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. I’m stupid in your eyes, right?

After nine o’clock, Jason came with Chris.

Jason was in a lower spirit than before, and his pretty face is also a little sickly pale.

“Miss Yeats, I’m going to pack boss’s luggage, and take your time to have a chat.”

Chris knew that his boss had something to say to Sarah, so he would not stand in the way.

Sarah paused and said, “What’s luggage?”

Chris subconsciously looked at his boss.

After all, his boss should tell Miss Yeats in person about his memory recovery.

“My memory has been restored.” Jason’s hands on both sides became rigid for a second, and looking at her with his dark eyes, he seemed to remember Sarah’s face clearly. He said, “Sorry to bother you in this period of time.”

Sarah subconsciously cast his eyes on him, and then found that Jason, who was standing in front of her at the moment, was the person she was most familiar with.

In her thoughts, she remembered what happened downstairs that night. She thought, “Has he recovered since then?”

“Why didn’t you tell me when you were looking for Serial?” Sarah asked him, carrying complicate emotions in heart.

“I don’t know how to face you after memory recovery.” Said Jason frankly. He told her what he thought when losing his memory. He said, “You will be self-condemned and worried about me if I didn’t recover



my memory successfully, so I didn’t tell you.”

Sarah didn’t answer. Now that he has recovered, he really didn’t need to live here.

“Sarah.” Jason called her.


“I did a lot of absurd things during the period of amnesia, which has caused you a lot of trouble.” Jason’s deep voice was low and hoarse, and was not as cold as it was before, “I’m sorry.”

Sarah no longer cared, “It’s okay. It’s all over.”

Jason had complicate emotions in his heart.

Actually, he really wanted to talk to her again, and tell her that he really regretted what he did before.

But he knew that Sarah has not cared about what happened in the past.

No matter how much he said, it was useless.

“Does he treat you well?” Jason kept silent for a long time, and then asked this with a very complicated mood.

Sarah didn’t respond what he meant for a moment, “What?”


“He treats me well.”

The several simple words hit Jason’s heart in pieces. His strong self-control held back the pain in heart.

They missed each other after all.



“That’s good.” Jason tried to talk to her in a normal tone, but the expression in his eyes exposed how reluctant he was. “If he treats you badly one day, or you regret, I will always be your safe haven.”

Sarah was stunned.

After understanding what he said, she only said: “No need.”

Jason’s heart was stabbed by these two words.

“You don’t have to be self-condemned or feel guilty for the past.

What you owe me has already been paid off.” Sarah knew what he was thinking of, so told him frankly, “You can’t do anything by staying where you are. You should move forward.”

People had a long life, and no one knew what would happen in the future.

When they got married, she thought that she might never meet such a nice person as Jason in her life, and also never expected those terrible things happened to them after marriage.

But at this time.

She has met Captain Leon, a better man.

She had infinite possibilities in the future, so should not be trapped in the small world at present.

Jason’s heart was full of pain.

“Maybe the person who will accompany you all your life will appear in the near future,” Said Sarah.

Jason didn’t answer her.



He didn’t know where his future was, not want to know that. He only knew that Sarah didn’t really love him anymore. She hoped him leave her and start a new life.

“Can I ask you a question?” He was thinking of what was hidden in heart.


“Who is your first love?”

Jason asked her in a husky voice after pondering for a long time.

He remembered that Sarah didn’t answer who was her first love when other people asked her that in the party Edwin organized. He was jealous of the man she remembered for so long.

Sarah puckered his lips and didn’t keep it a secret from him this time, “You.”

“What…” Jason paused with deep eyes.

“My first love is you.” Sarah knew why he asked this question, so answered him. “I didn’t answer the question, nor choose to do something bravely in the game at that time, because I didn’t want to have too much relationship with you.

With your attitude towards me at that time, even if I said my first love was you, you wouldn’t believe it.”

Jason was shocked, and then felt bitter.

They should have a happy life in the future, but he messed it up.

“Who is Zuck?”

“My custom pillow.” Sarah answered him.



Speaking of this, she remembered that she had not slept with Zuck in her arms for several months. After all, she used to sleep at home most of the time, but almost lived here after returning from Atlanta this time.

No wonder she always felt strange when sleeping during this period, but didn’t know why.

Jason didn’t know how he left Sarah’s family.

Sarah’s words echoed in his head as he sat in the car.

–“My first love is you.”

–“My custom pillow.”

At this moment, he felt that he had always been stupid. He wronged her in the matter of Jenny. Cindy hurt Jenny, but he suspected it was Sarah who did that. Cindy framed her, but Sarah was lying in his eyes when she refuted.

But the truth has always been what she said. Why didn’t he believe her…

After putting away all things, Chris saw his boss look extremely tired, so he asked, “Boss, why don’t you go back to Atlanta for a rest?”

It was said that the best way to forget a person was time and new environment.

If his boss stayed in New York all the time, he would only had a stronger emotion.

“No,” Jason refused.

Chris sighed silently, and then sat down on the copilot, driving away.

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Sometimes he really wanted to tell his boss that it didn’t work to regret his mistakes, and he should attach more importance on his work and make himself rank the first and equal to Miss Yeats in the market.

Miss Yeats would certainly hear a lot of legends about Noth Group and its boss when she ran the company.

In this way, she would not forget him. “When I targeted Sarah before, did you think I was stupid?” Jason rolled his deep throat knot, and his voice was low and hoarse.

“No,” Chris denied.

Jason was about to say something.

But Chris said seriously at this time, “I think you are very stupid.”


“You’ve seen the evidence, but you still don’t believe it.” Chris finally found the opportunity to make a good roast, regardless of whether his boss was depressed or not, “I thought you should go to do about your brain at that time.”

Jason, “”

He thought of what happened in the past carefully.

At that time, he didn’t believe Sarah and the evidence just because of his self-esteem.

In addition, Sarah’s relationship with Robert was too good, so some negative emotions burst out in his heart.

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