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The kitchen was my territory

Lola feels disillusioned.

Will was a gigolo?

“Isn’t your family very rich?” She asked with a skeptical tone.

“That’s true.” Will said casually, with a low and slow voice. “But I prefer to be a gigolo rather than inherit family property.”

Lola frowned slightly, as if she had known him for the first time.

After a long pause, she didn’t say anything else.

“If there is nothing else, we will go back.” Will saw that the purpose had been achieved, and did not intend to say more.

Lola pursed her lips and watched them leave.

She really believed what Will was a gigolo.

After all, Sarah was really the stockholder of Yeats Group, so even if Will didn’t go back to inherit the family property, he could have no worries all his life.

The most important thing was that if he inherited his family property, he had to manage it himself. But he only needed to spend money when staying with Sarah.

How did Will become such a person?

Will didn’t care what she thought.



When he got home, he asked Sarah to sit on the sofa and watch TV. He went to cook.

Sarah stopped him, “I’ll do it.”


“Don’t you want to be a gigolo?”

“Ah.” Will smiled and then drew closer to her. “Do you want to feed me yourself?”

Sarah: “”

Sarah couldn’t find the right words to answer.

“Go and sit down.” Will won’t let her go to the kitchen. He said with a kind of captain’s momentum, “The kitchen is my territory. You can’t enter it.”

Sarah wanted to help him wash vegetables.

All were rejected by Will. It was better for him to cook and do other housework.

Seeing that she had no chance, Sarah had to stand aside, “Why did you just say that?

Aren’t you afraid of being misunderstood?”

Will asked, “What is wrong?”

“Misunderstanding you are a gigolo.”

Sometimes she was a little curious about why Will always said he was a gigolo. It was clear that he lived by himself.

“I’m telling the truth.”




“It doesn’t matter whether she misunderstood it or not.” Will put the rice in the pot before washing the vegetables. “After I said that, she wouldn’t bother me any more.”

He knew that Lola liked him.

A few years ago, she asked her parents to tell his. At that time, his parents also asked him.

If he agreed, they would get engaged. He refused.

But he didn’t expect that she would come to trouble Sarah.

“She likes you?” Sarah realized.

Will paused and then replied, “She doesn’t like me now.”

No girl liked a man who was a gigolo.

Except for Atha.

An hour later, Will and Sarah finished their meal.

Knowing that Sarah had something to do, Will let her go after dinner.

Meanwhile, Lola went back with a full of depression and told Will’s father about Will’s words. His parents knew this long ago and didn’t say much.

After Lola hung up, they discussed another matter.

“I don’t know whether Lola talked about Sarah with Will today.” Will’s mother looked.

“Just call and ask!”



“You call him.”

“I won’t.”

Will’s mother glared at him and called Will with a complicated voice.

Will was not surprised by the call. Lola, with a temper, would inevitably tell his parents.

After the simple opening words, Will’s mother hesitated and said

“Walt, there is something we need to talk about with you.”

“You say.”

“Did you know Sarah was married?”

“What’s the matter?”

Will didn’t expect that they were asking.

His parents looked at each other, obviously wondering what to say later.

“Do you mind?” Will said in a low tone.

“No, how can dislike a girl like Sarah?” His mother immediately retorted and asked her own worries. “We are worried about you.”

They knew the character of their son. He pursued perfection in everything.

They didn’t know what he thought about it.

“I don’t mind.” Will was in a cool voice. “What I want is her future.”



Even if he minded, he only blamed himself.

If he told her that he loved her directly, she would not be hurt by Jason.

“That’s good.” His mother was happy. “Help Sarah. Your father can do himself.”

Herman, “?”

Herman was immediately dissatisfied. It was agreed to give the company to Will this year and travel around the world!

“OK.” Will could imagine Herman’s expression.

After the phone hung up, Herman immediately expressed his dissatisfaction and said angrily, “My dear!”

“What’s the matter?”

“Have you forgotten what you promised?”

“I’m not going to die right now. What’s the hurry?” Will’s mother quarreled with him every day and said, “The matter of global travel will be discussed in a few years.”

Herman, “?”

A few years!

“Walt and Sarah are going to get married, have children and raise them.” Will’s mother analyzed, “These things need Walt. You can’t let him do two things at once.”

“My dear!” Herman was not happy.



“Do you have comments?”


“It’s no use.”

“I will cook for you in the evening.”

“Don’t lie to me?” Herman face finally softened. Will’s mother smiled softly and said, “Of course not.”

“Then I will try my best to help him for a few years.” Herman was a little arrogant. “It is agreed in advance that when their child went to kindergarten, he has to manage the company.”

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Will’s mother agreed, “No problem.”

Herman was very clear that his wife’s decision could change at any time.


In the next few days, Will and Sarah lived a warm and comfortable life together.

It was Saturday in an instant.

Will just planned to take Sarah out for a date. Unexpectedly, Chris called. He and Jason would come here in the morning.

They had to shelve the plan and wait.

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