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He was thinking about it all the way back.

Since he came back, he has rarely driven this car, and mostly drove other cars. He only drove this car a few times when Sarah was there.

What can make her care is…

Thinking of this, Will’s mind came out of the thing happened in the Thomson family.

Did this guy know something?

In an hour.

Will took them home and took the information file to upstairs.

Considering that Jason didn’t eat anything at noon, Sarah specifically asked him to eat something before he went to rest.

At 3:30 p.m.

Jason was forced to go to bed at Sarah’s urging, while Sarah and Will were talking about Jason’s physical condition in the study

Serial may not tell her the truth. After all, she can take the agreement with Jason to stop her from asking the truth. The news from the captain Will is more reliable.

After closing the door, Sarah began to ask, “Captain, what do you mean by saying that Jason is not his new personality?”



“Don’t worry about this first.” Will put the data on the desk, and his tone was calm.

Sarah was confused.

Didn’t they go to the study specifically to talk about it?

Will took off his coat and wore a black shirt with meticulous buttons. The whole person looked ascetic and handsome.

Sarah’s coat and scarf had been taken off before. In the warm room, it was slightly hot to wear the coat.

She saw him untie the top button. Then Sarah sat down on the chair and asked, “Well, what’s more urgent than this?”

“Let’s talk about the car first.” Will said in a lazy voice.

Sarah was stunned.


Seeing her confused face, Will smiled. He was intended to tell her of his love after she had handled the matter of Jason, but since she knew all his thoughts in the past, he should simply made it clear this time.

“Remember when you first saw the car?” Will planned to guide her slowly.

Sarah replied honestly, “In the Thomson Family.”

“Yes.” Will turned the swivel chair, the back of the chair against the desk, so he can looked at her.

Sarah paused.



Before she stood up, Will put his hands on the arms on both sides of the chair, trapping her in it.

The atmosphere suddenly became ambiguous and they are closer to each other. Sarah’s heart beat faster than ever before, and all her calm disappeared, “Captain…”

“Call me Will.”

“I am not used to calling you will.”

Will was speechless.

Forget it. He didn’t want to force her.

“I’m going to profess my love to you. Are you ready?” Will said directly. Although his voice was lazy and his attitude was the same as before, he was actually more nervous than anyone.

Sarah was confused. Her mind turned blank. She was just a little nervous before, but now, because of Will’s words, she was extremely anxious and nervous.

Will’s big eyes looked at her with great affection, and his deep voice spilled out of his thin lips, “Sarah, I love you. Would you like to spend the rest of your life with me?”

“I…” Sarah was shocked and got stuck.

Will waited patiently for her. His dark eyes locked her expression and did not miss any change on her face.

He had made a decision before, as long as Sarah felt a little uncomfortable and embarrassed, he would change the topic.

He won’t force her to choose.



“Why is it me?” Sarah asked after a moment of meditation. She really didn’t understand.

Will smiled slightly, and he said slowly with his good-looking lips, “The world is full of temptation, but only you are my aspiration.”

“I was married.”

“I know.”

“I don’t like to talk. You will be bored after being with me.”

“Life is not a debate game. It doesn’t need to be wonderful all the time.”

“I have to deal with Jason.”

“I’m with you.”



‘I do.’

These two words are clearly on the tip of her tongue, but Sarah didn’t know how to say it.

No one has declared his love so formally to her before, and she didn’t know what to say at the moment.

Will saw that she closed her lips and didn’t know how to say. He simply said, “If you don’t answer, I’ll regard it as ‘Yes’, and you will be my girlfriend from now on.”

“Huh?” Sarah was a little stunned.



“Are you stunned?” Will’s lip angle became more and more curved. He raised his hand and flicked it gently on her forehead. “Do you feel aggrieved to be my girlfriend?”

Sarah’s eyes blinked and said, “A little bit.”


“Everyone else has flowers or something when they received a confession.”

“You have also have it.”

Sarah was confused.

Where is that flower?

Will looked at her all the time, then he said with a lazy and casual tone, “Who told me that I was as handsome as a flower before? Are you lying to me?”

Sarah became silent. She was hasty this time.

Knowing that the topic could not continue, she changed the topic,

“Let me go out for a drink.”

Will let go of his hands and stood up straight. He handed her the water he had received before.

Sarah didn’t take it and stared at the arm of the chair.

“Don’t you want to drink water?” Will raised his eyebrows.

“Captain, do you want to check your body?” Sarah said solemnly.

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Her eyes were full of watermarks on the armrest. “The Internet said that sweaty hands means you have kidney deficiency.”

“Do you want me to prove to you that I am not weak?” Will laughed angrily.

This girl…

She either thought he is old or weak.

Sarah obediently took the cup, drank the water and refused to answer his question.

But she was still curious.

Why did he sweat so much?

Will looked at her rolling eyes and knew what she was thinking, then he said, “This is because I am so nervous. Don’t easily doubt that your boyfriend’s kidney is bad, or you will be spanked by me.” “Are you nervous?” Sarah consciously ignored the last sentence. Will opened the file he got. At the moment, he was only full of joy, “Which advertiser did you see who was not nervous?”

“I’ve only seen you.”

This girl!

She really need to be spanked.

Sarah put the cup on the desk and asked a very serious question,

“Why don’t you like the other two female members of our team? They are both better and more beautiful than me.”

If she is a man, she will be easily attracted to them.



One is lovely, the other is degage.

They are totally her type. “You have to ask it about this.” Will pointed to his heart. “My heart beats rapidly only when I see you.”

Sarah was speechless. She just want to go now.

“Do you have any plans to get married recently?” Will suddenly asked.

Sarah was confused and shocked.

“My house lacks a hostess.” Will said very seriously, “I need you to fill in the position.”

“Don’t you want to talk about Jason to me?” Sarah changed the topic, because she realized she couldn’t continue talking with him about this. “Let’s talk about him first.”

Will put the open data in front of her, but did not reveal her,


Sarah took it from him.

One is Jason’s case from Serial.

One is a report issued by others.

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