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I won’t eat you. Why you are so afraid of me?

“Yes.” Sarah didn’t hide it from him. Jason said nothing more.

He knew his ending.

But there were still some people who he was reluctant to part with. He didn’t want to leave his Sa, and didn’t want to disappear.

On the later way, both Sarah and Jason didn’t speak any more. The bodyguard sent them to the hospital as quickly as possible.

When Jason was treated, Sarah received a message from Will, probably asking where she was now. Sarah didn’t hide it from him.

After half an hour.

Will came to the hospital.

Sarah was still waiting for Jason in the corridor when she saw him, “Captain Leon…….”

Will quickly came to her side, looked at the closed door, and asked in a low voice with concern, “Why are you in the hospital?”

Sarah told him the whole thing. She was not a person who liked to rely on others, but at this moment, she really didn’t know what to do.

Saran was innocent, but Jason was also innocent. After all, only one personality could control a body.



“I don’t think he’s a new personality.” Will took her and sat down He wanted to explain to Sarah what he had learned, but he wrinkled his eyebrows the moment he touched her hand, “Why is the hand so cold?” ”

Sarah’s words are blocked.

Wasn’t it normal to have cold hands in winter?

Will took off his scarf and put it on for Sarah. Then he took out a simple but beautiful

hand warmer from his pocket and handed it to her, “Take it.”

Sarah was still at a loss. what was it?

Seeing that she did not received the hand warmer, Will simply put it in her palm, and then covered the back of her hands by his hands.

In an instant, Sarah’s palm and back of hand were surrounded by warmth.

“Don’t worry too much about Jason.” Will, who understood her, said while helping her warm her hands. “I will tell you slowly after his wound is sewed up.”

“Okay.” Sarah didn’t refuse.

At the end of the dialogue, no one passed by in the corridor, and there was a little silence around.

Sarah felt the warm palm of Will’s hands, and her breath was disordered for no reason, and her heart also beat faster than usual.

“Captain Leon.” She pursed her lips, but still didn’t adapt to the atmosphere. “My hands have been warm.”



Will felt that her hands were still cold, raising his eyebrows slightly, and sounded slowly with a slightly gentle tone, “Do you have any misunderstanding about warmth?”

Sarah was suddenly speechless

“I won’t eat you. Why you are so afraid of me?” Will asked again.

“How can you have a hand warmer in your pocket?” Sarah changed the topic and already knew what it was.

That She didn’t know what it was before was because she didn’t react to its small and beautiful appearance at first sight. After all,

Captain Leon didn’t look like a person with hand warmers. Will raised his eyebrows slightly and said, “Want to know?”

Sarah kept silent.

How did she feel that there was a trap?

“It’s for the people I like.” Will’s tone was low and slow, and his inky eyes were a little teasing. “She is not afraid of cold, but I am afraid of her cold.”

Sarah wanted to sew her mouth. Why she asked this.

“So is the scarf,” Will added.

Although many people think that loving a person was an unrequited effort and loving one didn’t need her to know.

But for him, if he liked her, he should tell her. If he didn’t tell someone like Atha who was insensitive and stupid for her affection, she would never know it.



And as a result, the probability of her affection would be very small.

“Give it back to you.” Sarah was also ashamed to accept it without clarifying the point.

“I can’t use it. It is prepared for her, the girl you like” Will raised a radian with his thin lips and smiled in his inky eyes, “That’s all right. She said that you can use her things at will, including her future boyfriend.”

Sarah felt speechless. She chose to turn off her hearing. She really didn’t know how to answer Captain Leon’s words. Seeing her serious silence, the smile in Will’s eyes became stronger.

He even wanted to reach out and pinch her face.

After a while.

The door opened, and the doctor came out and said to them, “The wound has been bandaged. Remember to change the dressing every day and keep it dry.”

“OK, thank you.” Sarah said politely.

Jason also came out from the inside. The stitched wound that had come off had been put on again. Except for his pale face, there was no serious problem.

When Jason saw Sarah, he was very happy, but he noticed the scarf on her neck with a sharp eye. After two steps outside, he saw Will Gardner.

At that moment.

The joy in his eyes faded, and the whole person seemed to have been watered down by a basin of cold water.

Did Sa call him here?



“Here is the medicine. Please Take it.” The doctor handed it to Sarah. “Take him to take the stitches next week.”

“OK.” Sarah agreed.

She took the medicine and told Jason, “Let’s go home.”

“What about him?” Jason was very hostile to Will.

Sarah looked sideways at Captain Leon, apparently asking him whether he was going back or busy with other things. “With you.” Will took the medicine in Sarah’s hand and motioned her to keep her hand warm in her pocket.

Sarah did not refuse.

Jason was unhappy.

But he was afraid of provoking Sarah’s anger, for fear of her dissatisfaction with him, for fear that there would be no one to remember him in the future. Therefore, no amount of unhappiness was suppressed by him.

The three people walked towards the outside of the hospital together. Will came here by car.

Jason didn’t want Will to sit in front with Sarah, so he opened the copilot’s door at the moment and stepped in with his long legs. Will didn’t care about Jason’s behavior. He extended his hand and opened the door for Sarah.

Just as he planned to let her in, Will found that Sarah had been staring at his car.

“What’s the matter?” he asked her.

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Sarah still held the small hand warmer in her pocket. She pursed her lips after hearing his words, “Captain Leon, have I seen this car before?”

“Well, I used it to drive you before.” Will didn’t think much.

Sarah’s eyes were on him.

At the moment, she remembered everything.

No wonder she felt familiar with the car when she took Will’s car for the first time. When she went to see Grandpa Thomson for Cindy’s sake, the car was parked in Grandpa Thomson’s garage.

At that time, Captain Leon didn’t appear. She never thought that the car had anything to do with him.

Will saw Sarah staring at him all the time and casually said, “Like this car?”


“Give it to you if you like.”

“No.” Sarah refused and didn’t continue the topic. “Go back first.”

After saying that, she slipped into the car and sat down. However, her mind had a lot of fluctuations because of this new discovery, and more things about her and Captain Leon appeared in her mind.

Seeing that her words did not match the afterword, Wil also had some doubts in his heart.

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