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A gigolo

Will remembered what she had said ton the phone that night, and his attitude towards her was also full of alienation, “Why are you here?”

“I came to see you on purpose.” Lola looked at Sarah on the copilot when she said this.

She must debunk Sarah’s true feature today.

Let Will know that his girlfriend was not a good person.

“What’s the matter?” Will was indifferent.

“It’s not convenient to talk here. Why don’t we go to where you live?” Lola asked tentatively. She didn’t know that Will was the person who blacklisted her that day.

Will refused.

That was the house Sarah gave him.

Lola said bad things about Sarah, so he wouldn’t let her go there.

“Wait for me.” Will wanted to find out how she knew he lived here. “I parked the car and came out to find you.”

Lola, “?”

She was totally confused.

It was so cold outside. Why should she wait outside? Wasn’t Will a gentleman?

Will said nothing more, and drove into the underground parking lot.



This was a community with excellent security system. Outsiders and vehicles without permission wouldn’t be released, and Lola couldn’t enter.

Sarah noticed the subtle relationship between Will and that girl, “Don’t you get along well with her?”

“Certainly not,” Will said directly, “But our parents have dealings. It’s not good to ignore her. I’ll go out and talk to her later.”

He didn’t care Lola at all.

But he had to care about her parents.

“Do you want to join us?” Will asked.

He knew that Sarah was more sensitive about some things, so he would not cheat her.

He loved her.

Sarah thought for a moment and refused, “It seems that she has something important to tell you. I don’t want to affect your conversation.”

“Atha.” Will once again stressed their relationship. “You are my girlfriend.”

“I know.”

“Apart from organizational or company secrets, there is nothing you need to avoid.” Will said seriously.

Sarah paused.She didn’t know how to answer.

“Come with me.” Will helped her make a decision and also wanted to take this opportunity to give her more reassurance.



Sarah couldn’t resist him and got off the car.

Couples also needed a sense of moderation. She was not a person with strong desire to control, or even had no

desire to control.

Even if Will had met Lola alone, she would not think blindly.

After all, she believed in the character of Will.

Will knew her idea, holding her small hand, and walked out together.

Lola waited outside for five minutes before seeing him coming.

After seeing Sarah, she seemed to understand everything.

In her opinion, it must be Sarah who didn’t trust them, and then came with him.

“Dear bro!” Lola trotted over.

Will was alienated, and his tone was not as lazy as it used to be. He just said, “Just call me Will. It sounds strange.”

“But I’m used to it.”

“Change it.”

Sarah blinked and looked at Will.

It seemed that their relationship was not generally bad.



“All right.” Lola looked helpless, and then asked, “By the way, I can’t call you after the previous call was hung up. Is the phone off or what?”

“I blacklisted you.” Will didn’t beat around the bush.

Lola, “?”

Sarah, “?”

“I’d like to officially introduce Sarah, my girlfriend, who will spend the rest of her life together with me.” Will told Lola Sarah’s importance with words and attitude, “And she is also the most important person in my life.”

After that, he said to Sarah again, “Lola, my uncle’s daughter.”

Sarah was going to say hello politely.

Lola said first, “You missed one. I grew up with you.”

“How do you know I live here?” Will did not answer her question.

“Your parents told me.” Lola didn’t hide, but said it very seriously. Will frowned.

Why did his parents tell her?

“Dear bro, why did you blacklist me?” Lola couldn’t figure it out. “Isn’t our relationship very good?”

“The good relationship between parents does not mean that we have a good relationship.” Will put it mildly. “If there is nothing else, we will go back first.”

“Wait a minute!” Lola didn’t forget her purpose of coming here.



Will and Sarah looked at her.

Lola pursed her lips, deliberated for a moment, and then said, “Sarah, is your thing to be frank with Will or I will tell him?”

“What’s the matter?” Sarah was confused.

“Don’t cheat me.”


Will was holding Sarah, and Lola’s attitude towards Sarah made him unhappy, “Lola.”

Just a name, but Lola felt pressure.

Also at this moment, she finally realized Will seemed to really care about Sarah.

“I know you don’t like me talking about Sarah.” Lola said very directly, “But do you really know her?”

At the beginning, she only felt that the name was familiar.

Later, she remembered that there was a hot discussion topic that

Sarah and Jason had been together, and she shared 1.4 billion dollars at the time of divorce.

Will was about to speak when Sarah stopped him, “Let her speak.”

“She and Jason were married.” Lola told him what she knew. “She also shared 1.4 billion dollars at the time of divorce. She is a person who makes money by cheating on marriage. Maybe she is also interested in your property when she is with you.”

“My name is Sarah Yeats,” Sarah said. Lola didn’t care, “I know.”

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“Yeats Group belongs to my family.” Sarah didn’t bother to talk any more.

As soon as she said, Lola paused.

“I know all that you said.” Will still held Sarah’s hand and said in an unhurried tone, “But I will help you correct one thing myself.”

“What?” Lola hadn’t reflected from Sarah’s identity.

“The house I live in and the work I do are all given by Sarah.” Will was lazy and leisurely. “In other words, it is not she who takes a fancy to my property, but I rely on her.”

Sarah, “?”

People worth hundreds of billions was a gigolo?

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