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From the moment you rejected me, I went crazy.

With these doubts in her mind, Sarah quickened her pace. After walking for a distance, she saw an abandoned warehouse not far away.

After seeing that there was no one around, she headed towards the warehouse.

This moment.

She also began to speculate about all kinds of bad things, such as whether Jason wanted to kidnap her, or whether he wanted to force her to do something.

With these doubts, Sarah walked into the open warehouse door. It was a mess, the ground was full of dust, and there were many cobwebs on the waste debris.

She twisted her eyebrows and walked a little inward.

It was at this time that she saw Jason who was tied to the chair and several men standing on the side.

For some reason, she always felt that those people were a little familiar.

“Here you are.” Jason had a smile on his lips, as if he had waited for her for a long time.

Sarah took in everything and asked Jason, “What’s going on?”

Not quite.

After all, he texted herself earlier, and it is his bodyguard brought her to this place.

“As you can see, I’ve been kidnapped.” Jason’s deep tone is very rambling.



“If you had been kidnapped, it wouldn’t have been your bodyguard who sent me here.

It would have been the kidnapper who called me.” Sarah’s eyebrows were a little solemn, and she didn’t know what Jason was doing.

“I let them kidnap me.” Jason didn’t hide it from Sarah this time.

Sarah felt very confused. She didn’t quite understand why he was doing it.

Jason’s deep eyes looked at Sarah, as if he wanted to engrave her in his heart, “Are you willing to be with me and be my girlfriend?”

“Is this the game you want to play?” Instead of answering, Sarah turned to him.

“Yes.” Jason didn’t hide it, but explained all frankly. “If you don’t want to be with me, they will kill me, and From now on, there will be no more Jason Noth pestering you.”

“Stop playing.” Sarah was not in the mood to play this game with him, “”Come back with me.”

Between the words.

She walked in the direction of Jason.She thought that Since it was he who made people kidnap himself, those people would not really do something.

“Don’t move!” The man standing beside Jason spoke, and a knife was taken out, “If you take one step further, we will destroy him.”

“If you hurt him, you will also be punished by the law.” Sarah didn’t stop, but felt that

Jason was becoming more and more ridiculous. “If you leave now, I can forget what happened today..”

“I told you not to move!”



The villain’s knife suddenly slashed towards Jason’s neck, leaving a bright red mark on it.

Sarah’s eyes shrank and she was forced to stop.

How dare these people?

“They are all fugitive criminals in major cases.” Jason seemed to have no pain at all. His eyes were filled with Sarah, “The last thing they fear is crime. I promised that if they did today’s business well, I would give their family a million.”

“You are crazy!” Sarah said angrily.

It was also at this time that she remembered the sins committed by these people.

No wonder she thought they were familiar when she came in. It turned out that she had seen them on the list released by the police before.

“I’m really crazy.” Jason laughed deeply with his irresistible face. “I’ve been crazy since the moment you refused me.”

Sarah’s heart lifted.

While worrying about Jason’s state, she also had to pay attention to these criminals in order that they would harm him.

“Sa.” Jason’s deep eyes were full of her, with an unprecedented gentle tone. “If this is the last day of my life, would you like to be with me?”

“Let’s talk about this later.” Sarah did not dare to refuse, afraid that what he said before was true.

If these people really killed Jason at the moment she refused, she would really become a sinner.



“I’ll give you five seconds to consider.” Jason was forcing her to make a decision. “If you don’t give a reply, it will be thought as a rejection.”


“Don’t be impulsive!.”




“Don’t joke with your life! Nothing is worth gambling with your life!”


Jason continued to count regardless.

Sarah saw that he couldn’t listen to anything, and also knew that he was determined.

She glanced at the four people, and with a movement of her right hand, a small custom-made playing card appeared in her palm.

Jason also opened his mouth at the moment, “One.”

As expected, Sa did not agree.

He suddenly wanted to know whether she would feel sorry for him and regret a little when he was killed by these people.

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Seeing that Sarah didn’t speak, the criminals also stabbed the knife into Jason’s chest according to the previous agreement.


A voice sounded.

Everyone only felt a sharp wind coming towards them, and then the wrist of the person who was holding the knife and stabbing towards Jason was cut, and the knife fell to the ground with a clang.

Sarah also rushed through the gap.

All of the criminals were immediately enraged. They were outlaws. Now they were so hurt by Sarah and forgot Jason’s orders.

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