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Marriage Proposal Plan

Sarah froze.

Thinking back to what happened before, the answer wasn’t much different from last time, “Because you were worth it.”

“Isn’t that right?” Will said slowly.

Sarah glanced at him.

“If you compare it to an investment, then you are the project that I am willing to give everything I have. Regardless of success or failure, I will take a full shot.” Will then said directly, more bluntly this time, “In other words, you are my dream.”

Sarah was shocked. She was like being pressed the pause button, sitting there in a daze without responding.


What was contained in this word was too heavy.

“Do not have a psychological burden because I am good to you.” Will started the car to go forward and glanced at her, “As your boyfriend, if I can’t be kind to you, then I have no need to exist.”

“Captain Leon…” Sarah’s words were stuck.

Will drove steadily, “As long as you’re happy, I’m content.”

He wanted to give everything good to Atha.He wanted to let her know that the person who really loved her will act, not just talk.It was said that girls were sensual.



Sarah, who had always been sensible, accorded with this conclusion.

At this moment, listening to these heartfelt words, she sprouted the idea to immediately propose to Will because she wanted to let him know that she will also be kind to him.

Relationship between a couple were never one-sided and only the two-way run could make their relationship long-lasting.

This day at work, because there were not too many things to do, Sarah began planning the proposal after a quick processing. What a coincidence.

When she was writing the proposal plan, it was seen by Sivan.

The four eyes met.

Sarah was a little embarrassed.

At this moment, it was too late to switch the page. She was thinking so intently that she even did not notice him when Sivan came in.

“Boss.” Sivan looked at the proposal plan on her computer screen with mixed emotions. He asked, “Are you going to propose to Will?”

Sarah lied with a poker face, “No.”

“You didn’t lie before.” Sivan debunked her lie.

Sarah was speechless. It was right that you can’t lie to people you spend a lot of time with. It was too easy to be debunked.

“I was planning to propose to him.” Sarah still truthfully said and was afraid that Will would spill the beans, “But I did not tell him, can you help me keep it a secret?”



“Marriage proposal is a man’s business.” Sivan’s face was cold as always.

Sarah said, “Sivan”

“It’s useless.”

“Good Sivan.”

“You are not afraid that your boyfriend would be jealous when he heard this?” Sivan’s tone was less cool than before and he looked handsome, “As far as I know, you have so far called him special assistant or Captain Leon.”

Sarah was confused. She thought, ‘Was he really Sivan? Was he replaced?’

Sivan looked at her eyes and knew what she was thinking, but he didn’t overly explain.

“You’re abnormal.” Sarah said.

“The person who is abnormal is you.” Sivan advised again, “Don’t plan this marriage proposal. If you want to marry him, I can talk to him through beating around the bush and let him propose to you.” Sarah did not speak.

She had already decided to propose to Captain Leon. She also wanted to make Captain Leon feel cared for.

“If you do propose to him, he will be happy, but he will regret it for the rest of his life.” Sivan was thinking about this matter from the man’s point of view.

Sarah was slightly puzzled and asked, “Why.”

She thought, ‘Isn’t it a happy thing to be proposed?’



“Proposal is a relatively important event in a man’s life.” Sivan said to her seriously, “He would prefer that it is him who makes a proposal.”

Sarah thought for a moment, and looked at Sivan twice.

In the end, she only said that she would think about it.

In fact.

There was no need to think about it.

She had decided that. After Sivan left, she wrote two proposal plans and sent them to Jacob and Jim in their chat group. And she incidentally said that she was still thinking of other options.

The two read through them carefully and also pointed out the shortcomings.

Jacob reminded Sarah, “Are you forgetting one of the most important things?”

Sarah asked, “What?”

Jim said, “Ring. How can you propose to Captain Leon without a ring?”

Reading the words.

Sarah was enlightened.


The ring…

However, she did not know Captain Leon’s finger circumference.



If it were anyone else, she could be confident and make sure she could measure without being noticed. But the captain was so alert that he would notice her when she entered his door, let alone touching his hand, even if he fell into a deep sleep late at night.

She thought about it for a while but couldn’t come up with a foolproof plan.

Jacob and Jim were talking to her about where they were going to celebrate her birthday tonight.

When they talked about the topic, Sarah suddenly came up with an idea and told them both about it.

Jim said, “No.”

Jacob said, “I reject that.”

Sarah asked, “Why?”

Jim said, “Who would dare to ply Captain Leon with alcohol?”

Jacob said, “I still want to live a few more days.”

Jacob said, “If you really want to unknowingly know his finger circumference, I can tell you a way.”

Sarah asked, “What?”

Jacob said, “Abduct him to the bed and make him feel faint.”

Jim said, “Are you sure it’s not Pumpkin that feels faint?”

Sarah was speechless.”…”

Sarah said, “This is a chat group, not a no man’s land…”



Reading the increasingly unreliable messages of these two guys, Sarah decided to reply with ellipses and emoticons. After all, she cannot keep up with the two in talking about sex.

After seeing that the two could not be relied on, she decided to focus on Robert and Julian.

As long as she had a good excuse, they will definitely agree.

The fact also proved that her guess was correct.

She told Robert and Julian that she intended to formally take Will back to meet her father, but she wanted to confirm what was Captain Leon like when he was drunk before formally meeting her parents. The two agreed soon.

They imagined that Will must drink a lot of alcohol when he meets

Sarah’s father. And Sarah was afraid that Will’s alcohol etiquette was not good, so she specially tested him in advance. “Don’t worry, Sister Sarah!” Julian promised and said, “Tonight we must help you get Captain Leon drunk.”

“To be very drunk.”

“No problem!” Julian promised very quickly.

Robert didn’t think much of it. He just thought that Sarah had become enlightened and didn’t even think that this was her progress plan.

After getting the assurance of the two, Sarah was relieved, and contacted the restaurant to book the dinner.

The reason why she did not tell James and Samuel was that she was clear that once Robert and Julian began to drink with Captain Leon, the two would also join them. She didn’t need to say much at all.

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If she goes to say it, only then there is a possibility of revealing.

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