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Jason’s condition

She looked at the above carefully and took it very seriously.

Will sat beside her and looked at her. Her curly and thick eyelashes flashed like the wings of a butterfly.

“Atha.” Will called her.

Sarah looked away from the file and looked at him and said, “Hmm?”

“You look pretty.” Will said with a smile.

Sarah was stunned.

Then she said with great calmness, “Thank you.”

Will raised his eyebrows.

‘Thank you?’

“Is this report highly authentic?” Sarah finished reading it all, only feeling a little bit ridiculous.

“It’s very authentic.” Will did not tease her any more, and talked to her about the business. “I asked the top professional in the organization to analyze. If there is any difference, it should not be too big.”

Sarah twisted her eyebrows. Just at this time, a phone call from Serial came. Sarah glanced at Will and slid the answer button to answer.

“I have arrived at the base.” Serial said to her on his own initiative. “Please take Jason to the base.”

“He was injured and is sleeping now.”





“Is it convenient for you to come here?” Serial asked. He still planned to talk to Sarah about some things. “I want to talk to you about Jason’s condition.”

Sarah agreed, “OK.”

When the phone hung up, Sarah told Will about it.

Will would not stop him, “Go, I’ll take care of Jason for you.”


Sarah is very relieved about her team leader.

After telling him about Jason’s condition again, she took the car key and went out of the door. She was afraid that Jason would lose control after waking up. Sarah still leave a message to Jason.

Will saw that she had finished sending the message and held her arm.

Sarah looked confused, “What’s the matter?”

“A short farewell hug.” Will said in a low voice.

Sarah was speechless.

Will held her in his arms, and a beautiful and magnetic voice sounded in her ear, “Go home early, don’t let your boyfriend stay alone in the empty room for too long.”

Sarah was shy, and two blushes crept on her cheeks.



Why didn’t she find the captain so…

“Be careful on your way.” Will kissed her on the forehead and cautioned her.

Sarah said ‘I will.’ and rushed out.

As for Jason, he didn’t sleep.

After returning to the room, he has been lying in bed, thinking about Sarah.

When he heard the news coming from his mobile phone, he didn’t take care of it until he heard the sound of the door closing outside.

A message from Sa, [I’m going out to do something. Please stay at home. If you need anything, you can ask Will to help you.]

Jason jumped up from the bed. Because the speed was too fast, he pulled the wound on his chest.

He took a breath of cool air in pain.

He wanted to ask her. Is she so relieved to hand him over to Will?

But after typing, he deleted them all.

After thinking about it, he put down his cell phone and went to sleep. He didn’t want to get along with Will or see him.

He’d better sleep.

Maybe when he wakes up, Sa will be back.



Sarah drove out of the parking lot and went straight to Serial’s base. She arrived after five o’clock in the afternoon.

Serial stood up from his seat when he saw her coming, but his heart was still hesitating to tell her all the truth, “Here you are.”

“No need to great, let’s go straight.” Sarah is mainly coming for business, and her eyes were on Serial. “Tell me about Jason’s condition directly. What’s wrong with him now?”

“What happened to you today?” Serial asked first. Sarah didn’t hide it from him. After saying the previous thing, he summarized the following thing in one sentence, “He said he wasn’t Jason, he saw the agreement between you and Jason.”

Serial twisted his eyebrows.

This is going in a bad direction.

“He is Jason.” He didn’t want Sarah to misunderstand him and explained, “He is not a new character.”

“What does it mean?” Sarah pretended not to know.

In the report that the captain brought back, the professional have made several guesses and explanations about Jason, but she was not sure whether Serial would tell her the truth.

“Memory reset.” Serial didn’t hide it. “It was my agreement with him, and he promised it for saving you.”

Sarah frowned.

“But his memory loss this time has nothing to do with me. It was caused by his previous injury and fever.” Serial hastily explained, and did not want



Sarah to misunderstand. “I just added a psychological hint to him after confirming his memory loss and mental regression.”

Sarah didn’t answer, waiting for him to continue. So far, what Serial said is consistent with the report that the captain brought back.

“In other words, without my psychological suggestion, his character of mental regression and amnesia is similar to that of his childhood.” Serial only said something superficial, but he did not mention the deepest research. “With my psychological cues, his character will develop with it.”

“What is the psychological cues you gave him?” Sarah asked.

“It’s about you.” Serial didn’t hide it, “I was going to let him like you and stick to you with his childhood character, but who knows that he still has a deep feeling for you after memory loss, so that his character has deviated, and his simple love for you has become a unique possessive desire.”

At first he didn’t know this.

When he gave him a psychological hint, he found that Jason was deeply sorry for Sarah. He wanted to make up and be good to her. But the psychological cues has gone down and can’t be withdrawn.

This leads to the current situation.

“Then why does he think he is a new character?” Sarah asked again.

“He has no memory of the past, and saw the previous agreement between me and him.” Serial made the simplest explanation. “In addition to some side effects caused by psychological cues, it is normal to misunderstand.”

Sarah’s heart sank. Is this research really necessary to exist?

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“Why did you choose him?” Sarah didn’t understand. According to the previous events, Serial had been staring at Jason long ago. “His IQ and EQ are very high, and his psychological defense line is fantastic.” Serial said all the truth. “If I succeed at him, then the success rate of others will be as high as 90%.”

Reset the memory of others, and then make psychological suggestions according to their desired personality.

In this way, the person who wakes up again will live with a character he wants. of course.

It’s okay if they don’t want to reset the memory. However, the success rate will drop by about 10%, and even more for those who are extremely determined will drop by about 30%.

Sarah didn’t speak.

She did not know the significance of existence of this study.

Seeing her look, Serial knew that she didn’t agree with him very much, so he changed the topic and said, “Jason has recovered his mind. According to the examination he came to me last time, it’s not difficult to recover his memory.”

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