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Someone he missed would not come round

But all in all, it was because he didn’t trust her enough. He was not good enough.

“But why do you still stay with me as my special assistance?” Jason was not angry this time, and he talked with Chris seriously under various emotions.

“Because I’m satisfied with the salary and you treated me well.” Chris answered him honestly. “Although you have failed in Ivoe, you treat your employees of the enterprise very well.”

Jason closed his lips and didn’t speak.

“For instance, you gave me an opportunity to be in charge of a project before, and I messed it up, but you didn’t blame me, and also dealt with the aftermath.” Chris always remembered this matter.

He made the company lose millions that time. It might not be a big deal for the boss, but for him who has just worked in the company for one year could not afford even if he broke the bank.

Jason said simply, “That’s because your value is more than several million.”

That was Chris’s only mistake since he took office.

Actually, it was not all his fault.

After all, Jason didn’t make him confident enough, so that he would be over cautious and restrained when working.

Fortunately, after that time, Chris was seemingly enlightened. He worked very smoothly, and Jason didn’t need to worry most of time.

“Boss,” said Chris slowly after the gossip, “I think what Miss Yeats said is right today.



People should move forward, whether it is emotion or career.”

Jason was silent.

Everyone let him go forward, but how did he go.

Loving affairs were not projects which could be forgotten easily.

“Someone you missed will not come round.” Chris hoped that Miss Yeats and his boss would be well off. “She won’t coma back even if you wait her in place.”

“I know.” Jason’s voice was hoarse.

Chris still had something to say, but he finally didn’t spurt it out, lest his boss would not eat or drink as before after being irritated.

After a long time.

Jason looked out of the window and said, “When her child goes to kindergarten, I will give up.”

He had to confirm that Will really treated Sarah well.

Some men acted differently before falling in love and after marriage. Some men might cheat during women’s pregnancy, and some might dislike their wives because they were out of shape and became haggard after giving birth.

He could rest assured only after confirming that Sarah was really had a happy life. Chris was somehow stunned. kindergarten?

She had to be pregnant for ten months, and her child could go to kindergarten when he was 3 yeas old.

Even if she got married at this time and was pregnant, it would take almost four years!



Jason would be 28 years old on October this year. Twenty-eight plus four equals thirty-two.

Thirty-two years old…

Chris thought, “The elders of the Noth family will agree him, won’t they?”

“Boss, if you really want to wait for Miss Yeats’s children to go to kindergarten before giving up, let Edwin go to a blind date when you go back this year.” Chris knew about the elders of the Noth family. “Otherwise, Mrs. Noth will pay much attention to you.”

Mrs. Noth, grandpa Noth and his other families all liked Miss Yeats very much.

Once they knew that Miss Yeats and will were in love, Jason must be disliked by his families.

What was the result of that?

Of course, they would make many troubles to him!

Jason paused for a moment. His dim eyes were a little more emotional. After thinking for a moment, he answered, “OK.”

Edwin was not a kid any more.

He was at the age for marriage.

At the moment, Edwin who was loitering outside felt cool at his neck. After touching it twice, he continued to surf in sea. It was sunny, and he was enjoying his happy time.

After Jason left, Sarah went to the room where he lived and checked if Chris had left anything.

After looking around and making sure that everything had been taken away, she went back to her room.



But as she just went in,

Will held her in his arms.

Sarah blinked blankly and wondered if he heard what she had just said in the room. She asked, “Do you care what I said to Jason?”

“No.” Will especially liked to hold her, because she was so soft. He said, “I just think you said something wrong just now.”

Sarah thought about it for a while, but didn’t find out what she said was wrong.

So she asked, “Which sentence?”

“First love.” Will said very seriously. Sarah, “?”

Sarah was dazed.

Her first love was really Jason. She had never been in love with anyone before being in a relationship with Jason, nor did she have thought of that.

“Search for the meaning of first love with your phone.” Will only felt that her flashing curly eyelashes were scratching his heart like a small brush. He said, “You can search it on Google.”

Sarah searched it in his arms.

When she saw the answer, Will also saw it.

“You and Jason are in a flash marriage, and you are not in love.”

Said Will anomalously. He only cared her, saying, “I am your first love.”



Sarah, “??”

Will gently pinched her white face, “Do you understand?”

“What?” Sarah was a little confused.

Will lowered his head and kissed her.

This girl.

She always flirted with him unwittingly.

Sarah, opening her eyes, was confused. How did they kiss again!

Will just gave her a quick kiss before leaving. He raised hand and rubbed on her head gently and patiently.

Sarah always felt that her such a captain was very untrue.

Even if they have kissed many times.



“If you want to train Jasmine in the future, will you train me?”

“What do you think?”

“Probably not.” Sarah guessed, “I’m your girlfriend.”

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He puckered up a beautiful radian with his thin lips, and his low and lazy voice slowly sounded in her ear, with a bit of enchantment, “The dream is good, but you can make it more unreal next time.” Sarah, “.”

She knew that his all tenderness was false.

The radian of Will’s lips was getting bigger as looking at her who looked a little depressed.

Men should spoiled their girlfriends, but if this guy had to take part in dangerous tasks, he would only train his subordinates severely. She was no exception.

Strict training was for life.

The task was changeable. Even if he was with her, he might not be able to protect her all the time. After all, their tasks were not idol dramas. Sarah saw the smile on the corner of his lips. She suddenly though then stood on tiptoe in retaliation and kissed on his of something, thin lips.

Will was stunned by her kiss. When he reacted, Sarah was trying her best to flirt him. He immediately gained the initia and held her in his arms.

Sarah clearly felt the temperature change between them.

When the atmosphere was at its best, she broke away from Will’s embrace as quickly as possible, slipped into another room and closed the door.

This happened so fast that Will didn’t stop her. After all, he really didn’t expect Sarah to slip away directly.

Her fresh and clean breath still lingered on his lips, and the lust still lingered in his inky eyes

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