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Then game started

They knew what kind of person Jason Noth was: shrewd, decisive and merciless! How dare they make a deal with him!

There must be something fishy!

“Don’t you believe it?” Jason raised his eyes slightly.

“Mr. Noth, please don’t joke with us.” The leader summoned up courage to open his mouth. “You know we are just some thugs. Talking business with us would do no good to your reputation.”

“I know, that’s why I ask you here.” Jason’s tone was as emotionless as ever.

These thugs got even more confused.

“If you don’t agree, I don’t mind sending you to the police station now. I have the evidence for what you have done.”

Jason stared at them, half smiling.

They immediately panicked.

“I agree! We’ll do whatever you ask us to do, Mr. Noth!” The leader cried out.

“A girl will come here tomorrow.” Jason said slowly but clearly. “When she arrives, I will confess my love for her. If she refuses me, you kill me right away.”

Everyone present was stunned.

They were wondering if something went wrong with their ears.



Was Jason Noth out of his mind?

“Mr. Noth, you’re joking, right?”

“No.” Jason said seriously, “If she refuses my love, you kill me at once.”

“No no no! We can’t do it.”

“We are peace-loving, law-abiding citizens!”

“Killing people is a felony!”

“Mr. Noth, you’d better find someone else.”

All of them refused without hesitation.

After all, he was the president of the Noth Group! Who dared to offend him?

If they hurt him, they would regret it for the rest of their lives.

“Are you feeling guilty of committing a crime?” Jason’s deep eyes seemed to be able to see through them. “If you don’t agree, I will have you tied up and sent to the police station now. I guess that they are pleased to see you there.”

These men flew into a fit of rage.

But they didn’t dare to act recklessly. There were many bodyguards outside: they couldn’t beat these trained bodyguards at all…

“You are from the Noth family, the president of Noth Group. If we kill you, your family wouldn’t let us go.” The leader said. He did not want to do this business. “Till then, what if we have one million?” “You have no chance to use the money, but your family members have.” Jason’s gaze swept through them.



The reason why he chose them was that, at first, they were the suspects of major cases. After they killed him, they would definitely be handed over to the police, which could also be regarded as a good deed.

Second, these thugs kept their family members in the dark: they didn’t want their parents know that they were wanted by police. So he could take advantage of their guilty to force them to agree.

These people looked at each other in silence.

They had no choice.

They had been hiding from the police for a long time. But who would know that Jason Noth could find them!

“Okay!” The leader said, “We will do as you say as long as you can fulfill your promise!”

“Hey, what are you talking about!” One man disapproved, “How can you believe him! Think about the consequences!”

“I believe Mr. Noth.”

“Whatever! I won’t do it!”

Then the man ran away.

But Jason’s bodyguards were outside. There was no chance that he could flee.

For such a disobedient man, Jason directly asked the bodyguard to send him to the police station.

“I have said all there is to be said about it.” Jason cut to the case,

“But there is one thing I want to emphasize.”



“Go ahead.”

“You can’t hurt that girl no matter what.”

“No problem!” They all agreed in union. “We are all yours.”

Jason nodded and asked them to stay in another abandoned warehouse.

After letting the bodyguards keep an eye on these thugs, he said to the captain of the bodyguards, “Those people are all fugitives of some major cases. After everything is done tomorrow, send them to the police.”

“Yes, sir!” The captain was thin and black, but full of spirit.

“They are all outlaws. Remember to protect Sarah when she comes here tomorrow.”

Jason trusted the captain only, “Keep her safe. Don’t hurt her.”

The captain nodded, “Okay!”

After the talk, Jason patted him on the shoulder.

These bodyguards didn’t know what Jason had talked to those thugs. They just thought their boss asked them to put on a play in front of Miss. Yeats.

They didn’t think much about it.

Sarah had no idea that Jason was going to extreme.

After reading the text he sent, Sarah felt much relieved. She handled her affairs in the study and then went to wash and go to bed around ten o’clock.



At eight o’clock the next day.

Jason sent her a message, asking her to go downstairs. She wore a casual dress and a medium-long jacket outside, looking slim and fresh.

Jason’s message instructed her to go to the underground parking lot.

When she went there, she saw one of Jason’s bodyguard standing beside a car in black clothes. When they captain saw her, he smiled and bowed to her, “Miss Yeats, boss asked me to pick you up.”

“Let’s go.” Sarah got on the car.

Then the bodyguard handed over an eye mask to her, “Please put this on.”

Sarah stare at him with unbelieving eyes.

She sent Jason a text asking about it. After Jason replied that he meant it, she put on the blindfold.

Anyway, it was only just a game. When the game was over, Serial should probably arrive in New York.

By then, everything would be clear.

The bodyguard started the engine.

As the car drove forward, Sarah could see nothing but endless darkness.

She was not nervous. She could adapt to the dark environment.

Even if there was an emergency, she could cope with it.

About an hour later, she got on another car.

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Then she transferred to other two cars.

“Miss Years, you can take off the blindfold now.” The bodyguard got out of the car and opened the door for her.

“The destination is 300 meters ahead. Boss is waiting for you there.”

“OK.” Sarah took off the blindfold and got off the car. Looking around, she was on a relatively flat wasteland. There were mountains one after another in the distance.

“Someone will pick you and boss up at two o’clock in the afternoon.” The bodyguard said.

Sarah nodded.

She didn’t ask any question. She knew that even if she did so, the bodyguard would not say anything: he was close-mouthed. After looking at the surrounding environment, she walked towards the direction the bodyguard pointed.

Then the bodyguard drove away.

She really couldn’t figure out why Jason had chosen such a remote place to play games.

What kind of game was it? Hide and seek?

Or play the part of monsters?

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