support.

“Why don’t you say something, Pumpkin?” Jacob asked.

“I don’t know what to say.” Sarah said in honest. “I had the similar thoughts with you before, but after spending some time with captain, I found that he is just like us.”

Their negative assessments of Leon was resulted from the fact that Leon was indeed cruel to them at the beginning. He would try every means to let them train more.

But aside from all these, he was a simple friend, reliable and trustworthy.

This moment, something rang a bell.



Sarah recalled a lot of things happened between her and Leon.

There was one time that she had mistook him for the antidote and offended him, his didn’t mind it at all and cared about her safety after learning her situation.

-Atha, you’re really something.

–Have you lost all your courage after getting married?

–Atha, don’t trust men easily.

–You want me to be a boy toy?

–Are you willing to be my girlfriend so that I can take you home?

–Next time you want to get married, you could come to me first. In some ways I’m a handsome man.

–I’m wondering if you could pretend to be my girlfriend and visit my parents.

Thinking of these, Sarah was stunned.

What was going on?

Why did she suddenly think of this?

Jacob noticed Sarah’s absent-mindedness. She withdrew her gaze from her phone and stared at Sarah. “What’s the matter?” She couldn’t help asking.

“Nothing.” Sarah replied lightly, her heart pounding fast at this moment.

Was she…



No, that was impossible.

Sarah shook her head to dispel that wired thought out of her mind.

“Really?” Jacob saw through her. “Are you feeling depressed that we disapprove of your affair with Leon?”

“No…” Sarah lowered her head.

“Hmm, is that true?”

Sarah was in a loss for words.

Seeing her silence, Julian and Jacob understood.

But Jacob still had to play: “If you really like captain, that’s fine. We don’t oppose it. After all, with your IQ, it’s easy to deal with this cunning fox.”

“I don’t like him.” Sarah tried to suppress the strange emotion in her heart.

“Well…” Jacob cast her a knowing glance, “I know it.”

Sarah could fell Jacob was teasing her.

“Captain’s living next to you and working in your company! Ha, I guess it’s all his plan.” Jacob spoke out her doubts.

“He is not familiar with the rules of society since he’s newly retired. I think I can guide him in some respects.” Sarah said with a serious tone. “And I let him live next door to me as his home is far from the company.”

Jacob looked at Sarah and shook her head, “Well you simple little sheep.”

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Sarah didn’t reply.

“If he wanna get familiar with the society, why doesn’t he go to find Robert, James and Samuel?” Julian revealed the truth a little bit, “Men, especially men like captain, won’t go to your company to get familiar with the society if they don’t like you.”

Sarah didn’t understand, “Why?”

“There’s no reason.” Julian didn’t know how to explain it either.

“Anyway, you gotta trust me.”

“Think through it, Pumpkin. Did the captain offer to work for you? Or it was you who employed him?” Jacob was worried that captain couldn’t give Sarah the kind of life that she liked. “If you employed him, then forget it.”

She didn’t know what had happened between Pumpkin and captain.

But she was sure about one thing that, calculating and shrewd as captain was, he must be attracting Pumpkin’s attention on purpose. Sarah paused, her thoughts flashed back to several months ago. She and Leon were playing chess. When referring to retirement, captain said that he was unemployed and asked if her company was short of people, he might serve as a bodyguard or a secretary there. That was to say…

Captain recommended himself. “Do you figure it out?” Jacob asked casually while eating the dessert brought by the waiter.

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