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My name is Saran, Sarah’s Saran.

“My name is Saran Noth.” Jason opened his mouth to introduce himself to Sarah and changed his name, “Saran, which combining my memories of you.”

Sarah was stunned.

Jason wanted to be like this, but in the end he couldn’t help it. He walked over, held Sarah in his arms with a long hand, bent over and put his chin on her shoulder, “If you don’t remember me, no one will know that I have come to this world.”

Sarah’s hand was hanging there. After a long time of stiffness, she slowly raised her hand and hugged him.

After feeling his body stiff for a while, she answered him, “I remember. Saran, My Saran.”

Hearing it.

Jason’s whole heart was filled with warmth, and those extreme thoughts and behaviors also disappeared at this moment.

He had thought that all he wanted was Sarah to belong to him, but now he knew that if she remembered him, all he needed was a hug.

An exclusive hug filled with his heart.

“Come back with me.” Sarah let go of him, and there was only seriousness in the good-looking peach blossom eyes. “I will take you out to play, to see beautiful scenery and interesting things.”



“No,” Jason refused, not interested in those things. “For me, you are the best scenery and the most interesting person in the world.”

Sarah paused.

He had a knife in his hand at some point. His lips were slightly hooked, with a good looking arc, “You must remember that there is a person in your life named Saran, Sarah’s Saran.”

After saying that.

He took the knife in his hand and stabbed it into his chest.

For Sarah, Jason’s deep debt to her might be over. But for him, he wanted to execute the man himself. a tearing sound.

The point of the knife pierced the clothes.

Sarah’s eyes shrank, quickly took out his hand, grabbed his wrist, pulled it out, and pressed it at the joint. The knife fell off his hand and fell to the ground.

It all happened too fast.

It took only a second from Jason’s commit suicide to Sarah’s stoping to him.

Sarah didn’t expect that he would suddenly take out a knife to hurt himself, let alone how quickly he started.

“Jason Noth!” Sarah looked at the blood which dyed his white shirt red inside, and his heart seemed to be choked by a big stone.

Jason’s strength was too fierce and too fast.



Although she stopped it in the first place, the tip of the knife still stabbed some in. She immediately took out a silk scarf from her clothes, folded it and pressed it on the wound, “Are there your bodyguards outside?”

Jason shook his head.

The remaining bodyguards had already sent those people to the police station, and he had no intention of leaving a way back for himself.

Sarah took out her mobile phone and asked him to tell her these bodyguards’ phone. Jason refused to say it.

“Don’t be busy.” Jason felt deeply hurt.

“Your wound is not very deep, it did not hit the point.” After Sarah observed the amount of bleeding and the blood on the tip of the knife, she had a general guess. “If you want me to carry you out, you can continue to choose not to tell me.”

Although it didn’t pierce the heart inside, the wound was still serious.

If it was not dealt with earlier, there would still be some problems.

Jason was lying in Sarah’s arms at the moment. He quietly picked up the knife.

Fearing that she would find his intention, he also talked to her to divert her attention,

“If I’m dead, no one will pester you.”


Sarah knocked off his knife.



With a kick, the knife was kicked farther!

“You won’t die, and I won’t let you die.” Sarah said in a cold voice, and carried him out after a simple treatment of his wound. Jason struggled down deeply. Covering his increasingly painful chest, he stood at the door of the warehouse and said to her, “I will die. When Serial treat me again, I will disappear.”

He didn’t know how long he could live. But it could definitely be, not forever.

If Sa agreed to stay with him, he would never accept Serial’s treatment for a lifetime, just stay with Sa.

But Sa didn’t like him.

Even so, he had no need to fight. He couldn’t see Sa living with other people, let alone lived well after her leaving.

The hand holding Jason was stagnant.

“Or do you try so hard to save me because you don’t want him, the true Jason to die?” As soon as Jason thought of this possibility, those emotions tumbled terribly.

“No matter you or him, I hope you are safe.” Sarah’s eyes were full of sincerity. “I don’t want you to die or have an accident.”

Saran Noth has never done anything to hurt himself. Even if his cheating was also understandable.

As for Jason Noth.

He had already paid off what he owed.

She didn’t want them to have an accident, just wanted them to be well.



“If there is only one life between me and him, who do you prefer to live?” Saran was eager to know the answer, “Me, or him.”


Sarah blurted out without any thinking. Simply and firmly.

But in fact, she didn’t know how to choose from the bottom of her heart, but this question was asked by Saran, and she answered him.

She knew that he had a clear idea, and he just wanted an attitude from her.

So why not made him happy.

Jason smiled with his pale lips. He covered his chest and leaned against Sarah. He said, “I listen to you to go back with you.”

He knew that no matter what happened later, he would disappear.

But he was satisfied.

Because of the warm embrace, because of the firm “you” of Sa.

He took out his mobile phone and made a call to the bodyguards who were not far from here. He asked them to come quickly to pick them up. The bodyguards came quickly, only taking five minutes.

Because Jason was wearing a long black coat, the bodyguards didn’t see his injury.

Sarah took him to the car and asked the bodyguard to drive to the hospital.

After that, Sarah and Jason were in the car for more than an hour.

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The place was so remote that they drove for a long time on the urban and rural roads.

After another half an hour, the car drove into the city. It was just one o’clock in the afternoon.

On the way in traffic jam.

Sarah received a call from Serial.

“I have arrived at New York.” Serial did not beat around the bush.

After the phone was connected, he got to the point directly. “Where are you now? Is Jason’s situation stable?”

Sarah subconsciously took a deep look at the pale Jason and hid everything before, “Stable.”

Serial felt confused.

Didn’t she say something happened?

How stable again?

“I still have some things to deal with here, I’ll talk about it later.”

Sarah noticed Jason’s deep lonely look, and hung up the phone after speaking.

Seeing her lock the screen and put her phone off, Jason remained silent for a while and then said, “Is it Serial?”

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